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How to make a girl like you more than a friend

How to make a girl like you more than a friend

Guys want girls to like them for various reasons.

Some want a girl to like them for casual sex, one-night fling, or for forever maybe. But regardless of the reason, the dilemma that guys face when they want to make a girl like them is the same.

A lot of guys feel like impressing a woman is a huge challenge which is almost impossible.
A limiting mindset prevents most guys from approaching and making an attempt on the woman they desire.

You are already projecting objection and rejection before you face it. That can trigger your natural instincts to self-preserve.

Limiting mindset triggers fear in you and that will throw you off your game.

However, making a woman like you is not child’s play. Women like to test men who are attracted to them.

You’ll face even more tests if she’s attracted to you. Women yearn for security that whatever they are getting themselves into will not backfire on them.

In this blog, you’ll discover how to make a girl like you more than a friend.

What do women look for in men? What are the common ways that men turn off women unknowingly?

Different women are impressed differently but there are common sneaky techniques that work on all women.

Let’s look at how to make a girl like you more than a friend.

How to Make you like you – How do u get a girl to like u?

  • Build trust and confidence in her
  • Make your desire known
  • Make a powerful first impression
  • Explore your common interests
  • Ask her for favors
  • Use mystery as bait
  • Have a good time together
  • Build your conversation skills

1.    Make you like you

It can be a goose chance when you are trying to impress a woman you’ve just met. You don’t know much about her to know which nodes to hit. How do you make her like you without appearing desperate?

Most guys will want to be overly nice to the woman. Before you know it, you are a ‘yes man’ to her. However, women are not attracted to ‘yes men’ because they don’t show their edge.

How to make a girl like you more than a friend

If you want a woman to really like you, start where you are familiar with and that’s yourself.

You’ll draw women in instead of reaching out which is more likely to always work in your favor. You’ll attract women that are interested in you.

That’s making it easier to use their interest and make them like you.

What defines you as a person? Your unique personality is what will attract women to you because of the curiosity it triggers.

When you build yourself to a point that you admire who you are, women will admire you. It will be easy to get a woman to like you. You’ll know your value, which can also be used to hook women to you.

How do you make yourself like you?

  • Work on the things that you are insecure about. That will build your confidence in yourself.
  • Start working on the things that you’ve been procrastinating.
  • Start giving yourself quality time and taking care of yourself.
  • Establish a style that defines you and makes you feel confident.
  • Engage frequently in our hobbies and try out new things.

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The more you focus on yourself, the more you build an interesting life that will attract women to you. A girl will easily like you because of the adventure that life with you gives her.

2.    Build trust and confidence in her

It’s like guys go through some kind of metamorphosis when they start talking to a girl they like. They change their personality and become extra-sweet beings. It’s a mistake that most guys make. It creates doubt and that will make a woman extra cautious in dating coaches for men.

Building trust and confidence in a woman can make her like you. Women are attracted to men they have a connection with. A woman will let you in the more she shares with you her personal stuff.

But she’ll be attached to you once she starts opening up about her insecurities. That’s where you want to build your trust and confidence.

Here are tips of how you can build trust and confidence in a woman:

  • Let her take responsibility for her actions.
  • Unveil your weaknesses to her and show her your vulnerable side.
  • See the positive in her that requires a keen eye to spot.
  • Be yourself around her from the beginning.

3.    Make your desire known

It will be much easier and faster for you to make a girl like you more than a friend if she already knows you like her. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

It will be almost impossible to make a girl like you if you just went to them and told them you like them. Women want men that show their game.

You can use flirting to make a girl know your desire. No matter how subtle a flirt may seem, women will always get the message. Start slowly by complimenting her but avoiding any physical attributes. You can build your flirt game from the response you get.

You can make a woman know your desire by how much attention you give her. Women have a weakness or guys that make them feel special.

Giving a woman the attention, she desires, immediately makes her notice she’s not like other girls to you. The special treatment will make her grow closer to you.

4.    Make a powerful first impression

First impressions trigger a snowball effect in a person’s mind. The first impression you give a woman is what she’ll use to try and figure you out. If it’s a negative first impression, she’ll look for more negative things about you. She’ll then build her emotional wall, high up for you to overcome.

Work on your personal hygiene and grooming. Your style will attract certain types of women.

If you are wearing a suit, most people will think you are corporate and that’s what you’ll attract. Smelling nice is crucial if you want a girl you just met to like you. Body odor can take her mind from what you are saying to what her nose is experiencing.

Let your body language radiate confidence. Slouching and avoiding eye contact can make you look insincere or you have given up. Women want to be around guys that are the life of the party. Confident body language can make you social proof.

Start a conversation that will make you stand out when she thinks about her highlight of the day. Make your encounter euphoric and challenging at the same time to trigger different kinds of emotions. A woman will want you more if thoughts of you take her to a blissful place.

5.     Explore your common interests

Exploring your common interests is the best way to approach a woman you just met and get her to like you. Shared interests, beliefs, and principles create familiarity which can make you likable. It will be easy to build chemistry because you have started from the same page.

In our Conversation Booster program, you can learn how to explore a woman you’ve just met with a conversation and how to make a girl like you more than a friend. The advantage of having mastered the art of conversation is you can start it from anywhere and direct it to where you want.

It’s easy to raise red flags when talking to women because that’s what they look at when they don’t know you. Your common interests make a conversation easy as it can open bridges for you to explore the unknown. A conversation about a shared location can grow into her giving you her number.

6.    Ask her for favors

Using psychological techniques to get a girl to like you can be manipulative. But it’s not outright evil. Asking for favors can make a woman like you. Subconsciously we all want to be praised for what we have done. Asking a woman for a favor gives her an opportunity to help.

However, the trick of favors goes beyond making the woman feel helpful, it shows trust and creates dependency. We tend to ask people we trust for favors. It also opens the door for dependency because a woman will also feel comfortable asking you for a favor.

The more favors you do for each other, the more likely a woman is to accept more advanced requests. You can ask for favors in things that will build your bond with the woman and get her to like you.

7.    Use mystery as bait

One common mistake that guys make is telling a woman they’ve just met too much or too little. Too little will leave her with so many answered questions which might trigger doubt. Saying too much might scare her away or bore her because she has you figured out.

Women say they create good detectives because they like figuring out people around them.

Unveil the sides of you that you’ll want a woman to know. During the conversation, you can give her a taste of what she’s curious about but just enough to get her wanting more. For example, she wants to figure out your previous relationship. You can give her enough to know you are not avoiding the question then divert it.

Mystery builds interest which can be crucial when trying to make a girl like you more than a friend. The woman’s thirst for more is what will get her hooked on you.

8.     Have a good time together

Conversation with a woman you like becomes easy when you are having a good time. She’ll let her guard down and you can connect with her. Having a good time creates emotional intimacy that’s crucial to getting a girl to like you.

The trick is in the emotions that you’ll explore when you are having a good time. You can make her laugh. She’ll associate you with a good time. You can explore sensitive and personal topics when a woman is having fun without killing the mood. You’ll get to understand her better and know how to make her like you.

9.     Build your conversation skills

We saved the best for last. Mastery in the art of conversation can make you get a girl you want to like. Everything is about perception. If you know your way with words, you can change people’s perceptions. You can make a woman feel she needs you in her life just by the way you talk to her.

How to make a girl like you more than a friend

Building your conversation skills will make you flexible, mysterious, and interesting in a conversation. You’ll silently have the power to manipulate the conversation to trigger emotions you want to connect with. You also control the conversation’s frame.

Mastering the art of conversation can make you very persuasive. You’ll be confident about what you are saying, which will inspire the same confidence in a woman.

It doesn’t have to be a life-or-death situation to make a girl like you.

Women want men as much as we want them.

However, for a woman to like you, she needs to feel safe and comfortable around you.

Building trust and creating a genuine interest in the girl will help you know which nodes to hit.

Blend the techniques with your personality and situation, and then you’ll know how to make a girl like you more than a friend.