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How to Make a Girl Hot In Bed?

How to Make a Girl Hot In Bed?

Hi guys Annabel Mizel here from Today I will be talking about How to Make a Girl Hot In Bed
Sex is about exploring your partner and finding new ways to make them crazy about you. Our bodies communicate and when you are keen you will figure out what makes her volcanic eruption come within minutes. We are different but there are things that we wish our men knew; the simple things that you overlook but when they are done they will make any woman speak in ancient languages. I will give you the top secrets on how to make a girl hot:

Make her beg for it

If there is a time that we need you to be in control is when we are about to unleash the beasts. Take your time and make your girl wet and horny. There are various techniques that you can use to make her dripping wet and horny and a longer foreplay is one of them. Start your foreplay with words and progress gradually to light and safe touches and when get a little aggressive to make her submit herself. Don’t rush to get her naked but you can slide your fingers in the cookie jar. If it’s possible to make her get an orgasm before you go in because at this point nothing matters to her but you. When we are in the zone we will say anything to get that magic stick. Remember not to give in to her pleads immediately when she asks you to give it to her.

The secret lies in the angles

Before you start twisting your girl in some weird positions that might break her neck or waist make sure she is comfortable with it first; not all of us were cheerleaders. The size of your guns does not matter if you know the angles that make you hit the spot. Place her in a position that will enable you to go deeper and hit the super sensitive vaginal walls. If your girl prefers missionary position then place two pillows under her butt to give you an angle that each thrust feels like a boomerang to your girl. The advantage of hitting the right spot is it continuously makes us wet and horny. That’s the time we hold you tight and pull you closer because the pleasure is so intense.

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