How to Know What a Girl Thinks About You

How to Know What a Girl Thinks About You

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about How to Know What a Girl Thinks About You Men are from Mars and women are from Venus could not be more accurate when it comes to reading a girls mind. Some ladies are easy to understand while others can be quite the task but we all use the same manual. The following are ways of knowing what a girl thinks about you: Pay attention to her interests Artistic girls are also quite easy to interpret since they pour out their heart in their art be it painting, music or poetry, whatever it may be, pay attention. She may throw a hint or two. Even girls who are not artistic but have interests and hobbies can also let you into their soul by sharing their interests with you. A girl who is comfortable around you will want you to be around her as she does what she loves best.

She will take you to her shows and invite you in her book clubs and hence give you a foretaste of her thoughts. Listen to her Girls speak twice as many words as men and spend most of those words in expressing feelings and thoughts. If you were to listen to her intently, you would get to know what she thinks about you and if she likes all that you do. Ladies always throw a clue or two it is just that you get tired of listening or drift off when they speak.

Girl Thinks About You

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