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How to know if your girlfriend loves you over text

how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text

Contrary to what most guys believe, How to know if your girlfriend loves you over text. When you know what to look for, you see all the signs of interest and love or lack of both.


Texting has become a crucial way that relationships maintain open and fun communication. Therefore, understanding human interaction and connection on a textual level are important to maintain a skillful conversation.


When you want to know if a woman likes you over text, you need to first understand how women communicate interest, sexual desire, and friendship. Most women will be subtle with their signals which might easily be missed if you don’t know what to look for.


how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text

In this blog, I have combined knowledge and experience from a dating coach for men experts, psychologists, and behavioral specialists. You’ll explore surefire ways of how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text. You’ll get to know different ways of how to respond or structure conversations to find out what you desire through text.


1.      She’s always texting you.


The easiest way how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text is by observing the frequency they text you. If your girlfriend is always texting you, that’s a surefire sign that she loves you. Most women avoid having a conversation with guys they are not comfortable around.


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If you spend the better part of the day or night chatting, that shows that the girl enjoys your company. When a girl loves you, she builds a certain curiosity and interest in you. You become a beautiful mystery and she’ll want to know all the nitty-gritty that defines you as a person.


The sneaky part about a girl texting you every time is it gives you an opportunity to know the girl and also inspires you to feel about her the way she feels about you. You’ll occasionally have deep conversations that will reveal vulnerable truth and make you connect on a different level.


2.      She starts a conversation


The next sign of how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text is how often she initiates conversation. However, some women can be cunning and only start a conversation with you when they need something. You have to also gauge the intentions of a woman starting a conversation with you.


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A woman that loves you will text you for no specific reason. She missed you and she had to find an excuse to quench that desire. She might start a conversation that you might later take the lead to keep it going but the sign is in her commitment.


Most women take the passive seat and wait for the guy to do the chasing and hunting. Nevertheless, a girl that’s head over heels for you, will not wait for you to make a move. She’ll be in your space to make herself the only girl you think about.


3.      She asks a lot of personal questions


Another foolproof way of how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text is if she’s asking a lot of personal questions. It’s challenging for most women to let the conversation escalate past small talk if they don’t like you.


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You’ll know your girlfriend loves you over text if she asks personal questions. Women sometimes ask questions like ‘Have you eaten? What did you have for lunch? Did your meeting with the investors go well?’


Your girlfriend loves you over text

The questions sometimes can be annoying but a woman might ask them because she cares. A woman that loves you will want to be updated in things that go on in your life. She’ll follow up on personal things that might have been emotionally stressful to know how you are.


4.      She opens up to you frequently.


One of the main reasons that people don’t open up is the fear of judgment. And women are very sensitive about what they tell guys about themselves. You can use that to determine if your girlfriend loves you over text.


Women understand that when they get personal, it can make them vulnerable to a guy. However, when a girl is settled in a relationship, feeling vulnerable stops becoming an insecurity.


how to know if your girlfriend loves you over text


Love builds trust and comfort in a relationship that is not bound to only physical interaction. You’ll know if your girlfriend trusts you or she’s comfortable with you with what she opens up about herself.


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If your conversations all seem like small talk or revolve around you talking about yourself, then she might not be into you as you may like. Or she might still be unsure of her feelings for you.


You’ll know your girlfriend loves you over text if she opens to you seeing her good, not so good, and ugly. Look out for the moments when a girl opens up that don’t display perfection or display her in a favorable light. These moments display trust and comfort.


5.      You get the visuals.


Guys, I’m not talking about your girl sending you nudes though I wouldn’t completely rule it out as visuals that can suggest a strong emotional connection. Texting can become boring and women know guys are captivated by what they see.


A woman that loves you will send you pictures of various things that will inspire different emotions as a technique to keep the conversation spicy. First, the effort that she’s putting in to keep you interested in the chat can show how the woman feels about you.


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Women also send photos of places they visit to show openness. Only a woman that loves you will go the extra mile to eliminate any room for doubt. If she sends you a pic of her outfit for the day, she’s into you and your approval is important to them.


6.      She flirts with you.


Flirting has a way of making a woman’s boundaries very flexible. Once you start flirting with someone it opens doors that can be challenging to close.


It’s one thing when a girl allows you to flirt and escalate things, and it’s a different ball game if she flirts back with you. How to know if your girlfriend loves you over text is easy if she flirts with you.


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Women are cautious of men they relay sexual energy to. Sexual attraction can depict a strong underlying emotional connection. If your girlfriend sends you flirty texts, it shows how interested she is in you.


7.      Chatting with her is seamless.


Most guys will admit that texting women can be a bit challenging. You’ll find you run out of things to say because when texting you always want to be super engaging to inspire the girl to keep texting.


However, when you are texting a girl that loves you, it inspires great chemistry that makes it easy for you to text. She’ll make an effort to also keep you interested in talking to her. The combined effort put into the conversation makes it easy to maintain it.


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When you are having an effortless chat, you can talk for hours and it won’t feel like it. That’s a sign that both of you are in love or very interested and invested in each other.


8.      She talks about the future.


Human beings like to plan because it gives a sense of stability and direction. It’s natural to get rid of a person that you don’t see in your future. When you are texting your girlfriend, you’ll know that she loves you over text if she includes you in her future plans and aspirations.


It shows that she sees you in various aspects of her future. Also, when you notice your girlfriend talking about the future, it can be her way of determining her place in your life.



Talking about the future can reveal your girlfriend’s commitment. For example, if she starts talking about family and if you want kids, that’s a sign she wants to understand what challenges your relationship might encounter or what you have in common that might make your relationship stronger in the future.


9.      She copies your texting style.


One foolproof sign that your girlfriend loves you over text is if she adapts to your texting style. When people are attracted to a person, they subconsciously imitate things from them to help them relate better and impress the person.


Your girlfriend will start texting like you. First, because you spend a lot of time chatting with each other. Second, when you love someone, your fascination with them makes everything about them seem amazing including how they talk.


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Observe how she responds to your texts and how she structures her text. If you see her text and you say that’s something you could have texted, it shows the compromise or adjustments the girl is making to keep things rolling with you.


Final Take


Every woman has a unique way in how they express their feelings. For some, it will be much more challenging to tell if they love you over text while others you’ll spot immediately. If you can’t tell how a woman feels about you through text, try analyzing other ways that a woman might express her affection.


You’ll be in a powerful position if you understand the woman you are dating and her texting habits. You’ll be objective in how you approach the texting situation.


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