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How to know if you like someone

How to know if you like someone

There’s always excitement when you meet someone new and start dating. Sometimes the chemistry is there from the start and sometimes the thrill of it keeps things going. However, guys also experience last-minute withdrawal especially when they are thinking of escalating the relationship.

How to know if you like someone

It can be confusing to decipher if what you are experiencing is lust, infatuation, or you are really into this person. Understanding how you actually feel towards someone is crucial. It gives you a crystal perspective of what you desire.

You’ll be in a better position to decide what you are willing to give if you know what you want. In this blog, we’ll explore how to know if you like someone. What are the tell signs when a guy is clearly into a girl?

The feeling of losing them scares you.

It’s thrilling to be around the people we like. They add some fun flavor to our lives that keeps us going for more. But what if they weren’t there anymore, would it hurt?

One sneaky way of knowing if you like someone is trying to connect with the feeling of losing them. When you are like someone, the thought of losing them might seem like a nightmare. You might experience a sudden change of emotions.

It feels lonely when you have to part ways with someone you like. The feeling of sadness can become overwhelming and a lingering feeling of regret if it happens.

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The trick to this technique is it triggers you to think about the value the person brings to you. If you like them, you’ll find many reasons to validate their stay.

You’ll know if you like the person by how much you validate having them around in your life. The reasons you have to validate your stay with the person can give you a clearer picture of how you feel about the person.

The relationship seems seamless

Relationships need a lot of effort to make them work. You constantly have to check up on the other person, care what they are going through, and even deal with them during their worst. It can feel like work when you are not into the person.

If you want to know how you feel about a person, think about the amount of effort you have to make things work with them. You’ll feel it’s overwhelming when you are into the person.

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When you like someone, you feel that being with them is easy. You don’t see if you have to do a lot to impress or be likable to them. Being yourself seems like a cool option.

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It doesn’t mean when you like someone you can’t have an argument with them. But you’ll prioritize what you have above ego and winning. You’ll pay attention to the crucial detail which makes it easy to solve arguments and forge a stronger emotional bonds.

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You talk about them frequently.

Usually, it’s easy for your friends and family to notice when you are into someone before you even realize it. The trick is when you are into someone, it becomes difficult to hide the excitement they bring. You’ll be prompted to talk about them more.

It’s natural because you’re bound to spend more time with the person you like. That translates to having more experiences together. You’ll find that most of the experiences you want to talk about when you are around your family and friends have the person you like attached to them.

Also, when you like someone, it becomes a silent wish that people around you will also like them. You’ll find most of the time talking about them to paint a picture of them that will make your family and friends understand them better.

They make you discover yourself more.

It’s fascinating how people transform when they find a person they genuinely like. You’ll want to see life from the other person’s eyes if you genuinely like them. That gives you a chance to explore yourself in bits you never imagined.

How to know if you like someone

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How to know when you like someone can be indicated by the influence the person has in your life. You’ll desire to impress the person you like and sometimes that means working on yourself. You’ll adopt new habits to replace habits that cause friction in your relationship.

When you find that you value your girl’s validation on certain things, that means that you like them. Their opinion greatly influences some of the decisions you make.

You perceive them as perfect.

You’ll know if you like someone by the perception you have of them and what they do. Everyone has a flaw but when you like someone it becomes easy for you to look past someone’s imperfections.

The funny thing about liking someone is they’ll do the same thing that you’ll find unattractive if someone else did and you might find it attractive.

When you like someone, you associate them with all the possible desirable feelings you can mention. These feelings play a key role in how we interpret a person’s actions. You’ll be willing to listen to their advice because you believe it stems from love.

Another thing that also makes the person you love seem perfect is the flexibility you have when with them.

You want to plan a future with them.

It’s natural to want to spend more time with the person you like. You’ll find ways to plan future events that you can spend time together. You’ll look for any slight chance to spend time together.

Planning about the future goes beyond spending time together on a date. When you genuinely like someone, it becomes a challenge to imagine a future without them. You start integrating them into your future plans.

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Most people have a strong emotional attachment to the dreams and ambitions in life. They attach a sense of pure happiness and comfort to them. When you start planning for a future with someone, it’s a crystal sign that you are into them.

You’ll not only consider her in your future but you’ll also want to be part of their future. You’ll build interest in her goals, dreams, and ambitions. Most couples that are in love find that their dreams and aspirations naturally blend.

You get a bit jealous.

Contrary to what most people believe, jealousy can actually be a good thing in a relationship if not taken overboard. Jealousy can show you how much you value a person. You’ll be a bit jealous when you see the girl you like around other guys.

When you like someone, you learn to appreciate their unique nature and impressive traits. You are inclined to think that everyone sees what you see in that person. That can trigger jealousy when you see other people showing interest in your girl.

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However, when jealousy prompts you to be obsessive or overly insecure then that’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

You lose interest in searching.

You’ll know you like someone when you trying searching for them in other people. It’s unlikely that you find someone that makes you tick the way they do. So, you let go of the search.

You’ll find yourself deleting your profiles from a dating coach for men sites. You’ll even delete contacts of girls you were flirting with because it does not thrill you as it used to. Depending on how much you like the person, you’ll wipe your resume clean to focus on them.

It’s normal to feel like there’s nothing out there for you when you find the person you like. You’ll be spending more time with them which will reduce the time you spend looking for an extra thrill.

You are enthusiastic about their interests.

You’ll know you are starting to like someone when you get very interested in what makes them happy. You’ll become more altruistic because you want them to experience the same level of happiness as you.

You’ll not like everything that makes them happy, but sometimes you’ll put their happiness first. You’ll feel the need to qualify your girl’s interests and hobbies so that she also associates you with fun.

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Look at the recent activities that you’ve adopted as the result of your new relationship. You’ll have a clear idea of what you feel about the person.

Final Take

When you like someone, the thought of them excites you. You’ll feel like you are invisible and there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you do it together. Nevertheless, people are different in how they express how they feel.

Understand your love language as it makes it easy for you to know when your actions stem from love.

You can know if you are into someone by how they make you feel. How comfortable are you being yourself around them? There are more feelings that go into determining if you like a person that can’t be highlighted in one blog.

Trust your gut because sometimes our minds fight what we already know!

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