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How to know if a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you depends on learning how to read the obvious and more subtle messages women send through verbal and non verbal communication.

These signals are also known as ‘indicators of interest.’ The ability to identify these signals will give you an idea of what to do and when to do it, giving you a clear indication of when it is best to speed things up or slow things down, and whether or not you are creating attraction effectively.

It is best to makes sure that more than one signal is present before deciding on your next action.

Understanding body language and the psychology of male-female attraction is crucial when one is gauging another’s interest. Dating coaching courses, like those offered by Kama Lifestyles, focus on teaching men how to read others, allowing them to identify the level of interest in the people around them.

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In turn, this allows them to better control their own reactions and acts, never showing too much interest or trying too hard at the wrong stage of attraction or relationships.

Signals can be both active and passive. The most important things to look for when learning how to know if a girl likes you include:

1. Her restarting conversation when you stop talking. She’s clearly interested enough to want to keep chatting to you;

2. She giggles;

3. She initiates touch, even if it is only a light touch to your arm; and

4. he tries to create a bond and make the meeting more comfortable.

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More subtle cues include:

The way her body and feet face. If her feet are pointed in your direction and she is not forced to sit this way through seating arrangements or the way people in the group are standing, she is focused on you.

1. She smooths her hair, adjusts her blouse, fixes her lipstick, or grooms herself in some other way.

2. She does not break eye contact, unless it is only for a second when briefly glancing at each other.

3. Her arms and legs are uncrossed and her body language is open.

4. She ‘accidentally’ brushes against you or enters your personal space.

5. She mirrors your gestures and posture. When you lean forward or put an elbow on the table, so does she.

6. She starts the conversation.

7. She ask you a lot of questions about yourself.

8. She compliments you outright, introduces you to her friends or buys you a drink.

9. She asks if you have a girlfriend.

10. She looks over at you to see your reaction when she says or does something.

11. She stops by before leaving to say goodbye or to ask where you’ll be going next.

How to know if a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you also relies on passive clues. If all of her friends go to the bathroom, the bar or the dance floor, but she decides to stay, she’s interested.

Similarly, if she seeks you out and spends longer periods with you, following you or waiting for you when you move, you’re doing well. Of course, the most obvious sign is when she doesn’t pull back when you touch her or enter her personal space, and welcomes it when you escalate things physically.

With the help of an experienced dating coach, these type of cues can be deciphered easily. Once you have learned how to identify the obvious ones, you’ll seen learn what to look out for with the more subtle cues.

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