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How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it

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It can be challenging sometimes to decipher if a girl is playing a nut hard to crack, or she’s genuinely not interested. This is a mental goose chase that a lot of guys find themselves in.

How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it

The feminine aura of shyness can make a girl very appealing to a guy. Playing hard to get is a girl’s technique to build your anticipation and inspire effort. In the end, it establishes a sense of value that a woman agrees on in the relationship.

Understanding if a woman is playing hard to get is crucial because it opens you up to bargain. In this blog, you’ll explore the subtle art of how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it.

That will help you to judge which girl to continue pursuing and where to count your L’s and move on.

1.    She knows too much about you.

The common way of how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it is by gauging how much she knows about you. The information we have on others is mostly built on interest.

It’s impossible to know everything about everyone that’s around you. You’ll only know much about a person depending on the interest you have in them. Interest might be negative or positive. Nevertheless, you’ll still have to pay attention to know what you desire.

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When a girl likes you, she develops a keen interest in things that can help define you. For example, she’ll know your birthday, hobbies, and dreams. The more you understand a person the better you’ll know how to treat the person.

A girl will bring your favorite type of coffee because she knows it will make you smile. Sometimes she’ll know things about you that you haven’t disclosed to her.

She likes you when she knows more about you to console, motivate, care, and make you happy or mad.

2.    She shares sensitive information with you.

You’ll be the most vulnerable person in the world if you walk around telling people your ATM password or pin.

When you are gauging if a girl likes you, you have to explore past the act and read the intention and explore various motivations. Girls are very cautious about the guys they share sensitive information with because it makes them vulnerable.

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When a girl shares sensitive information with you it indicates there’s a strong sense of trust, comfort, and dependency. She’s telling you her secrets for you to keep them.

The girl might be shy but that’s her way of telling you “I trust you so much, Gary. And I want you to know all there is about me.”

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3.    She is comfortable coming to your place.

There’s a saying that in most cases a guy and a girl can’t just be friends. At some point, it becomes blurry if the boundaries you are crossing are for friendships or there’s more!

Most girls wouldn’t be comfortable staying alone with a guy especially at the guy’s place. You’ll know a girl likes you when she is comfortable being alone with you. Suggesting she can come to your place is a jackpot sign.

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How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it

It shows that the girl trusts you. Also, it’s an indication that she likes spending time with you alone. Now, that’s a sign that she likes you. But she might not be a sign that she’s sexually attracted to you.

A girl’s intentions and feelings can become more vivid when you continue building the comfort and trust she experiences with you. It makes a girl grow bolder and a bit daring.

4.    Your conversations never end.

The next technique of how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it is by looking at your conversation threads.
You’ll know a newly married couple or people that have started Online dating coaches for men when you see them.

They can’t keep their words to themselves. The strong emotional connection new relationships experience makes a couple share a lot of things.

You’ll know a girl is into you if you are always talking. You have personal and meaningful interactions but you also keep it playful and fun.

The fact that she’s talking to you the whole day, that’s a sign you have her attention and interest. Does it mean she likes you?

5.    She takes up your interests.

One foolproof way to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it is by how much she tries to make you comfortable or spend time with you. We like people that we are similar to in a way because it makes it easy to relate and connect.

A girl will be eager to take up some of your interests when she likes you.

She’ll want to understand why you like certain things. She’ll pick an interest in sport to be more relatable when you are hanging out.

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You’ll know she took an interest in you because of how much she shares about what she’s learning. For example, if you are a football fan, she might start a conversation by giving you the latest sports update. That’s a girl after your heart.

6.    She’s jealous when you are with other women.

In the dating scene, everyone is competing for mates. Guys are playing cat and mouse, and girls want to maintain high-value guys. A woman will feel jealous when she feels her position in a guy she likes is threatened.

You’ll know a girl likes you but is hiding it when she acts jealous when you are around other women. She might not throw tantrums or scare off the other women with piercing words. The acts will be subtle like giving you a cold shoulder.

You can fake being happy but your body language will sell you out. The best way to know if the girl is jealous is understanding the shift in her body language when other girls approach you.

7.     She plays with the idea of being a couple.

The next way to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it is by understanding how included you are in her future plans.

Most girls fantasize about the guy they desire. When a girl gets a guy she likes, she fits the guy into her fantasies, dreams, and ambitions. I always say that relationships are built on personal interests.

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Girls can be very subtle with how they display their interests. That’s part of the reason that most guys think women hide their interests. Understanding beyond the simple acts can help you understand more the girl’s motive.

Most women are not bold enough to chase a guy because most women feel that shows desperation. But if you are talking and she hints at you together in anything romantic, that’s her way of communicating her interest.

8.     She is comfortable with kino escalation.

A girl’s personal space is where the ultimate test lies that can show you if a girl likes you but is hiding it. A guy will look like a weirdo when he starts touching a girl that’s not comfortable with it.

Most girls are protective of their personal space and that’s why kino escalation is the best technique to know if a girl likes you. A girl that likes you will be comfortable with you near them and even with your hand on her waist.

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Girls adjust their boundaries more to people they like. Touch builds a unique sense of intimacy. When a girl likes you, she’ll yearn for intimacy even if she’s hiding it.

The best way to approach a girl with this technique is to build gradually. For example, move closer to her, touch the less sensitive areas as you gain more consent, and escalate.

9.    She flirts with you.

Most guys feel that girls are masters of sending mixed feelings. You’ll find that a girl is shy when she’s around you, but grows bold when texting.

You’ll know that a girl likes you when she flirts with you. If she does it over the phone only, it shows that she likes you but she’s still building confidence, comfort, and trust. Building her comfort around you can make her become a flirt even in person.

Another way to approach it is escalating when flirting as much as you can. A girl can be much bolder around you when you can manage to build a strong sexual tension.

10.    You have the gut instinct.

We cannot explain how everything happens but we know some things just happen. People falling in love sometimes is that thing that just happens. Chemistry is about feeling that you are a perfect blend even though you don’t know a match about each other.

You can know if a girl likes you by the gut feeling you have about her. People can be daring but we always have a self-preservation button. You’ll feel a situation is not right when it’s not.

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You’ll know if a girl likes you by how you feel about her. Your personal feelings towards a woman can sometimes be influenced by how they treat you.

You’ll know a girl that likes you by how they treat you. And that will influence how valuable they become in your life.

Final Take

How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it is not a challenging task. Being able to determine your value to a girl you desire will give you a clear sign if she’s into you.

You can master today different skills and techniques of dating that will give you finesse and sneaky precision in your approach with women.

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