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How to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you

How to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you

When it comes to dating, no one has everything figured out. Not even the guys that seem to be flawless when it comes to approaching and scoring girls.

How to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you

One major reason is that girls can be coy with how they display their feelings of affection. It can be challenging to know if a girl is into you and is hiding her feelings given that sometimes we struggle to understand how we feel.

It can get blurry sometimes for most guys to figure out if a girl is playing hard to get or not interested. In that limbo of not knowing, most men end up losing girls that were interested in them because they never found the clarity they needed to pursue the woman.

Nevertheless, girls are not completely a black hole when you are trying to figure out how they feel. If you can read the subtle cues that a woman sends to a guy she’s attracted to, you can draw a persuasive conclusion of how she feels about you.

In this blog, we’ll explore various techniques of how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you.

1.    Body language and nonverbal cues

The first fool-proof technique of how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you is reading her body language and nonverbal cues when she’s around you. Most women have a typical response when they are around men, which are triggered by mistrust and discomfort.

However, when a woman secretly wants you, she’ll trust you more than she trusts other guys. She’ll be comfortable around you because her feelings of desire make her feel comfortable around you.

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Observing a girl’s body language can give you a clear sneak peek of how she feels about you. It’s undeniable that women are more seductive than men. Mostly because we give in to what we see!

Identifying a girl’s subtle seduction techniques can allow you to decipher her feelings for you. Here are some body language and nonverbal cues that will show you a woman wants you.

    • Plays with her lips: A girl’s lips can take your mind on a trip because it looks like something very familiar but mostly hidden. Women know that seductively playing with their lips can trigger sexual arousal. Need more explanation than that?
    • Her chest is out: When you are talking to the woman and you realize that the boobs are almost in your face, they actually are. Women stick their chests out to bring out their ultra-femininity and also inspire sexual tension.
    • She plays around with her legs: Most guys think that when a girl’s legs are crossed that she’s not into you. That could not be far from the truth. Girls open and cross their legs occasionally to draw your attention to what will make you burst with sexual desire. She might expose her thighs a bit in the process to make her impact on you lethal.
  • Smoothly caress things around her: Have you ever seen a girl having a cocktail, and she gently caresses the straw in her drink? Yeah, the thoughts that are running in your mind right now can possibly be why she did it. Object transference is one subtle way that women communicate their desires.

2.    You notice she’s jealous of other women.

The next fool-proof technique of knowing if a girl is into you but is hiding her feelings is how she reacts when other women are around. No matter how sleek a woman is in hiding her feelings, if she wants you, she’ll see other women as potential threats.

You’ve heard when a woman loves, she loves for real. Well, when a woman likes you, she can do some weird stuff when she’s jealous.

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How to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you

A girl will display signs of jealousy depending on the type of relationship and connection you have. If you met a girl in the bar and she’s jealous, she might not start snooping through your phone like a woman who is close to you would.

Being aware of the sudden emotional changes can give you a clear hint if a girl is jealous. The emotional changes can be as subtle as displaying signs of emotional discomfort to the big guns like talking and praising other guys to make you jealous.

3.    She remembers minor details

If you are wondering how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you, look at how much she knows about you. We can’t remember everything about everyone that we meet. Heck, sometimes we even forget their names after they’ve just told us.

However, a woman that likes you develops an interest in you that makes her remember things that are important to you. She might not remember a funny story that you told her, but she’ll remember your favorite type of coffee, color, and even the names of your friends in your boy’s club.

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When you notice during a conversation that a girl remembers minor details of what you’ve told her before, that’s a golden sign that she might have feelings for you, but she’s hiding them.

You can test how much she knows about you by sneaking in previous conversations to see how much she remembers about you. If she gets most of them right, it’s not because she has a good memory.

4.    She looks for ways to spend time with you.

When you like someone, you get this compelling feeling of wanting to spend more time with them. It somehow quenches unexplainable desire in us.

I once went skydiving with a girl that was afraid of heights. I had my day planned out, and when she reached out, I told her what I was up to, and she wanted to join. Although she screamed her lungs out throughout with her eyes closed, she was still excited to be engaging in an activity with me.

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Women go out of their comfort zone if it means spending time with a guy she likes. She might be the one to come up with plans of activities you’ll do together, or she’ll offer to engage in one of your hobbies even if it scares her to death just to spend time with you.

You’ll notice that a girl secretly wants you if she’s always coming up with plans or making time for you.

5.    She tries to impress you.

Sometimes girls do the same things that we do when we are attracted to them. Guys try to impress girls they are attracted to. The same also happens with girls.

A girl might not tell you she likes you, but observing the picture she displays of herself can give you a clear insight into how she feels.

The most common way that girls try to impress guys is with how they look. When you are meeting her, she might show up like she’s going for a red carpet event, and you are just going out for a movie. Dressing can make a girl look ultra-feminine which sends subtle signs of submission that most guys desire in their women.

A girl that wants you can also try to impress you with her accomplishments and other things that will make her seem better than other women. The reason is very simple. She’s trying to beat out the competition.

6.    She values your opinion.

When a girl likes you, she wants to be in your best books. That means that different opinions you have of her matter to her.

She’ll come to you when she’s trying to make a tough decision. She’ll listen to what you tell her and implement it. It is an indication that she doesn’t only value your opinion but trusts you to help her make crucial decisions that affect her.

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Also, guys tend to compliment women on what they like. For instance, you saw her once in a sexy dress, and you complimented her that she looked extra gorgeous in that dress. If the girl likes you, she’ll wear more dresses when she’s around you to get the attention that she first got.

That’s not all. A woman can change certain aspects about her without you even knowing because you disapprove of them. For example, in a conversation, you innocently mentioned that you don’t like something. She’ll try not to be what you don’t like so that you like her dating coach for men.

7.    She plays the girlfriend role.

A girl can be sleek in hiding her feelings towards you, but her actions will always rat her out. When a girl secretly wants you, her action can display that she already has you.

Girls are very careful about how far they stretch their boundaries for a guy. When a girl likes you, she’ll stretch her boundaries as far as possible to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable and content.

For instance, sometimes what guys take as friends with benefits, is a way of the girl giving you something that she doesn’t want you to get anywhere else. You’ll realize that she gets jealous when you are flirting and interacting with other women even though what you share was meant to be casual.

Girls take up the girlfriend role to prevent the guy from looking for one. It also prompts the guy to look at the girl from a different perspective.

8.    Her circles know more about you.

Another technique of how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you is seeing how her friends interact with you. First, when a girl likes you she’ll be comfortable introducing you to her friends, but that’s not yet the golden egg.

When you are interacting with her friends, and you notice that they are talking to you like they’ve known you forever, chances are the girl has been talking to them so much about you. A girl can hide how she feels about you but she can’t hide from her friends.

Final Take

How to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you can be simple if you know what to look for. You’ll not miss out on the girl that likes you because you didn’t realize it to make a move.

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