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How to kiss a girl

How to kiss a girl
Kissing is a crucial skill to master if you want to escalate with a girl. It triggers sexual tension which glues the woman to you and also strengthens romantic connection.

How to kiss a girl

Mastering the art of kissing can make you an irresistible guy to many women. Women are attracted to men with passion and what a classic way to display your passion than with a kiss?
In this blog, we’ll explore how to kiss a girl and make her crave more.
There are a few tricks and techniques that you can use to make your first kiss a marvel. Here you’ll also find ways to improve your kissing game.
How to kiss a girl for the first time?
Kissing a girl for the first time can send cold chills down your spine. You’ll be anxious about not doing the wrong thing that you might actually end up doing the wrong thing.
How do I approach the girl for a kiss? How do I hold her? What do I do if she doesn’t like it? What will I do if I try kissing her and she’s not ready?
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The series of questions that run through your head are necessary. They sometimes help you prepare for any outcome if they don’t get to you first.
Let’s look at tips of how to kiss a girl for the first time:
Be prepared for a kiss.
You’re meeting a girl you like and you are psyched that today you’ll take things to the next level. Being prepared for a kiss in case the opportunity arises can make your first kiss a success.
Your mouth hygiene is crucial when you want to kiss a woman. Bad breath is an instant turn-off to any woman. Also, trying to kiss a woman after you’ve just had a spicy or greasy meal is not a good idea for a first kiss.
Your general grooming and hygiene are also supposed to be on point. You can have a fresh breath, but if you have anybody odor, it might turn off the woman.
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You are going to be all in her space when you go for the kiss. Look for possible things about you that can be a distraction like bad breath, body odor, or food crumbs around your collar and chest area.
You’ll be more confident to go for a kiss when you know you are prepared.
Calm your nerves.
Getting over the anxious phase that you experience before going for the kiss is very important. Your mind is a powerful tool and you can draw courage and confidence from it.
Overthinking about the outcome can scare you and prevent you from going for the kiss. When you think about kissing a girl, chances are there are nonverbal or verbal signs that support the probability.
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Calming your nerves before going for the kiss can make you a confident and passionate kisser. You’ll be more focused on having a fun experience than what the situation will be after the kiss.
Know if the girl is interested.
A successful first kiss can give you confidence and make you adventurous with your kissing game. Unfortunately, a flop during the kiss will do the opposite.
Knowing if the girl is interested in kissing you can improve your chances of making your first kiss a success. The simplest way but less romantic is asking the girl for consent. However, it’s better to be safe than heartbroken.
Asking for consent can be a sign of respect. A girl will appreciate the fact that you value her opinion and respect her.

How to kiss a girl

The next way to know if a girl is interested in kissing you is by reading her body language and nonverbal cues. Isolate the girl.
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Confidence is crucial when going for your first kiss. Getting some privacy can make you bolder and daring.
Most women are very conscious of their environment and how the people around them perceive them. Your first attempt to kiss a woman might trigger an awkward moment. But if you are alone, the girl won’t have much to be embarrassed about and you might have a second chance before your time together ends.
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However, when there are people around, you’ll both have the pressure of having a perfect first kiss. The pressure can throw you off your game and make things weird. Or you’ll panic and postpone the kiss for another time.
Isolating the girl and getting some privacy, gives you a chance to connect deeper which will make you irresistible when you go for the kiss.
Capture her attention at the moment.
Stealing a kiss is cute on the books and TV. However, when you try to steal a kiss from a girl that’s unaware, you risk getting a negative reaction from the girl.
Capturing a girl’s attention when you want to go in for a kiss helps you analyze if she’s ready for a kiss.
Displaying body language and nonverbal cues that send the girl a message that you are going for a kiss is a good way to capture the girl’s attention at the moment.
Closing the distance between you and maintaining seductive eye contact can give the woman hints of what you want..
If you close in and she withdraws, that is a sign that she’s not ready. Going through with the move will only guarantee you an awkward moment or epic fail.
Wait for the perfect timing.
How to kiss a girl has a silent factor that’s very important to consider before kissing a girl which is time. Your timing will be determined by the existing dominant emotional state, ambiance, and chemistry.
Building sexual chemistry is important when you want to kiss a woman because it makes her adjust her boundaries. She’ll be ready to have you in her personal space.
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Timing for sexual chemistry to build before going for the kiss makes you more attractive to the woman. It reduces the chances of last-minute withdrawal and awkward moments.
Pull her closer
Now that you’ve played your cards right and she’s dancing to your tune it’s time for the big guns. Pulling the woman closer especially when going for your first kiss makes you look confident and skillful.
Don’t close your eyes yet. Pull her close and pause for a second to gaze into her eyes, lips, eyes again to build a moment of intense sexual attraction. Relax your eyelids so that you don’t seem like you are trying to look into her soul.
Hint: When you pull her close, be keen with her body language and nonverbal cues. If you notice that she’s not comfortable and it’s like she wants to break free, withdraw and let her go slowly.
Hold off the tongue
There are various types of kisses and the French kiss is one of the most passionate types of kisses. Going for a French kiss on your first kiss might not be a good idea.
Using your tongue when you’ve not mastered the art of kissing puts you in a more vulnerable position to make a mistake. Start slowly by indulging her lips before exploring more.
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Easing the woman into a first kiss makes her comfortable with you close to her. It’s crucial that you flow with her body language. If she holds you tighter, that’s a sign that she wants more than what you are giving.
Pro Tip:
Slightly tilting your head when going for the kiss can reduce the chances of your head bumping into hers. Slightly open your mouth so that her lip fits in the space.
What to do if you kiss a girl and it doesn’t go as planned?
Both of you might be nervous which can make the first kiss a flop. Or you might have moved in too fast and the woman withdraws when you’ve reached for a kiss.
How you withdraw can create a second chance for you or make you look like a creepy guy. The best move is to acknowledge the discomfort. You can pull back but don’t let go completely of her.
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When you pull back and she still seems uncomfortable, that’s a sign that you weren’t on the same page. But if you pull back and she stays put, that is a sign that you just had a bad try and you can rebuild and try again.
How to improve your kissing technique?
Women are different and your kissing technique might not be working with your new girl. Kissing is about displaying your affection and passion.
The best way to improve your kissing skills with women is by learning their kissing patterns. Some women like being handled with care, others want you to bring the freak in you. Understanding how a woman kisses can make you a good kisser to her.
Building your confidence during kissing is also important. Thinking if you are doing it the right way or if she likes it will act as a distraction and it might trigger an awkward moment. Be confident that whatever you are doing is working and do it with passion dating coach for men.
Your passion and confidence can make a woman adapt to your kissing style which can be breathtaking to her.
Your hands are also assets when you are kissing a girl. How you touch a girl during the kiss can make the kiss more passionate and irresistible. It can be a good distraction from the kiss when things are not going as planned.
Final Take
How to kiss a girl largely depends on the girl’s experience and the chemistry that exists between you. A woman that craves for you can overlook minor kissing mistakes because the passion blinds her. However, mastering the art of kissing can make you a pro in building romantic chemistry.
Don’t focus on a perfect kiss because that will give you too much pressure. Take in with humor the flops and they’ll make your first kiss unique and memorable.
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