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How to Keep a Girl Interested In You

How to Keep a Girl Interested In You

It can be painful to know that you have been in a relationship alone.

Beautiful women catch the eyes of many admirers.

There will be men chasing her even when you are courting, dating, or married to her.

Keeping a girl interested in you is the first step to cementing the stability of the relationship.

Although she also has to keep you interested in her.

Most guys focus on giving, to impress a woman and maintain her interests.

How to Keep a Girl Interested In You

But a woman will not understand your value if she doesn’t have to work to get anything out of you.

The trick to keeping a woman interested in you is to know what you are willing to give and what the woman has to give.

Couples invest in a relationship to make it stable.

Things will fall apart if it’s only you investing and the woman liquidating.

In this blog, you’ll explore various ways to keep a girl interested in you.

You’ll also know common mistakes that guys make and how it plays against them.

You will have double trouble when you set your interest in a woman because you know what to do and what not to do.

Let’s look at common mistakes that guys make to keep a girl interested.

    • Her wish is your command. Most guys trying to keep a woman interested in them are afraid of offending the women. That turns them into yes men. The reason a woman will not be interested in you if you do everything she says is boredom. She will feel like she’s dating herself because all the personality in the relationship is hers. She’ll have you figured out and that will kill her interest in you.
    • You are too present or absent. A lot of guys will be too present to block off other people to keep the girl interested. Some men come up with a brilliant idea of scarcity but they disappear. When you are too absent, a woman will think you are not interested and you’ll lose her. The trick is to find a balance of being there for the girl and being there for yourself.
    • You’re building sandcastles. There are men that have perfected the narrative of showing women a brighter tomorrow. Women admire men with ambition but speaking about their achievements will not keep a woman’s interest. But her seeing you grind to achieve something will trigger a new form of admiration and maintain her interest in you.
  • Being a little insensitive. One myth that most guys fall victim to is being insensitive to a woman can grow her interest in you. It simply doesn’t work. Women are very in touch with their emotions and making them feel worthless will not keep her interest in you. You can ignore a woman’s emotional tantrum, but being insensitive can push the woman away.

Your mindset about women can play to your advantage or disadvantage. You’ll know where your mindset lies when you know the reason you want to keep a girl interested in you.

If you are doing it because you’ve placed her on a pedestal and you don’t want to lose her, chances are you’ll lose her.

Overcoming limiting beliefs about women and dating can make you flexible, spontaneous, fun, and unpredictable.

How to Keep a Girl Interested In You

You know what not to do. Let’s explore how to keep a girl interested in you:

1.     Intrigue her with your conversation skills

Mastering the art of conversation is one of the best ways to maintain a woman’s interest in you.

Good conversationalists are creative when it comes to navigating through different topics that are engaging. You’ll see conversation traps coming and dodge them.

You can trigger different types of emotions with skillful storytelling, and capture a woman’s interest.

You can use your conversation skills to learn and understand a woman.

What turns her on? What does she desire in men? What are her deepest darkest desires?

The more you know about a woman the better you become at maintaining her interest in you. You’ll know what interests her and use it to keep her interested in you.

You can also use conversations to show your interest in a girl. Women want to be reminded that they mean something to you.

The more she believes your intentions and determines your interest is genuine, it might trigger and build her interest in you.

2.     Take control of the relationship

When the woman takes the driver’s seat in the relationship, she becomes bored easily. She’ll explore what excites her.

Then when she has nothing to explore, she’ll start losing her interest in you.

Taking control of the relationship helps you maintain the element of surprise. It can be from where you take her for a date or coming up with solutions.

Maintaining the element of surprise will always make a woman interested in you.

Another subtle thing that happens when you take control of the relationship is it displays your qualities that a girl will find attractive.

Women admire men with leadership qualities because it gives the woman power.

Power to know that she’ll come out of anything as long as she’s with you. That will build and keep her interested in you.

3.     Take adrenaline shots together

The next sneaky way to keep a girl interested in you is by sharing an adrenaline rush.

Engaging a woman in her interest and also yours can be a good way to build interest in each other.

But engaging her in a new experience is a brilliant idea that will get you all her attention.

New experiences trigger a new set of emotions in people.

She’ll associate you with many mixed emotions and that will make it hard for her to figure you out, which can grow her interest.

Trying new activities together also gives you the daring spirit to explore and conquer the unknown.

The challenges that you tackle and overcome together in these activities inspire and strengthen trust. That can make a woman comfortable around you and will maintain her interest in you.

4.    Build a strong emotional connection

Building a strong emotional connection with a woman can boost her interest in you. Women are emotional beings and it’s challenging to maintain her interest in something she’s not emotionally attached to.

She’ll not feel the emotional burden of losing you and that’s why it can be easy for her to lose interest in you.

You can start building a strong emotional connection by focusing on shared interests, hobbies, values, and principles.

The emotional bond can be strengthened by exploring the woman’s vulnerabilities and fears.

Showing a woman she is safe when she’s experiencing her fears or vulnerability makes you her knight in shining armor.

That will help maintain her interest in you.

5.    Let each other breath

Maintaining personal space with a girl you want can keep her interested in you. When you are too close, too available all the time, a woman might feel suffocated.

She’ll then start exploring ways of getting rid of you.

It’s crucial to have individual lives and respect each other’s boundaries in a relationship. A woman will be attracted to your enthusiasm and passion in life.

Giving each other space will make her interested in you because she’ll be missing you.

She’ll start missing the things you do for her and subconsciously that builds a strong emotional connection.

Giving each other room creates mystery.

Mystery is a crucial spice to keep a girl interested because it inspires curiosity.

The woman will be interested in you because she’ll want to know more about you.

What do you do when she’s not around? Who do you hang out with?

6.     Create genuine interest in her

How to Keep a Girl Interested In You

It is easy for guys to be caught if they are cheating because apart from us not being very clinical about hiding our tracks, women have high emotional intelligence.

A woman can tell a guy’s emotional change about something easily. To keep a girl interested, you have to be genuinely interested in her. It’s the interest you have in her that will fuel hers.

Creating genuine interest in a woman makes you understand the little things that go on in her life.

It’s impressive to a girl when you highlight things about her that she didn’t think you’d notice. That can have a mirroring effect and she’ll create a deeper interest in you.

Patience is something that you’ll need if you want to keep a woman’s interest. You’ll need the patience to understand a woman.

A genuine interest in a woman can make you overlook some of the imperfections that define her.

It’s your interest in the woman that will motivate you to keep pursuing her even if her tests seem overwhelming.

The point is not to drain your energy but to accept sides of her that you cannot change. A woman can be interested in you because you accept her as she is.

7.     Share responsibilities

Psychological ways of making people do things seem like manipulation but to some extent relationships are maintained by manipulations.

Taking responsibility for each other’s lives makes you accountable to them. That can keep a woman interested in you because she’s always looking forward to doing something for you.

She also feels confident that she doesn’t have to do something because you’ll do it for her. It’s sneaky but it will keep the girl interested in you for a long time.

The trick however is to avoid giving women responsibilities in your life that can be stressful to them.

When something is repetitive but very challenging, it can trigger mental exhaustion. Once a woman starts associating you with that light, she’ll slowly lose interest in you.

8.    Fulfill her fantasies

Making a woman strongly sexually attracted to you can maintain a woman’s interest for a long time.

Sexual desires have a lot of feelings engulfing them.

Women tend to keep their dark desires a secret. But this is where you can make a woman crave for you.

Understanding what turns her own sexually and trying to fulfill some of her sexual fantasies can make you very appealing to a woman.

Keeping a woman interested in you is a continuous dance as long as you are together. Each time a woman will change her preference and so will you.

Understanding what a girl wants at each level can help you maintain her interest for a long time.

Creativity is a spice you can’t miss in your arsenal to keep her interested.

Boredom can drain a woman’s interest in you fast.

When your conversations and time together start appearing like a routine, that’s a sign of boredom.

At least plan for an activity that you’ll do to break the monotony.

Something will get her laughing and lighten her mood.