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How to Impress an Independent Woman?

How to Impress an Independent Woman

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about How to Impress an Independent Woman,

It’s true that most men are threatened by independent women to the point they are not hit on. This should cease because they are mostly the easiest women to have as a lover or soul mate. Here are several tips on how to impress an independent woman. Have a JOB or something you are doing with your life Have a job. Independent women have something going on with their lives primarily in the economic world. Be someone who is not just generic but obsessed with something that keeps your world moving; be it music art, or even the study of paleontology. An independent woman will always want a man who will not just come and join her world without having something he is living for. Such passions will also lead to interesting conversations that will allow you to be interesting. Having a passion also shows you are someone who is committed to a certain vocation and can also be committed in a relationship.

Be a Man

Men don’t follow around there woman wanting to know where they are and what they are doing. Don’t always call her and appear on her doorstep expecting she has time to have fun at all times. Keep yourself busy with your trade and let her know that you care about her but have something you are doing. She will look for you and when she does, give her time and sometimes say no and reschedule at another time that suits you. Let her have the burden of thinking when she can be on your schedule. Don’t overdo this or she might think you are too busy for her.

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