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How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

If you did not know this already the first date is the most important date out of them all. The first date will determine whether you continue to see that person again or not.

To put it simply, first dates can be a deal breaker, it is very hard to go back if you have given a girl a bad first impression on that date.

On the first date a girl will be mostly looking out for if you are compatible, therefore your personality needs to stand out the most.

This should not be a challenge for men, as on a first date you can be whoever you want.

First dates give you the ability to create a whole new persona in order to come across the person you want to be rather than the person you actually are.

Everyone is always on their best behaviour on a first date, so make sure you are too.

Considering she has already agreed to the date and you know her, or of her, meaning you already know what one another looks like that initial attraction towards you is already there.

How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

So, you won’t need to stress about whether she will find you attractive, so this is why your personality will mostly be the reason if the date goes wrong.

Saying this, don’t not make an effort to look and smell good, because you already think you have that in the bag.

How you present yourself can save you a little bit, if your personality is not shining through as much as she or you for that matter wanted.

However, if this is a blind first date, and you don’t know what each other looks like then you need to impress her on everything!

Thinking from a girls perspective these are the things girls will be looking out for on a first date:

●    How polite you are.

●   Are you showing gentlemen qualities, like getting the door for her and pulling out the chair if you are going to a restaurant?

●   Are you a genuine, nice, funny, loving person?

●   Do you have things in common like hobbies?

●   How are your table manners? Or are you eating like an animal?

●   Are you giving eye contact when she is talking or when you are talking?

●   Are you listening to what she has to say, and not getting distracted, like going on your phone or looking at other girls in the setting you are in?

●   Are you showing interest in her? Are you asking her questions? With her responses are you listening and understanding what she is saying?

●   Are you talking about past girls? DO NOT DO THIS!! Mentioning ex-girlfriends is a HUGE red flag!

●   Is the conversation flowing or is it awkward? No girl wants to be carrying on the conversation, she wants you to lead

●   Are you complimenting her? Not too much because then you will seem too interested!

The list above is all things girls will be checking off, on her imaginary checklist in her head.

Do not get me wrong, don’t change yourself for a girl and give of the impression you are something you are not, because that will affect your relationship later on.

However, if you genuinely like this girl and want to change your personality to be a better you to make yourself compatible with her, then by all means go ahead.

Planning the date

Before impressing a girl on the first date, you need to actually think about the date. Where are you going to go? What are you going to do?

If you want to play it safe, I would say your best bet is drinks, it might be tense and awkward at first but that’s natural when it comes to first dates.

Think about it, the more drinks you have, the more relaxed you will get if you’re getting a little tipsy, but do not get drunk.

No girl wants to carry a boy home or vice – versa.

Although don’t let this stop you planning a fun date that’s not just drinks if you know what she’s into.

Say she is adventurous and does not drink but likes to do fun things, plan a date around what you both like doing, like you could go to a fun fair or the zoo or a drive through safari or mini golf.

There are so many options to choose from.

Make sure you plan this date well in advance and let her know the dress code, you don’t need to give the date away, but at least let her know so she can dress appropriately.

A girl will be able to tell if you put a lot of effort into planning the date, and this will get you brownie points. No girl wants to plan a first date and be worried you have not got anything planned.

Getting ready for the date/going

Now, before the date make sure you dress to impress, and your presentation is the best it can be.

You may offer to pick her up, although it’s not mandatory!

If you pick her up in your car and you know she’s really interested in you, you can open the car door for her and let her pick the music (fingers crossed it’s a song you both like).

Another thing to do to impress a girl, but this is down to the girl’s preference, is getting her flowers or something before the date.

Some girls will find this adorable, but others may think this is too much, so be careful.

If you are not picking her up, do not show up late. It will annoy her and that will set the tone for the rest of the date!

On the date

Now, on the date make sure you are a gentleman of all things, go over the list I have given above.

You need to make sure the conversation is flowing at all times!

Signs she’s enjoying the date

●   Laughing even at things that are not very funny

●   Is she touching your hand or arm?

●   Is she getting nervous? Is she blushing?

●   Is she constantly asking you questions trying to keep the conversation flowing?

●   Is she fidgeting? This is a sign she is nervous.

●   Is she trying to give you eye contact? She might be too shy and wants to and does occasionally or she may be giving you constant eye contact.

●   Is she flirting with you?

However, saying this… some first dates STILL do not end well.

Signs to look out for if she is not enjoying the date:

●   If she makes an excuse and leaves. This is very extreme, most girls won’t get their friends to call them so they can bail, but this does happen

●   Is she getting distracted easily like going on her phone a lot and not paying you any attention?

●   If she is not engaging in the conversation very well

●   If she insists on paying the bill, this could be a sign because she does not want to owe you anything or feel she has to talk to you after.

●   If she refuses a lift home.

When the bill comes

Now the majority of girls will offer to pay their half even if they expect you to pay, if she insists, let her pay.

You might offend her by not letting her pay, but if she’s not insisting and you can see a second date, don’t be stingy and pay!

Remember, be the man if you want to impress her!

After the date

After the date, don’t be an animal and try to get her to go back to yours immediately.

Only do this if she is giving off the vibe or saying things in a flirtatious way along the lines of “we should chill after this” or “I don’t want the date to end let continue to hang out”.

Most girls won’t want to sleep with a guy straight after the first date so if you are implying you want her to come back to yours or pushing for her to come round after this, this will instantly turn her off and make her think the only reason you went on the date was to sleep with her.

But hey, some women are okay with it too!

Now, after the date you MAY offer again to drop her home, especially if it’s dark even if you did not enjoy the date.

Also, remember to remain in contact with her if you want to carry on seeing her don’t play hard to get.

By not messaging her for a few days, she will end up thinking you are not interested.

She might even message you the next day. But if not, message her and don’t be cocky when messaging, for example saying something like, “I know you can’t wait to see me again”.

However, if you don’t want to see her again but she keeps messaging you, just be honest.

It will make her stop, if you both didn’t enjoy the date and neither of you have messaged then it’s a win – win.

After reading this I hope you have a better idea on how to impress a girl and the do’s and don’ts.

Although if you still want more information, check out our YouTube video below on how to impress a girl on the first date to give you extra tips!