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How to handle awkward silences with girls?

How to handle awkward silences with girls?

Hello gentlemen, welcome to today’s video. Today I will be talking about something that I am sure a good number of you, if not all, have experienced at some point in your dating lives.

You ever experienced awkward silence when on a date with your crush? You must have felt silly sitting across a woman you were interested in black and clueless of what to say, right? Well, you shouldn’t have. This happens to a good number of men and women too.


It is the most natural reaction when you are afraid of messing up with a new catch. Even those who have been in the dating field for some time now experience these silent moments. Now that you are at ease knowing that it happens to a good number of people, men and women alike, here are some pro tips on how to deal with these awkward silences.

Accept that you are nervous

Now, awkward silences usually result from being worried. I mean, this is a woman you are into, and you are scared of messing it up even before the relationship starts. Also, you want to give an excellent first impression so that she will want to see it again.

All these factors playing in your head lead to overthinking. I mean, you don’t want to mispronounce a word; you don’t want to laugh too much and so on. Accepting you are nervous to your date is a fool proof way to break the ice and ease the tension. You might be thinking, “how do I sell out myself out to my date?” well, it’s not selling yourself out.

It’s being honest, which will go a long way. For all you know, your date is also nervous – she also wants to make a good impression so you can see her again. Admitting that you are worried will lead her to realize that she is too, which will ease the whole situation.

Does anxiety always prevent you from approaching women?

Do you sometimes run out of things to say during a conversation with a woman you like?

Do you feel like your ideas are not fully expressed?

Well, if you agree with any of the questions I have just asked, I have good news for you. The Conversation Mastery program was designed for you. Conversation mastery is a skill that all alpha males know it’s vital for their success. I mean, you can conquer the world with just having the right words.

Awkward silences with girls

That means you can bounce back from a lousy situation smoothly without making things worse with panic or anxiety. I have been successfully training men and writing dating books for years. Through my experience, I know that men who have mastered the art of conversation always get their way.

I also learned that most men don’t have the conversation mastery as they would like, while some even don’t know they lack the skill.

Make an observational Statement

Using your observational skills is another pro-tip that will go a long way in dealing with awkward silences, especially when on a date.

Observe say the décor’ of the restaurant in which you are in, and comment about it. You can also observe other people in the restaurant and maybe make a funny joke about one in a respectful manner – you don’t want to show your date that you can be savage.

The one that works all the time is observing what your partner is wearing and complimenting her for it. It could be her make-up, her jewellery, her clothes, or even her hairstyle.

Compliment her and tell her that you love how it looks on her. This way, you have time to compose yourself, and at the same time, you are showing her that she is already doing an excellent job with her first impression.

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