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How To Handle A Woman’s Mind Games

How To Handle A Woman's Mind Games

I want to talk to you about how to handle insincere games with women.

Dating is full of games because everyone wants to feel fulfilled in a relationship.

…women have mastered these types of games.

How To Handle A Woman’s Mind Games

Which is why they have a lot of unwritten rules like playing hard to get.

(as well as the 3-day rule where you have to wait for three days before calling back a guy you like).

There are just too many games.

Most guys give up before the games are finished, and that’s how they lose women.

So, today I’m going to talk about some of the games that women play in the beginning and when dating!

In the hope that it will give you the home advantage to play out these games and twist them to make her chase after you.

I always say that looks are important but are NOT the way to make it a dating coach for men.

Most beautiful women date average looking guys all the time. However, looking average does not mean that you have an average personality.

Women are attracted to more than just your physical appearance.

For instance, your character can help you become irresistible and make you get beautiful women chasing after you.

So, here are a few pointers on how you can play the dating game and win:

Play under your terms

Approaching and picking up women should be fun, not a duty.

Most men push away women they approach without knowing because they take it too seriously.

How To Handle A Woman’s Mind Games

When you make it seem like a matter of life and death, we make you play according to our terms.

That means we can send you on a wild goose chase or keep you as our insurance policy in case things don’t work in our current relationship.

However, when you play under your terms, you will not stretch beyond your limits.

That means you’ll have fun approaching and picking up women.

Rejection is just another day at work

Most men think that beautiful women have a lot of men lined up.

On the contrary, men fear approaching beautiful women because of rejection.

Rejection is inevitable when approaching and picking up women.

To master how to play the dating game, you have to take rejection as an occupational hazard.

The thing about the fear of rejection is that it will prevent you from approaching the women you want.

Some of the women you are scared to approach would have said yes!

But now you’ll never know.

Another thing is… fear of rejection inspires desperation.

We can smell desperation from a mile away, and it turns off all women.

We want a man of character, and a guy that doesn’t know his worth will never know our worth.

Ditch your phone

Phones are good, and they have made our lives much simpler. However, everything comes at a cost.

A commitment made in person has a reliable biding power than one made over the phone.

When you want to play the dating game and win, you need to build strong connections.

A woman will chase after a guy that she feels will leave an emotional void behind if he goes.

Emotional connections are made in person, and that’s why most guys are losing women fast these days.

It’s an almost impossible task to make women chase you when you hide behind your computer, iPad, or phone.

There might be a lot of misunderstanding when you talk over the phone more.

It’s challenging to differentiate a joke, sarcasm, and facts.

So, most of the time, you will be explaining what you meant, which takes the juice out of the conversation.

Know when to pause

How can I chase after you if you are always chasing after me?

We are a funny species of humankind.

We will play hard to get, but the minute you start withdrawing, we will come running fast.

Playing the dating game is about timing.

You give me the adrenaline, excitement, affection, and attention that I need when I need it.

But when I am getting used to it and basking in pleasure, start withdrawing slowly.

Each step you take back, I take one towards you because I want things to remain as they were.

Also, sometimes you might be approaching women but without success.

That can be emotionally and mentally draining.

Take some time off and focus on yourself.

Knowing when to take a break is a vital skill when it comes to dating.

Speak soon,

Annabella 🥰