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How to Go From Talking To Making Out

How to Go From Talking To Making Out

How to Go From Talking To Making Out

If you are here reading this, I know you want to take your relationship to another level. You finally realize that she likes you, and now you want to get more intimate with her, but the big question is how you start. Well, am here to help you with that. Here are some few tips on how to go from talking to making out.

Read her body language

Reading her body language is very important. She might even give you sighs that she wants to make out with her. She might even initiate physical contact herself by brushing against your legs or holding your hand. Just pay attention to the little signs in the body language.

Initiate physical contact

This is another way of knowing if she wants it as bad as you do because we sometimes want to make out, but we are scared you will see us as easy targets. So accidentally touch her back or her thigh and what her reaction. If she lets your hand stay there a bit longer just know you have a green light on the make out part, all you have to do is go for it. This will help you also know your limits on areas she is comfortable with.
You can also close the gap between you. Get as close to her possible and see her reaction to that. Caress her face as you talk or stroke her hand as you talk her reaction will determine the next move. If she is open to the idea, go for the kiss but if she is not just going slow on her do not force issues as it is a huge turn-off.

Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact not only shows her that you are interested in what she is saying but also it increases the sexual tension all you have to do is change the topic to a more romantic topic and maintain eye contact as you talk. She will feel it trust me; it works every time like a charm.

Be confident

Confidence is key in this situation because if you’re nervous remember she can sense it and that will make her uncomfortable. Just go with the flow, act casual like you have not planned for anything. She will enjoy your surprise. Act like you have done it a million time but do not come as off as cocky. Being corky is another huge turn-off.

Your timing is key

Timing will also determine home she responds to the kiss. Do not just try to make out anywhere. Take her in a private area where it is just the two of you and get her favorite food and drink, set the mood right. Ensure that it is just the two of you. Prove to here that you just don’t want her body but you want to make her happy. Just when you are done eating, look into her eyes and then move your gaze slowly to her lips when you are talking, then repeat this motion and make sure she notices it. Do it like three ties then lean in for a kiss she will kiss you.
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