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How to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you

How to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you
When the relationship is dominated by overwhelming emotions of pain or anger, you don’t feel like a breakup is a big deal. However, the feelings soon start to change when it starts sinking in what you are about to lose.
In this blog, I’ll give you a guide on how to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you. Getting your ex-girlfriend back after she broke up with you can be delicate. You have to go against undesirable emotions that led to the breakup and also maintain your cool not to look desperate.
The first time I tried to get my ex back, things went catastrophic for me. We ended up breaking up again shortly after we got back together.
The challenge when trying to get your ex back is not attracting her again, it’s keeping her. Here are sneaky ways of how to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you that will also inspire her to stay:
1.      Focus on improving yourself
Some guys panic when a woman they love is breaking up with them. It might feel like you’ll never find love again and all your future plans are turning into ashes. However, panicking or getting obsessed over getting back with your girlfriend can push her further away from you.

How to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you

Furthermore, some guys manage to get their ex-girlfriends back but fail to maintain them because they’ve not changed. When a woman gives you a second chance, she hopes that she’ll not experience what triggered the breakup again. However, if she sees that you are still the same, she’ll not give you more warning like before the breakup.
Focusing on improving yourself can inspire a new form of interest. It will feel like a dating coach for men someone different but familiar which will inspire both confidence and excitement.
Figure out some of the things that you’d fight about that you could change and it will make you a better partner.
For example, if she didn’t like you leaving the toilet seat up, show her that you are conscious about cloakroom hygiene.
2.      Respect rules of the break
One of the smartest moves you can make after your ex has broken up with you is giving her some space. It gives you time to regain your composure and control before pursuing your ex-girlfriend.
The woman will have the advantage of being the one that pulled the plug on the relationship. You’ll probably find yourself at a disadvantage or acting desperate immediately after the breakup.
Also, when your girlfriend is still mad at you, it will be challenging for you to initiate an exciting conversation that will get her mesmerized with you. Giving her a break will allow her to also process her emotions and calm down.
Nonetheless, balance the space you give your ex. You don’t want to be a victim of out of sight, out of mind. Give her enough time to recollect herself emotionally and mentally then make your move.
3.      Build communication between you
One of the challenging aspects of how to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you is rebuilding an efficient communication system. Most relationships end with bitter feelings projected towards each other.
The quality of contact you make can determine your success in getting your ex back. In one of my blogs, I talked about how texting is a sneaky way to initiate contact and gradually escalate. Check out the blog to see how you can use text messages to get your ex.
When you are rebuilding communication, being honest should be your priority. The woman will have a lot of questions when you initiate contact. Being honest will make her more open to talking to you.

How to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you

Open communication will facilitate the development of trust and comfort between you. You’ll have a better chance of getting your ex back if she’s not all cautious when talking to you.
4.      Understand why she walked away
The best way of how to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you and keep her is to understand why she walked away. It’s a woman that has invested her emotions in you. What made her overlook all the love she had for you and walk away?
You have an idea of why she broke up with you. For example, she couldn’t take anymore you flirting with other girls. She might have broken up with you not because she’s insecure you’ll be taken with another woman, but the insecurity that you are creating in her.
Sometimes in a relationship, your partner might cry foul, but you don’t know to what extent the blow took an emotional toll on them. Understanding how your girl felt can make you more companionate towards her pain and frustration. It will be easy for you to connect with her if you understand how she feels.
Understanding why your girlfriend broke up with you is also a crucial first step because you’ll know if the relationship is worth pursuing. If she left you because of another guy, trying to get her back can make you act desperate. That will inspire you to abort the mission and save your dignity.
5.      Display your remorse
One thing that all women desire in relationships is emotional stability. Showing remorse when you are wrong is a genius way of reassuring a woman that you acknowledge the negative impacts of your actions and things need to be different.
When a woman that loves you breaks up with you, she silently wishes you’d come back different and rebuild your relationship. When you display remorse, it’s also a way of showing the willingness to work on your imperfections. That can give your ex hope and lead her straight to your arms.
However, it’s important that I point out how delicate you have to be when displaying remorse. Most guys end up sounding desperate by continuously saying how sorry they are. Seeking sympathy is never a good move when trying to get your ex.
Display remorse by working on the things that make you drift in the relationship. A woman will be attracted to you when she still feels you are in control.
For example, if she said you did not have time for her. 
Send flowers and take her out on a date. Create quality time to spend with her before asking her to be your girlfriend again. Show her that her fears don’t have to be feared anymore.
Become the man she desired and it would be easy for her to give you a second chance.
6.      Don’t chase, lure her
Some guys structure their strategy to get their ex back around chasing. You’ll be giving the woman a lot of power and control if your strategy is to chase.
Luring the woman is a sleek way to bring her back to your arms in a way that she’ll not think about leaving. A woman’s fantasies can play a crucial role in luring her in.
You had a chance to get to know your girlfriend and you know what a dream relationship looks like. Be the guy that she pictures in that relationship. However, maintain your personality because she already fell in love with it once.
The advantage of using a strategy that lures in your ex is it gives her the impression that she’s in control and she’s getting what she wants. That will reduce the resistance you’ll experience with her during the process.
7.      Don’t make it your life’s mission
When you are figuring out how to get your girlfriend back after she broke up with you, it’s good to keep in mind that feelings change. You might be interested in your ex-girlfriend but she has moved on and she’s happy.
Before you start the process of getting your ex back, know when to stop pursuing her. Understanding the boundaries you can’t cross to get your ex back will prevent you from obsessing and acting desperate. Desperation creeps in when you feel there is no other option.
Accepting that you might be slapped with a rejection gives you power and control in your approach. You’ll bend to compromise and make the relationship work. But you’ll not break up with a woman.
Final Take
Composing yourself after your girlfriend has broken up with you is a power move that can help you get your girlfriend back. However, you have to be genuine in how you interpret the situation.
The reason a woman has to end a relationship can give you a clue if pursuing them is a smart move. Relationships can only be healthy and progressive if effort comes from both sides.
Nonetheless, impressing your partner will not be challenging if you play around with the knowledge you have of getting her back.
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