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How to Get Your Female Friend?

How to Get Your Female Friend

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about How to Get Your Female Friend

Girls are like spices added to a good meal. They add life and makes things interesting. It’s not a surprise that most guys would want a female friend for advice on girl matters, hang out with her pretty female friends and even for having a good time because we surely know how. Having a female friend comes with a lot of benefits. Here are ways you can get your female friend and start living life in the clouds.

Find something you love that girls also love

You can’t find many girls in a wrestling match so start hanging out where girls hang out. If it’s a music class or a yoga class do it as long as you don’t just do something you don’t like to get girls as friends. That will be lame. Do something you love and in that process interact with beautiful women who you can share your ideas and opinions about the thing that has brought both of you there. That would be the first things you have in common even before you get to know each other.

Be friendly

Girls are a social creature and can innately sense a threat or a friendly person. Go in as friendly as possible. Say hi and ask her how her day is. Get the conversation going, and you’ll be surprised at how fast she’ll enjoy the conversation and come up to speed to introduce new topics on the conversation. Don’t be afraid to smile and be a little humorous.

Compliment her

We love compliments, they make us feel good and give us a sense of worth. Giving a genuine compliment to a girl you want to be your friend can be just the thing she needed to brighten her day, and if you do it, then you might be the new best friend in her block. Just ensure you are light on the compliments to ensure they are not sexual but innocently romantic. You can tell her how outstanding her lashes are.

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