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How to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy

How to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy
Breaking up with the girl you love can be devastating. But what’s more painful is to still want her back but watch her in the arms of another guy. The roller-coaster of emotions is unimaginable which can drive a guy to go far and beyond to get his girl back. You can easily fall into the desperation trap if you are trying to get a girl that shows signs she has moved on. It intrigued me the lengths and patient it takes a guy to actually win back his ex-girlfriend from a guy she had moved on with.
I collected data from the experiences of people and compiled them to help any guy that’s looking for another chance to try. In this blog, I’ll show you simple ways of how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy. 1.    Break contact for some time. When your girlfriend hooks up with another guy, it becomes very tempting to want to pursue your ex-girlfriend immediately to prevent any emotional and physical connection. However, breaking contact when you are trying to get your ex-girlfriend from another guy is a master move. It downplays your value and makes you look desperate when you constantly pursue your ex. The period of break allows your ex-girlfriend to live without you and potentially feel the absence of your presence. It’s natural for humans to always desire what’s best for them. At some point, the woman will have to compare her current and previous relationships. She might miss certain aspects of her previous relationship which subconsciously will make her more receptive when you initiate contact. The duration of the break will depend on how bad or the intensity of what broke you up. However, it’s smart not to take too long as the woman will adapt to living without you. 2.    Understand what separated you. Healthy relationships are built on continuously trying to understand each other. You get to know what pulls and repels you from your partner. However, sometimes differences in a relationship arise which forces you to step back on the relationship. The first thing to do when you are figuring out how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy is to understand the trigger for your separation. Events that led to your breakup acts as the first and firm barrier when you want to get your ex-girlfriend back. It will not be a dilemma for her to choose between you or the other guy if in her new relationship she feels safer, loved, and valued. She choose you once and that gives you an upper hand because she liked something about you. Once you can remove the barrier that triggered your separation, it is now time to make your relationship more enticing and win her back without showing an ounce of desperation. 3.    Evaluate yourself The next way of approaching how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy is evaluating yourself. A genuine self-evaluation is critical because the process of getting your ex-girlfriend from another guy can be brutal. Evaluating yourself allows you to predict the outcome of your actions during the process. Also, what are the boundaries that you can’t cross? For example, if she has already slept with the other guy, would you still want her back? You’ll understand more about yourself as a partner in the relationship when you start to critically analyze yourself. You’ll know some of your behaviors that used to make your ex-girlfriend angry or cause friction in your relationship. You can start making the relationship more enticing by working on your strengths and perfections. You already know what about you impresses her. 4.    Go through the healing process Most couples reach an emotional breaking point before they decide to end a relationship. Healing is a crucial process if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy. Emotional and mental stability can be very attractive to a woman.

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Old wounds from the breakup can act as triggers that can jeopardize your efforts to attract back your ex-girlfriend. Healing and overcoming the emotional baggage of the breakup gives you a new vibe when you approach your ex-girlfriend. Most guys try to initiate contact only to end up swearing never to see each other again. When you heal, you’ll not obsess over what went wrong in the relationship. You’ll be open and willing to take responsibility for your flaws. Your healing can also inspire your ex-girlfriend to heal and overcome barriers that are putting you apart. 5.    Reestablish contact Reestablishing contact in a sleek way that will suppress any resistance from your ex-girlfriend is the next agenda. Probably by now, your ex has had clarity of the type of guy she’s with and what she desires and misses. One common mistake that guys make when re-establishing contact is getting sexual too soon. She might have been a daredevil in the bedroom. But making her feel that you want her because you miss getting laid will not get you the girl back. It’s important to be respectful of your ex-girlfriend’s new relationship when reestablishing contact. It shows a high level of emotional maturity and intelligence. It also shows the woman that whatever is happening is not something that you’ll hold against her even when you get back together. 6.    Recapture her interest and curiosity Couples break up because the cost of staying in the relationship is not worth the relationship. It’s easy for a woman to break up with a guy she feels is boring or lacks enthusiasm in life. Recapturing your ex-girlfriend’s interest and curiosity is the best technique of how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy. You already have the advantage of understanding the girl you are approaching. You know what tickles her interest. One of the sneakiest ways of capturing her interest is looking for something she desired for you so much because she knew it was good for you. Showing that you took her idea and it’s working for you is a good way to recapture her interest and curiosity. Women want to be in relationships where they can be heroes. It will make her feel proud that her idea is working for you. That will bring you closer as she’ll be curious to also know how well her idea is working. 7.    Disqualify her current relationship Most people feel that the immediate relationship a girl engages in after a breakup is a rebound and the thrill and fire will die out within no time. That’s not always the case as sometimes women get into relationships after they’ve healed from the breakup. You’ll have to entice her natural desire for the finer things if you want to get a woman that has moved on. A woman will leave the other guy for you if she believes that being in a relationship with you is the best choice for her. One common mistake that guys make when trying to disqualify a relationship is showing disrespect to the boyfriend or bad-mouth the relationship. That will trigger the woman and make her defensive. You’ll have a tough time trying to win her over. However, showing composure and extra interest in the woman can make you the new favorite. Women have desires, fantasies, and insecurities, which all provide vulnerabilities that could make you a hero. She’ll have no last-minute withdrawal if you are her safe zone and go-to guy. You might indirectly inspire insecurity in the boyfriend during this phase of getting back your ex. That will play to your advantage as it might lead the girl right back to you. 8.    Get the woman to commit The last step of how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy after disqualifying the relationship is getting the woman to commit. She doesn’t have to commit to being your girlfriend or marrying you immediately. Getting the woman to commit is a gradual process that you get her to do things for you. The more she goes out of her way to do things for you the more her boundaries become flexible. You can get her to commit to talking to you at a certain time, the meeting you for activity in public, then she can commit to meeting you in private. The genius part to get the woman to want you more than her current boyfriend is making her feel more around you. After she starts committing, it’s only a matter of time before she runs back to you. Bonus Tip:  Accept rejection There’s a reason that things didn’t work out the first time. Also, people are different in how they handle the breakup. When you are figuring out how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy, accepting that she might not come back is a powerful mentality to equip yourself with. Sometimes guys act desperate because the alternative is not an option for them (dating coach for men). Understand why the woman is not ready to be in a relationship with you and look for ways to move on. If you find out that she’s still hurt over the breakup, give her more time to heal and accept the events that lead to it. Final Take How to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy will depend on how you rebrand yourself. Displaying traits that a woman will desire is a sure way to impress and win her back. Also, building trust again is a crucial element when you are trying to rekindle an old flame. Working on your trust will give the woman confidence that she’ll not have to go through what destroyed what you have. Showing that you want to start the relationship from a point of forgiveness and love will inspire the girl to come back to you. Nevertheless, set your boundaries from the start and know which lines you are not willing to cross to win back your ex-girlfriend. It will be cushioning for you not to act desperate or lose yourself in the chase. 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