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How to get more matches on tinder

How to get more matches on tinder

Getting a match on tinder requires some basic understanding of how to make your profile stand out from the rest. Limited time and busy schedules have made it so hard for people to connect and find love in person. Hence, the need to utilize online dating apps like tinder.

How to get more matches on tinder

Just like in real life, the tinder app allows you to meet people you’re physically attracted to. You swipe right to show you like them and if they happen to swipe right on you, you automatically become a match.

However, swiping right on potentials doesn’t guarantee you a match. It might take some time before you find someone that matches you. In this blog, we get to explore ways of how to get more matches on tinder.

With the tips below, you are assured of finding someone that matches you.

How to get more matches on tinder:

  • A smile on your pictures
  • Complete your profile
  • Choose good quality photos
  • Highlight your best features
  • Use simple bio
  • Avoid group photos
  • Expand age limit and area coverage
  • Pay to boost your profile
  • Get feedback from friends
  • Change pictures if not working

1.    A smile on your pictures

How to get more matches on tinder can be solved with a simple genuine smile. A smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear. It makes others find you bright, inviting, and more approachable. Scientists say that a smile makes one appear even more attractive.

After all, smiling as a body language portrays your emotions and personality as a bubbly person. Who would mind to match with someone of high spirits, so, smiling is likely to increase your chances of finding a match.

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Smiling also signifies being beautiful in your skin which makes you appear more real. There is nothing more beautiful than when a match finds you authentic by looking at your smile. Therefore, while you upload the picture with a smile on your face, make sure the smile is genuine.

It is also a sign of self-confidence. People who smile a lot appear confident and friendly. A smile can brighten a person’s day and make them happy. Utilizing this tip will have you inviting more matches your way.

2.    Complete your profile

It wouldn’t make sense to give incomplete information on your profile. The reason why you should complete your profile is to give your potential matches adequate information to assess you.

The profile gives potential matches the chance to see just beyond the beautiful or handsome face. It is a way to learn a thing or two about you and this gives you a chance to match with people of similar interests.

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Skipping the bio section is likely to make you miss out on potential matches. It is important to give some information that will make people relate to you. Give enough but not too much information by highlighting some of the things that you do.

It is even more rewarded when you fill in your academic qualifications. This gives you a chance to attract like-minded matches.

3.    Choose good quality photos

The easiest way to lack matches is to upload poor-quality pictures. You should choose pictures that are clear and show your attractive personality.

To increase your matches, you should avoid the following mistakes;

  • Uploading blurry photos.
  • Having photos taken under poor lighting.
  • Avoid uploading pictures taken under a cheap camera.

If you lack a good camera, consider getting an affordable professional photographer. With just a few coins, you can cover a few of these tips. The benefits of having a photographer take the pictures are because you can look your best and take as many pictures for a future date and the pictures are quality guaranteed dating coach for men.

Also, avoid uploading too many pictures on tinder. You’re likely to turn off a potential match by showing too much of yourself. As you are well aware, a picture speaks volumes so avoid saying too much.

4.    Highlight your best features

As humans, we are most attracted to visual images. We are likely to judge each other as either beautiful or bad looking just by the look. Even before you learn the personality of the other, the first impression will always matter.

How to get more matches on tinder

With tinder, matching is purely based on how your match sees you. If you upload a picture that is just dull, you’re likely to be swiped left. Therefore, if you have an amazing body, do not be afraid to make it seen. This doesn’t mean that you leave nothing to the imagination, no, just a simple but attractive photo of you showing the best version of what they get when you meet.

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You can also highlight your best features by uploading pictures of you doing things you love or exploring your interests. If people can match with you by admiring and thirsting for you, you are also likely to get matches from those that share the same interests as you.

5.    Use simple bio

As much as lacking information in your bio will hurt you, saying too much is also likely to have. Less is often better when you’re learning how to get more matches on tinder. Preferably, some information should be left out for imagination.

It won’t benefit you if you give out every detail of yourself. Leave some for a potential match to wish they get to know more about you. While at it, be real. Depending on what you want to attract, it is always necessary to be honest, and truthful with the information you give.

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Most importantly, be yourself. Take your time on the bio by being creative in your writing. Avoid filling your bio with cliché information that is just put there for the sake. Think about creating an impression of your potential match.

6.    Avoid group photos

While it may seem beneficial to share a photo with your close people on tinder, avoid it at all cost. You don’t want your potential match having divided attention. Let the concentration be on you. Group photos are likely to bring about a negative reaction.

Reason being;

  • You might be compared to your friends and potential matches might find one of your friends more attractive.
  • A potential match isn’t going to waste his time going through the photos to identify you.
  • You might scare away a potential match who might judge you too much.
  • The profile is yours, therefore, let your profile and photos scream to you and not any other person. Instead of sharing group photos, utilize the platform to share your personality through pictures. This includes uploading pictures of you in your fun activities like adventures.

    7.    Expand age limit and area coverage

    A larger age range and area coverage opens more possibilities of having matches. For your age, avoid limiting yourself. Increasing your age limits opens more chances for potential matches to see your profile and find you a match.

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    You can expand your age range in bits; observe the feedback before doing it again. For instance, if after increasing your range you don’t get more matches, alter it further. You might find so much to love about people you wouldn’t have considered being with.

    With the area coverage, search for a wider area to find matches. Do not limit yourself to people in your neighborhood; they might not have the same closeness interest as you.

    Consider matching with people from a wider area. To change this, go to your profile and on the settings icon, slide the distance to maximum.

    8.    Pay to boost your profile

    You can also choose to boost your value in tinder by paying for a tinder boost. Tinder boost increases your value at a fee by putting your profile at the top of the swipe list. When your profile gains more value, it becomes easy to get matches since you don’t necessarily have to swipe people out.

    This grants you the opportunity to pick your choice from those who have already swiped right on you. After boosting your tinder app, you don’t have to swipe right on a person and wait for them to swipe right on you which might take ages to earn you a match.

    Tinder boost also allows more people to see your profile hence raising your chances of finding potential matches. With more people swiping right on you, chances of finding a match become high.

    9.    Get feedback from friends

    Your friends are the best people to judge your profile before even putting it out there. Allow them to criticize mistakes they do not and give you honest feedback. Don’t make a fool out of yourself in public while you have an audience that can guide you better.

    Have your friends select the best photos of you and rank them in order of preference. This will give you insights on what to post and what to leave out. Also, while it may seem best for you to create your bio, seek input from your friends.

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    Sometimes our friends know so much about us, that they might know our needs more than we do. Ask them to help you in creative ways by telling you what they consider important to put out there.

    This works best when you seek opinions from the opposite gender. As a lady, having your male friend analyze your profile can be a good thing since he is likely to identify an immediate turn-off from a potential match.

    10.    Change pictures if not working

    If your photos are not creating an impression, change them with new ones until you achieve more matches. Do not give up on it yet, sometimes it requires us to do things differently to achieve results.

    If you had used photos you took with a camera phone, it might be time to consider hiring a professional photographer. Take a picture at the right angles and smile. You might see how simple mistakes hinder your potential matches.

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    Also, avoid uploading blank photos. Ensure that your pictures highlight your personality. As much as having an attractive picture on your profile is important, let your pictures speak for you.

    Final take

    Once you master how to get more matches on tinder, you are guaranteed to find a woman you desire, not one that’s available. It has made it easy for one to focus on self-achievements while at the same time meeting potential lovers.

    While you are likely to find people who aren’t who they say they are, chances are that good and decent people also exist.

    Concentrating on work and meeting potentials might appear strenuous. So, why not take advantage of a platform that filters your preference in a person. The old-school ways of finding love might still be considered the best, but, we have to agree that times are changing and people are busy.

    No one ever knows when they have found love; you realize later how much you love a certain person. How you met isn’t considered necessary when happiness is present.

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