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How to Get Into a Relationship with a Girl After One Night Stand?

How to Get Into a Relationship with a Girl After One Night Stand?

Hi guys this is Iain Myles and this is the one and only Annabella Rose from and Today, we are going to talk about How to Get Into a Relationship with a Girl After One Night Stand

In this age of Tinder, both men and women are looking for hookups and casual sex. Most of the population that is looking for this kind of no-strings-attached type of relationship are rarely in search of love. However, there are testimonials of long-term relationships that initially started as one nightstand. There is currently no verified procedure of turning your casual one nightstand into a serious relationship. But there are some ways to try your luck, and as a man, the risk is worth it. It is a complicated situation, but with the right strategy, you can turn your one night stand to a long-term relationship.

Keep it playful and sensible

Yes, you know you had a wonderful time and you also know that she had mad fun as well. But because you know you want to take this to the next level you need to keep it light with her not to sound like you are becoming clingy and can’t handle a casual thing. Be the man who makes her feel like a woman. You have already hit the jackpot on the first night so you obviously know how to press her buttons. Be witty and playfully charming with her. This is all made to keep her thinking about you. The more she thinks about you, the more important you start to mean to her.

Set a dinner date

It is important to have a dinner date. This is mostly because you might get the chance to take her home afterwards. You might think this is farfetched but spontaneous sex is thrilling to a woman and it keeps her thinking about you. Keep the thrill on.

Be confident but less forthcoming

There is no reason to be afraid of this situation, in fact, having had the first night together with a girl gives you the upper hand. Be confident, but don’t be a creep. Be gentle with her opinions of what she thinks about this entire sex thing. If you get the chance, Give your views in a suggestive tone but don’t push it. It might only throw her off. This way you let her think of the possibility of what it would be like if she considered dating you.

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