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How to get her emotionally hooked?

How to get her emotionally hooked?

Hello everyone. Expert Dating Coach Annabella Rose here with yet another interesting topic. “how to get her emotionally hooked.” every guy wants to get close to all ladies he is interested in emotionally hooked on him even if he is not that much into them. I mean, a man has to rub his ego whichever way he can, and there is no better way than having a girl chasing him left right and center. In the end, you will have learnt about the three things you need to get her hooked onto you. So, before we get to the juice of this video, there are several caveats about the content herein.

How to get her emotionally hooked?

• It a highly advanced game, do not do it yet if you are a beginner.
• Do not make it your go-to method for picking up girls.
• Do not use it on a girl you are really into as it might not work in such a case.

What you need a girl emotionally hooked onto you.

1. Strong first impression
2. Let her take the initiative
3. Be somewhat hard to schedule; do not be too available.

As I have already mentioned, this game is not for you if you are not well advance or if you have not gotten to a point where you a regular constant flow of women in your life. Otherwise, you will not be able to fake the “sought of attainable yet tough to come by” style that the game requires. It works best with girls from online dating sites, social media or through social circles, for example, a friend of a friend.

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