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How to get girls to like you

How to get girls to like you

We are motivated by different reasons why we desire a girl. Whether you want her for a one-night stand or for keeps, the question of ‘how to get girls to like you’ might seem inevitable.

How to get girls to like you

The diversity in what girls desire in men doesn’t make approaching a woman you desire easy. Even guys that enjoy a fair share of success with women have to ask the same question to come up with a foolproof approach.

In this article, you’ll read about different ways you can get a girl to like you.

You’ll explore the common mistakes that guys make and the mindset you need to get the girl you want.

1.    Work on eliminating a limiting mindset.

The first step towards making a girl like you is eliminating a limiting mindset. A good number of guys don’t get the women they desire because they think women are too complex to understand.

The limiting mindset will make it challenging for you to build the confidence necessary to approach and score girls. You’ll have doomed yourself for failure before the game even starts.

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Working on eliminating a limiting mindset can make you an attractive guy that girls like. But it’s easier said than done. Unlearning a mindset that has been existing for a while is not a walk in the park.

Here are some tips to help you with combating limiting mindset towards women:

•    Write down what you think about women.

•    Write down how you think about how women perceive you.

•    Understand the root of those beliefs.

•    Highlight all the negative beliefs from what you’ve written.

•    Come up with new ways to combat the negative beliefs.

•    Come up with worse-case scenarios when meeting women and find the best ways to handle them.

•    Accept that not everyone you like will like you back or with the same intensity.

You’ll be in a much better position to make a girl like you if you are not fighting in your mind if you are worth it.

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2.    Get to know the girl.

It’s easy to get caught in your pursuit to get a woman to like you. That brings us to the next step towards making a girl like you which is getting to know the girl. It’s almost impossible to get a person to like you when you don’t know what makes them tick.

Getting to know the girl desires genuine interest in the girl which can be challenging to fake. Girls can know guys that are interested in them from guys that are interested in achieving their agendas.

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You’ll find out more about the girl when you develop an honest interest in her. The information you get is the key to making her like you.

For example, you know that she likes watching Sci-Fi movies. Taking her for a Sci-Fi movie premier can make the girl see you from a different light that might grow her interest in you.

Nevertheless, it’s not easy to get a girl to open up so you can understand her better. Here are tips to make a girl open up to you:

•    Build trust and comfort with her.

•    Show her that your intentions are genuine.

•   Make her feel you are her happy place.

•    Show interest by being present and listening.

You’ll get a good grip of what to do to make a girl like you once you get to know her.

3.    Have an interesting life.

How to get girls to like you can get so much easy if you don’t actively and relentlessly chase. The more time you spend working towards making girls like you the more you might be neglecting yourself (dating coach for men).

Focusing on nurturing yourself can allow you to have a very interesting life that will attract girls to you. Having an interesting life doesn’t mean you go for safaris and doing daring activities reserved for the gods. It’s about doing what you enjoy!

Engaging in activities that you enjoy can make you a generally happy person. And happiness can be contagious that’s why most people like spending time with joyful and optimistic people.

Happiness can be used as an incentive to make a girl like you. Girls are attracted to guys that are happy with their lives. It shows stability and content which is something that most women desire in life.

4.    Appreciate her value as a person.

Guys end up doing the most when trying to make a girl like them that they end losing the girl. The hack to get a girl to like you is to appreciate the value she brings.

How to get girls to like you

Most women feel like they have to compete against men to get their views and perspectives heard. Also, most girls feel that guys are motivated by lust when they approach them and that creates a barrier to meaningful connection.

Appreciating a girl’s intelligence deconstructs the idea that you’ve approached her motivated by lust. It also makes a woman feel truly seen which is something that all women desire.

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Showing a woman that she’s adding value to you can make her like you. You’ll easily forge a connection because she’ll be willing to openly engage you.

•    There are various ways you can show a woman that you appreciate the value she brings:

•    Ask her for advice and show her that you took her advice and it helped.

•    Allow her to change your perspective and beliefs about things she’s good at.

•    Give her your undivided attention when you are together.

5.    Explore what you have in common.

The next technique of how to get girls to like you is by exploring what you have in common. Our uniqueness inspires mystery which triggers curiosity and builds interest. Nevertheless, what you have in common inspires a moment to connect seamlessly.

Trust, comfort and security are some of the crucial aspects of a relationship. A girl will easily like you when all these aspects are present.

A girl will feel at ease around you when you are doing something that you both enjoy. However, the trick to making a girl like you through exploring your common interest is by making them seem coincidental.

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For example, you find out that you both enjoy listening to band X. Asking her to join you for a band X concert because you have two tickets might make her see you as a soulmate.

The trick is to find something that you have in common but it’s a unique or acquired taste. That will make your move more compelling than doing something that almost everyone enjoys.

6.    Inspire the girl.

This is my favorite one. Inspiring a girl to be more can make a girl like you easily. It’s not possible to always be strong all the time. Sometimes you need someone to tell you that everything will turn out okay.

Inspiring a girl to dare something she wants but doesn’t have the strength to start can make you very attractive to her. The more she finds you as her inspiration to explore the more she’ll become connected to you.

She’ll associate the success, strength, or efforts into something she desires with you. The more you explore together the more you’ll be part of the stories in her life. That puts you in a very likable position.

There’s a difference between inspiring and giving a solution. Most guys want to give solutions to challenges and that’s where they drop the ball.

7.    Break the touch barrier.

The next technique and probably one of the most important to remember when trying to make a girl like you is breaking the touch barrier. It’s an interesting fact that most girls don’t notice when a guy is flirting with them.

She might think that you are just a nice person. That’s how you end up in the friend’s zone with nothing but imaginations of how it would have been.

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Breaking the touch barrier has a subtle subconscious impact that can inspire a girl to like you. First, you can use touch as a way to determine how comfortable a girl is around you. Touching her shows her that you are comfortable and it’s okay for her to touch you.

Remember that women fear rejection and making the first move gives them confidence. Escalating touch can increase intimacy and build sexual tension which is a valuable spice to getting a girl hooked on you. Nevertheless, make your touch advances as nonsexual as possible in the beginning stages to build rapport and comfort.

8.    Give her a chance to know you.

The next technique of how to get a girl to like you is by allowing her to know you. Familiarity is a strong aspect when you want to inspire a girl to like you.

One mistake that most guys make when trying to get a girl to like them is highlighting the parts of their lives that make them heroes and unbreakable. Giving a girl a chance to know you are about gradually unveiling the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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It will allow her to live your life in different ways that will make her feel she understands you. The comfort that she draws from feeling she understands you will build both trust and emotional connection.

9.    Take time off.

The last technique to make a girl like you is to take some time off chasing. It’s important that the girl understands your value if you want her to like you. Chasing her throughout can make you seem dispensable to her.

Slowly pulling away from a girl you’ve created a solid connection with allows her to see the impact of the absence of your presence. She’ll come to you because she desires to get the fulfillment she gets around you.

The sneaky aspect about pulling back is it makes the woman chase. When the woman is the one chasing, she sheds all her doubt and last-minute withdrawals. That gives you a chance to conquer.

Final Take

You need a healthy balance of selflessness and selfishness when you want a girl to like you. You can look for ways to impress her and make her happy but not at the expense of your own.

Women desire strong men and being a ‘yes man’ will not make her like you any more than her friend.
I do hope you now have a better idea of how to get girls to like you.

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