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How to get girls that are playing hard to get?

How to get girls that are playing hard to get?

Hi guys It’s Iain Myles here and I’m talking to you from none other than hot and sunny Marbella! It’s so amazing here, it’s 30 plus degrees here every day, it’s hot, sunny and there are so many attractive girls out and about it’s incredible! Guys in case you missed it we’re running our Marbella Bootcamp out here right now, there have been some amazing interactions and it’s been a real blast in general. Okay so before we get into the nitty gritty aspects of this video I just want to remind you of my various social media pages – my instagram and my facebook pages – which you can find when you watch my video right down below.

Girls that are playing

Okay so I find myself walking along the fancy promenade of Marbella one night with one of my clients here – in fact this was pretty much as soon as we landed here. So we’re fresh off the block and we’re still wide- eyed and discovering the area – anyway as I’m walking along this fancy promenade and I’m kinda bewildered by all of the fancy yachts, the expensive cars and the crowds of people with their Ralph Lauren polos. The place actually basically reminds me of Oxford Street in London except there’s a water front with boats.

So as we’re walking along, we’re making our way past the massives and massives of people speaking various different languages when all of a sudden I spot two really attractive girls walk past us. I could see they were flaunting their best summer outfits, really tight and really trendy – and they actually looked quite British.

How to get girls that are playing hard to get?

At this point I could feel my client’s eyes pop out of his sockets, he’s getting a bit restless so I have to calm him down by raising my left arm – I felt like Maximus in Gladiator when he’s storming through the woodland on horseback, shouting to his fellow horsemen to “hold the line”, as this guy I was with was ready to go!

I usher to him to let them walk past because you don’t want to approach them face on, it’s a bad strategy. You don’t want to be perceived as one of those guys who works in those night clubs or even a chugger – when you let them walk past it just makes the whole approach appear more genuine, especially later on in the interaction, as it portrays the approach as much more spontaneous than it really is!

So anyway they walk past us, but as they do they get lost in the huge crowds of people, and as we turn around we’re actually struggling to find them let alone to get to them. So I lead my client into their direction whilst I’m struggling my way through this vast Amazon of people along the seafront. I eventually plough my way through and eureka! we finally get there. So anyway I order my client to give it a go, he’s not as proactive as he should be and so he really needs the training and the desensitisation so I push him forward into the interaction… He then walks ahead like a man been sent on the front line about to fulfill a brave duty. I can see that he starts the conversation with the girls just fine despite the fact they continue to walk but my client doesn’t give up so easily and he keeps talking and he keeps the conversation going which is amazing.

So anyway I make my way to the scene – and as I get there I can see the girls are not giving him an easy time at all! They’re very testy in a very British way. Well at least one of them was very testy – I didn’t quite understand what she was trying to imply by the way she responded but I think she thought we were one of those filthy rich kids who wanted to buy them for a night or something like that, so she started off very standoffish. You know it did kind of strike me as rude and negative and I was slightly annoyed by it but then I was also determined to get my point across, I felt like I didn’t have any time to talk about myself or express myself and my true personality! But yeah one of the girls was clearly the leader of the pack, the alpha chick, whilst the girl on my right was so much more timid and quiet.

But anyway as the conversation went on they slowly dropped their guard and began to relax as they could see we weren’t really after anything degrading but a genuinely good time together. I suppose you can’t really judge the initial stages of any interaction, it may be a smooth ride or it may be a really bumpy ride, you can’t really judge and you just need to stick to your game plan and execute. So as we talked for longer the interaction really began to lighten up, the girls began smiling and then I finally proposed we go for drinks together and they really willingly said, “cool, let’s go”.

Guys at this stage and whilst we were looking for the bar, I must say the more dominant girl had the bigger personality and she was talking, laughing and really having a good time, however her friend was so quiet, so boring and dead that it kind of began to annoy me and I began to think whether this whole thing was really worth it. I even said to her, “you’re really quiet”, and she just said, “yeah I am”, and we continued to the bar.

So we finally found this bright coloured bar which reminded me of Five Guys but instead with green neon lights – it was blatantly some kind of rip off of the brand! So we walk in and we sit outside in the front terrace section which actually looked great and spacious. The funny thing was, as we walked over to our table the girls actually sat where I wanted them to sit initially, they were moving over to the right spots such that my one was next to me on my right hand side and my client’s girl was on his left hand side. It’s funny because I even had to physically shove my client to the right place as he was going to sit somewhere much further away.

So at this stage, we’ve established that my “target” girl is the quieter of the two whereas my client’s girl was getting louder and so much more vivacious. So as the night progresses it kind of becomes a 3 way conversation between the louder girl and us two, which I tell you is not ideal. I honestly try my best with the quiet one but she simply wouldn’t budge – however what I noticed here was strange… I was kind of expecting they would leave when the waiter asked if we wanted more drinks but to my shock and awe, my quiet girl asked me if I wanted another round. Very interesting indeed. So I thought to myself, let’s stick around and see what happens.

We have a few sips of the drinks and then, finally, low and behold she lightens up and starts speaking. Oh thank the lord! In fact it all began to escalate incredibly quickly after this point – we started exchanging more smiles together, we started to push each other in a friendly way and then we locked eyes for an extended moment. As we locked eyes together, she kicked me with her feet! Oh dear god what was she playing at now – it was then I realised she just wanted a bit of footsie under the table, which was hilarious and really fun. So as the night went on things really began to escalate and it was literally like that dinner table scene from the Wedding Crashers movie – Google it if you haven’t seen it. Let’s just say there were periods in the night when quiet girl and I were looking over at my client and his girl with a really dumb- face and completely ignoring the words that they’re saying.

So I guess the moral of the story here is – you can’t really judge how an interaction’s going to go in the initial 3 seconds and neither in the first 30 minutes, you just have to keep going. You may encounter a girl or a group of girls who will appear completely uninterested and so your immediate reaction will be to give up, and I must admit I did think about giving up because the girl I was engaging with was so quiet but you know what I decided not to – I was so curious why they or should I say my quiet girl, why she wanted to go for the drink yet was hesitant to converse with. Guys sometimes you have to go by the actions of the girls’ you’re interacting with – what I mean is, if you ask for some sort of compliance from the girls, such as asking to go for drinks, and they agree to it, then that in itself is a positive sign. So don’t judge the interaction purely based on how interested the girl may seem as she might be really tired, she might not be feeling the best, or in fact she might just be feeling really nervous – so you can’t judge the interaction early on and keep going, keep moving forward. And take risks and ask for compliance – make suggestions to go for drinks, ask for numbers and see what happens.

So anyway I’m going to show you a bit of infield footage here right now where something similar happened to Mr Kamalifestyles and myself. Let’s watch the footage.

So the blonde girl that I was engaging with was actually really friendly, incredibly nice and quite chatty, everything was going really well. However from time to time I would look over to the interaction that Emre’s having with her friend and I can see that she’s acting a bit standoffish. She’s not really warming up to his presence or to our presence for whatever reason that could be.

So we carry on the interaction and Emre keeps talking to her friend despite this minor observation, and as you can see from the footage we still convince the girls to go for drinks with us and much much more! Guys we will never know what goes on in girls’ heads when we first approach them, there will be a whole host of thoughts and beliefs flying around, we will never know. However what we can control here is our presence and our actions, we can control how we deal with the situation. It’s important to let go and set free your judgements when you’re interacting with women – as you will associate her inactivity of standoffishness to a past experience you’ve had or something someone had told you, but remember that this isn’t the truth it’s just an opinion. So let go of your beliefs and let go of your prejudices when you’re in this type of situation as it will make you feel defeated and it will prevent you from persisting with the conversation. Just realise that – she might simply be tired, she might be hungover or may not be feeling the best for whatever reason – you can be the guy to light up her day and make her feel good! Guys one thing I’ve learnt in this world is is that nothing comes for free, you have to put in the effort to make things happen. So focus on your dating strategy and focus on how you can make the conversation interesting and never give up, keep the conversation going despite of what you see as a negative reaction.

So going back to the infield footage, as the interaction progressed and as time went on, I could see Emre’s girl slowly but surely lightening up – she finally finally began to smile after a certain point in the night which seemed like a miracle! So credit to him for sticking in there – he was completely unphased and we I asked him about the interaction later on, he had no doubt in his mind – he had absolutely zero doubt in his mind that it would go the full way.

So you see you really can’t judge how an interaction’s going to go purely based on the initial stages, whether it’s only after a few minutes in or even after 30 minutes. You really just have to stick in there for much longer to see how personality’s evolve over time for the better!

Anyway guys that’s all from me today, hope you enjoyed this brief talk – I have many more videos to come from me at KamaTV. Guys as I mentioned at the start of this video , don’t you dare forget to follow me on my various social media pages, which you can find whilst watching the video, as I regularly post free content in relation to dating on these platforms too.

And I’d also really appreciate it if you could give the video a big thumbs up! So today you were joined by Iain Myles and I’ll see you next time.

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