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How to Get a Woman to Sleep with You?

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How to Get a Woman to Sleep with You?

Hi guys today our host will be talking about How to Get a Woman to Sleep with You

I have heard men saying that getting a woman to sleep with you is not a hard task, trust me it’s harder than you think. We have a reputation to maintain and looking slutty is not something we want on our resume. No matter how much you think she likes you, to get your hand on the hot sauce there are some things that you have to trigger in a woman. It’s a skill that you master with time and then you became a danger to the female species. I will teach you smooth techniques on how to get a woman to sleep with you:

Kick up a notch your kissing game

I think most women share this sentiment with me that kissing is one of the romantic ways of showing affection; so we love kissing very much. However, when we kiss and you do not trigger some sexual excitement in me then we will not go past the kissing. Men who have mastered the art of kissing have greater chances of getting laid because they trigger sexual excitement in women.

Bad breath is a big no so make sure that your breath is pleasant. There are some who have a medical condition that causes bad breath so try to use mint or anything that will suppress it. During kissing, we tend to let men take control so once you are in control you can lead it all the way to the bedroom. Set the mood right and start light especially if it is the first kiss. When a woman kisses you back it means she is into you and if you play your cards right you might just fire some shots.

Body language

The most powerful tool when it comes to seduction is body language. Women have mastered the art of seduction using body language and that’s why when we want to get a man in our bed it happens. Body language has nothing to do with your physical appearance and no matter how hot you think you are if you don’t do it right you don’t get anything. Let your body flirt with her even when you are making a small talk. Subconsciously we pick the flirtation cues and they trigger sexual excitement slowly sometimes without us knowing it.

If you are close enough you can go an extra mile. Men can get hard by just looking at a woman but for us, it goes past the sight. So when the safety pin in your gun is off and you are hard, you can hug her lightly and make her feel it and if she does not withdraw quickly squeeze her in tighter to make her feel it more then let go.

Play with her fantasies

We grow up wanting to be princesses and get a prince charming like Cinderella. Once you identify what your woman is into then it becomes easy for you to be part of her fantasy world. Create an environment that she will be open to tell you her fantasies. Start with the safe ones which are not sexual then gradually progress with her pace to the naughtiest sexual fantasies. You might realize that she fantasizes about having sex with a man in uniform. Boom!! That’s the jackpot you have been waiting for. All you have to do is create a romantic environment and you better be wearing that uniform if you want to take a trip down there.

One advantage of trying to fulfill a woman’s sexual fantasy is it shows us you care about what we feel even if it sounds dumb; that’s a bonus coin you want on your side. It also triggers sexual excitement in us because we will drift in our fantasy world and the good thing is you will be part of it.

Make her horny

The easiest way to get a woman to sleep with you is to make her horny beyond redemption. The hard part is getting her that horny. The first step is to understand what turns on your woman and what makes you unique in her life. Use the various techniques that we have discussed over time on how to make your woman horny. Remember that making her feel appreciated, beautiful, and girly goes a long way to getting her to the point of no redemption.

Don’t do all the work. Grind hard and once she is horny start withdrawing slowly and let her do the chasing. We also love to feel in control so being horny and feeling we have the power is an erotic landmine. The roles might change and she might be the one leading you to bed.

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