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How to get a girls number

How to get a girls number

How to get a girls number . Sometimes, women play hard to get just to feel good about being chased. It has always been considered the role of a man to make the first move.

How to get a girls number . However, times are changing and women are getting impatient in waiting for men to act that they now have to push them to act right.

A girl giving you her number all depends on how you approach her. The first thing you tell her shouldn’t be getting her number. You need to be creative for you to be admired.

In this article, we’ll talk about techniques on how to get a girl’s number:

1.    Wait for the right moment

How do you identify the right moment? If a conversation easily flows and you’re both having a good time. Some will say that the best time is at the end of the conversation before parting ways but the likelihood of it ending well is minimal.

At this point, the girl will think that all your small talk and humor was done on purpose to get her number. She’s likely to refuse you and a straight-up ‘no’ might be the only thing you get.

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Asking for her number as the first thing you do when you engage her is also a wrong call. The girl will think of you as corky and a womanizer who is only after a good time and not interested in knowing her deeply.

As a man, boost your ego by working to earn her number but also keep the conversations flowing even after getting it. This will intrigue her to seeing you were worth having it as it assures her of your interest in her as real.
After all, what benefit would it have on you requesting a number and failing to reach out?

2.    Kick-off the conversation

Avoiding coming on too hard from the first thing you say. While at it, keep the conversation light. Talk about things with which you both are well conversant.

Also, share your good side during the conversation for her to be interested in you to a point of giving you her number.

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Remember to let the conversation be a dialogue, not a monologue. Allow the girl to air out her views and opinions on different topics.

Showing her that you have regards to her opinions by paying attention to her while she speaking makes it easy for you to get her number. You can also take it as an advantage to learn her through her thoughts.

3.    Establish a connection

Before throwing the icebreaker by asking for her number, it is vital to first create a connection with the lady. One way of establishing a connection is finding a common ground during the conversation. Discuss your interests and identify the common interests you share.

You might meet a lady and end up vibing so hard that it becomes impossible for her to deny you her phone number. Other ways of establishing a connection include;

Getting to know her first. Asking for the number of the first meeting might seem rational. Get to know her first.

Don’t be in a hurry to get her phone or else you’ll seem desperate. Normalize knowing each other first or constantly sharing greetings with her to familiarize yourself with her.

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During a conversation, a connection can be created when you try to flirt with her. Try getting close to her and see her reaction.

Women fell their way through proximity. If she reacts by staying still and waiting to see what you do, she might like you. Women avoid men they dislike like the plague. She might even get interested in you taking it further so why don’t you take her number and make it happen.

Women also connect easily with people who involve them in their plans. Try inviting her to an event you’re holding and let her know that you’ll be expecting her. She will not hesitate to give you her number for updates. Also, tell her of your wish to see her again, if she agrees you to see her again, then getting her number is a definite yes.

4.    Keep it cool

Be composed; don’t be emotional, nervous, or anxious. It is human nature to show anxiety especially when we’re under pressure. If you don’t take time to calm down, your physical reactions might betray your emotions.

Being nervous when talking to a girl will show a lack of self-confidence and she’s likely to dismiss you. Certain things might contribute to your anxiety like being intimidated by the lady’s beauty. Anxiety triggers your emotional state and makes you excited over fancies.

To keep your cool, avoid fantasies you might be having of the girl in question and focus on making a good first impression. Thinking about things that make you proud of yourself can also help prevent anxiety.

Think about your virtues and what makes you attractive to other people. This will make you reduce the excitement of approaching the lady you like and you’ll end up seeing her as another puzzle to uncover. Anxiety brings a sense of insecurity and it would be hard getting her number in such a state.

Regardless of how you are feeling, keep it cool. However, don’t be too cool that it becomes unrealistic. Be cool in a way that you cannot be visibly shaken or overwhelmed over the thought of asking for her number. Remember the more relaxed you are, the more appealing you will be to the eye.

5.    Be real

Don’t manipulate, lie, deceive or disguise your intentions to get her phone number. Make your intentions clear. For instance, lying that you want her contact for business purposes comes off like manipulation.

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Don’t force your way just to get her number. The last thing you want is having a number that doesn’t get utilized as she decides to ignore you for petty lies that could have been avoided. Girls aren’t stupid; she’ll always know a thing or two because she’s seen the pattern.

Here are some tips to consider in ensuring that you come out as your true self;

    • Be ready for rebound questions. When she asks you for reasons as to why you need the number, avoid corny answers like saying to keep in touch. She will see through your bs. Be confident enough to tell her that you want the number to pursue her more. Keep it light and funny enough that it makes her smile.
    • Create the perfect excuse to have the number. This should be critically and creatively thought off that it appears so real.
  • Avoid saying yes to everything she tells you. Have the guts to stand up for yourself. Some girls might take the advantage of the interest you have in them to exploit you.

6.    Make her want you

This will require you to be very tactful. Consider being a mysterious man to arouse interest in her. If there is something that ladies dislike, it’s an obvious man. If she can predict your next move, she’ll consider you to be the person.

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You can make a girl want you by arousing her interest and leaving it at that. For instance, you notice a girl from across the room and admire her, you could smile at her to show the desire and if she smiles back, you get back to what you were doing.

Showing a lady interest then failing to approach her makes you mysterious. What’s not to love about that? You will have the lady asking for your number instead.

7.    Ask directly

How to get a girl’s number can be simple like approaching and asking for it. Asking her for the number directly is likely to be the bravest thing you can do. Nevertheless, tou should be strategic in creating an impression that she doesn’t think twice about giving you her number.

Rejection is a painful thing to experience but either way, you cannot force a girl to like you if she has her mind made up. Approaching a lady requires you to be tactful especially when you are asking for the number directly.

Don’t go asking for her number. Asking her if you can have her number just like that ruins your chances of getting the number unless she has liked you for a while.

Also asking for her number in such a manner not only comes off as rude but also makes you seem weak. For you to take your chances by asking for her number in such a manner, ensure you have been seeing each other for a while and are comfortable with each other.

Secondly, instead of using your words to ask for her number, let her see the need to give it to you because of your actions. Actions speak louder than words. You can influence this by taking her out, gifting her with reasonable gifts, and treating her like a queen.

This will make her feel like she owes you. It also shows that you are not needy and that you don’t mind waiting. Her knowing that you have a healthy relationship with yourself and have a sense of self-worth will make her attracted to you.

8.    Accept if she doesn’t give it

How to get a girl’s number is a burning question because most of the time things don’t go your way. If she refuses to give you her number, accept and move. Trying to force or persuade her to give you her number will only make the situation worse.

Be cool, indifferent, and don’t be upset. Being aggressive and bitter will make her feel good about not sharing her number with such a character.

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Choose to leave in peace by letting her know that you respect her decision but you’d have wished things turned out different and she considered you, walk away and don’t look back. You will have created an amazing impression that is likely to make her reconsider the earlier decision.

Final take

Keeping in mind that besides having to ask for her number face-to-face, there are so many other platforms that you might need to ask for a girl’s number from.

Technology has facilitated better communication and opened many platforms for people to meet and interact with. Through the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, consider giving her your number first to allow her to choose whether to text you or not.

You can also create a good relationship while texting that denies her the chance of thinking twice in sharing her number. Also, consider texting her with a positive mind frame, make her smile through the texts and give her some space but at the same time, avoid suffocating her with texts following each other.

Therefore, learn the different techniques to use in asking for a girl’s number depending on the media of communication.

I do hope this article has given you some insight on how to get a girl’s number.

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