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how to get a girls attention

how to get a girls attention
It’s a lonely place to be when guys around are getting ladies attention and you are there just watching. I used to wonder what guys that attracted girls’ attention easily had.

how to get a girls attention

How will she know how awesome you are if you don’t have her attention? One of the major reasons that most guys have low success with women is because they find it challenging to get a woman’s attention.
Well, I found out what guys that get more attention with women have and do, and it’s not the mountain I used to think it is. It’s simple to capture a girls attention with little effort.
In this blog, you’ll explore how to get a girls attention.
Capturing her attention is the first step and here you’ll also understand how to maintain that attention on yourself.
Give her something to smile about with your style.
Girls are attracted to men that have vision, mission, and ambitions; these are all factors that can be used to define a man. So, women are attracted to men that can define themselves in different ways.
Creating a style that defines you can get you the type of attention you desire from girls. Take, for example, David Beckham. He gets girls attention for various reasons but what we can’t overlook is his impeccable sense of style.
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The first impression you give a girl will largely depend on how you present yourself. It will be challenging to get a girls attention when you are dressed in a sketchy manner.
Also, your style will attract attention from the type of girls you want. If you are wearing a baggy T-shirt and jeans, you’ll get attention from girls that find that sexy.
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Stop focusing on getting attention.
You need to capture a woman’s attention to score her. However, when you focus too much on getting attention, you might end up attracting the wrong attention.
When you want to attract a girls attention, the process starts the moment the thought crosses your mind. It can build a psychological burden that will get you off your game. You’ll feel more pressure to impress the girl, or experience panic because of all the effort you need to put in.
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The best approach to get a girls attention is to make the girl admire what she sees. Working on yourself can get you the attention you need. You’ll have an easy time interacting with girls because you are comfortable being yourself.
For example, guys that workout gets attention from girls because of how amazing their body looks. That gives them an advantage when interacting with a girl because the girl already has something she likes about the guy.
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Make her show you the white pearls.
When you have a great sense of humor, how to get a girls attention is not something you’ll worry about. Most guys find it challenging to capture a girls attention because of the resistance they experience when they approach the girl.
Making a girl laugh relaxes and makes her comfortable around you. She’ll have little to question when she’s having a good time.
You don’t need Kevin Hart’s level of sense of humor to capture the girls smile with your jokes. Staying positive and finding humor in somehow bad situations can magnify a girls perception of your sense of humor.
Banter and playful teasing can also display your sense of humor. For example:
You: Looking at me like that can have marital consequences.
Her: Really?
You: Yeah, that’s how couples look at each other on their 10th anniversary.
Create an emotional connection.
The ability to spark an emotional connection from the start can make it easy to get and maintain girls’ attention. When a woman feels vested in you, then you get the attention equivalent to the intensity of emotions she’s experiencing.
However, building an emotional connection with a woman you just met might be challenging. Using ‘I’ when you are talking, draw the picture that defines you. A woman will feel connected to you when they think they understand you.
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Another sneaky way of building an emotional connection is through highlighting mutual interests, values, or hobbies. When you talk about something that you are passionate about, it allows you to exchange perspectives and have a more meaningful interaction.
Keep the conversation flowing.
Running out of things to say is every guy’s nightmare when they’ve approached a woman. Most guys choose flight when they reach this point of a conversation. However, flight makes sure that you’ll not get the attention that you desire.

how to get a girls attention

Talking to someone new can always pose challenges. Nevertheless, girls enjoy having an engaging conversation with guys that displays their intelligence.
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Curiosity plays a big role in capturing and maintaining a girls attention on you. Keeping the conversation flowing can increase the mystery around you and spark a girls curiosity.
One of the sneaky ways of keeping the conversation going is noting things that excite and annoy the girl that you’d wish to explore more. It will give you hooks to bridge and transition the conversation.
Get her to qualify herself.
Beautiful girls are used to men going the extra mile chasing them or attracting their attention. You’ll just be part of her normal if you do the same.
However, when you approach a girl and build a rapport, shifting the gears and making her qualify herself can be a new concept for her. You’ll be memorable to her because of your unique approach.
Most women won’t qualify themselves when they don’t understand what they are gaining. On the other hand, most men overdo it when they try to qualify themselves to a girl.
The magic happens when you find the balance between how you qualify and let the girl qualify herself. It makes both of you feel invested in each other, which is a good way to maintain a girls attention.
Don’t try too much.
Imagine running into a salesperson that is trying too hard to convince you to buy a product. You’ll be skeptical about the product even if initially you were interested in it. The same happens when you approach a woman and try too hard to get her attention.
A guy that seems composed and getting things to happen smoothly attracts the attention of many women. For example, a guy in the club that is relaxed and gets his drinks delivered will look more attractive to a woman than a guy shouting at the waitress for delayed service.
Your interaction with a girl you desire will be more meaningful and engaging if the conversation blocks fall into place organically. You’ll spark a connection easily because you’ll both be in your elements during the interaction.
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Trying too hard to get attention can make you look desperate. Understanding your limits when interacting with women makes it easy for you to note when you start sounding desperate. It will also give you a clear indication if you are fighting a losing battle early to avoid acts of desperation.
How to get a girls attention is not a question that perplexes only guys that have met a girl for the first time. It’s a possible question for many guys that have been chasing a girl for a while. Let’s look at how to get the attention of a girl you’ve been chasing:
Show her that you listen and care.
It’s easy to capture a girls attention and maintain it when you can appeal to the girls emotional realm. Listening to a girl you are interested in can give you a wow factor that will impress the girl and get her attention.
It’s not too early to learn a woman’s love language and restructure how you interact with her. For example, if she has been complaining about something that you can fix. Surprising her with the solution can make you seem attractive.
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She had negative emotions about something that you fixed. That makes you the hero for the day and in return, you can get undivided attention.
But the attention might fade as the excitement fades. Bring your A-game once you get a small window of attention. Show her what she’s missing.
Pull away for a while.
We’ve seen that you need to show a girl attention and care to gain the girls attention. Nevertheless, sometimes pulling back from the chase is what you need to catch a girls attention.
You can’t insist on gaining a girls intention if she’s not feeling it. Most of the time guys find it challenging to distinguish between a girl that’s playing hard to get and rejected.
Taking a step back will give the girl time to realize your value. You’ll be able to know your value to a girl when you have withdrawn from the attention she gives you. A girl that’s into you will give you undivided attention.
Use the social proof technique
The social proof technique is the best way to get a girls attention that you’ve been chasing for a while. Women want to be associated with guys that people believe are crème de la crème. That’s why women look for qualities such as confidence, leadership, and emotional intelligence in guys.
If the woman is playing tough with her attention, then get and give attention from everyone except her. Social approval is the biggest peer pressure technique that exists even in adults.
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Attracting the attention of different women can spark curiosity in the girl you want. She’ll start seeing you in another light.
The best thing about social proofing to get attention is you’ll first get the girls attention without realizing it.
The more time she takes to quench her curiosity about you in her head the more attention you are getting. You’ll find it easy to connect with her when she approaches you because already she has seen something in you.
Final Take
You’ll attract the girls you want once you’ve mastered the crucial dating skills. A girl will give you attention when she feels that she can gain something from you.
The unpopular truth is most people like others for what they have to offer. Increasing your value also makes you more appealing to girls.
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