How to Flirt with a Girl

How to Flirt with a Girl? Why is it that some guys always end up in the friend’s zone? What’s the surest way to avoid a friend’s zone? Well gentlemen, flirting holds all the answers you seek .

Flirt with a Girl

Flirting is an art that makes it harder for a woman to resist a guy. It captures a woman’s emotions and makes you the center of her sexual fantasies. However, not all men have mastered the art of flirting.

Most guys approach flirting with the end goal as their dominant drive. That will only make you have a harder time trying to flirt with a girl. The fun fact is most women have no clue when a guy is flirting.

A woman will assume you are being nice, and that’s how you end up in the friend’s zone. Flirting has more to it and you’ll know all about it here. When you are not good at flirting, you’ll make twice the effort to get the girl you want compared to a guy that has mastered the art of flirting.

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In this article, we’ll explore how to flirt with a girl by using sneaky and calculated techniques. You’ll understand how to master the art of flirting by building some of your personality traits.

Most guys learn how to flirt with a girl from movies and friends. However, these sources don’t give us enough information to make us good at flirting. What most don’t know is people build towards flirting.

Building towards flirting makes you understand what a woman desires in a man. That can help you become irresistible to a woman when you start flirting. Let’s look at how to flirt with a girl and get what you desire:

Build the Casanova mindset.

A limiting mindset is one of the biggest reasons that guys don’t get the girls they desire. I am not good at flirting. I might appear weird or creepy when I try to flirt.

Your mindset is your powerhouse that generates the aura you give women. Women are attracted to confident guys because they feel secure and safe around them. Your mindset can build your confidence and make you appear skillful in something you are not.

(Here’s a really useful resource to help you build an impenetrable mindset: Confidence Pillars).

Sure, we all have doubts. Even the most confident guys experience a little doubt before approaching a gorgeous woman and launching their game. But when you can’t overcome the doubt, it generates insecurity which will undermine your game.

Flirting is delicate especially when you are escalating. If you lose your momentum, the woman might experience last-minute withdrawal and it will become challenging to connect with her again.

Building the Casanova mindset is about you believing in your ability to attract the woman you desire. The truth is that attracting women is about showing off. That’s why women are easily attracted to guys that have mastered the art of flirting.

You’ll become fluid and adaptable in flirting the more you build your Casanova mindset. That means you’ll know when to take and when to give.

There are simple steps that you can take to build a Casanova mindset. It includes

Building your confidence around women.

When you are trying to flirt with a woman you like, the stakes are likely to be high. That means you’ll be more nervous than when trying to flirt with a woman for fun.

Also, it’s normal to make some mistakes when talking to women. But if you aren’t confident, you might get thrown off your game.

Building confidence around women will make you appear confident even when you are nervous. You’ll not let the little mistakes that guys make when talking to women derail you.

Learn how to have a conversation with women.

Guys, your tongue is the biggest seductive arsenal you can ever wish for. Most women are attracted to guys that make them feel some type of way. And what’s the best way of making a woman feel some type of way than hijacking her mind with mind-blowing conversation?

It’s easy to use conversation to get what you desire from a woman. There’s a degree of delicacy that comes in when you are talking to a woman. A woman will withdraw from you if she feels you are manipulating or insensitive to her.

Building your conversation skills with women allows you to control the conversation and get what you want without the woman feeling manipulated.

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You’ll find it easy flirting with women when you are confident and comfortable having conversations with women. You’ll be good at avoiding conversation traps, running out of things to say, and losing conversation momentum.

Build trust with the girl.

The next step of how to flirt with a girl is building trust with the girl. You’ll likely experience more resistance and rejection when you don’t have a woman’s trust. That will make flirting a huge challenge.

Building trust helps you dilute the emotional barrier and the need for self-preservation that a woman might experience. A woman will be emotionally open with you which will make initiating an emotional connection an easy task.

Since trust helps you to qualify to a deeper emotional circle within a woman’s social circle, she’ll be more open to sharing with you her stories and secrets.

However, the magic happens in the background. Building trust in a woman secretly builds your value to her. The woman you want will take in what you say with a good degree of seriousness.

Also, the woman will become more flexible with her boundaries when she feels you are valuable. That’s how you skillfully avoid friend’s zone by stretching the boundaries to where you want them.

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Here are quick tips to build trust with a woman:

▪     Find things you have in common with the woman and skillfully highlight them to her.

▪    Share a story that makes you vulnerable that the woman can relate to.

▪    Clearly show your intention from the start but build towards it gradually.

▪    Build genuine interest in the woman.

Understand what turns a woman on.

The next and one of the most crucial steps of how to flirt with a girl is understanding what turns her on. One common mistake that guys make when flirting is always using the same approach on all women. And that’s one of the reasons why most guys don’t score women when they try flirting.

Most people are strongly attached to their sexual fantasies and desires. It’s challenging for a woman to turn you down when you show her that you could fulfill her fantasies and desires.

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However, understanding what turns a woman on is not as easy as it might seem. Women don’t open up such information to guys they are not intimately connected to. Furthermore, a woman won’t openly start telling you what turns her on.

Women tend to hint at their dark desires and fantasies. You need to have a keen ear to be able to pick up the cues that will help you understand a woman’s desires.

Here are some tips that can help you understand what turns a woman on:

Build sexual tension

Sexual tension is a guy’s best friend and a woman’s worst nightmare because it’s very challenging for her to overcome it. Building sexual tension allows you to connect with a woman on a sexual level.

It’s easy for a woman to open up about her sexual desires if she sexually perceives you. She might not spill all the beans. But the breadcrumbs can help you build towards something solid.

You can use your body language and nonverbal cues to trigger and build sexual tension if you are with a woman you just met. Sexual innuendos and ratting out your sexual fantasies can build a good sexual rapport with a woman you have already established trust.


You can learn a great deal about a person when you listen to them. The advantage is that women enjoy talking and with the right conversation skills you can lead a woman to tell you what her dark desires are.

(Seduction goes hand in hand with listening. Read this article to find out more: How to Seduce a Woman).

Another silent message that listening relays to the woman you are talking to is the level of your interest. When you actively listen people tend to assume that you are interested in them and what they have to say.

Also, a woman’s interest to tell you more about herself will skyrocket when they see that you are listening. Most of the time women shy off from telling guys things because they feel like it’s a bother.

When you are flirting with a woman you want, you strive for your sexual energy to be subtly noticed. You’ll have an easier time when you understand what turns on a woman because you’ll place yourself at the center of it all.

Turn the tables.

Turning the game around is what makes your flirting appealing and irresistible to a woman. It’s easy to get carried away when you are flirting and everything is going well.

Nonetheless, you’ll not get the woman hooked for long when you are the only one that’s doing the heavy lifting. Flirting is bargaining silently what impresses you and what you have to offer.

Turning the tables and letting a woman invest in the flirting process makes her value it more because she’s also bargaining. She has stakes of what she might desire to gain if the deal goes through.

Timing is your best friend when it comes to flirting. When you understand when to escalate and when to cool down the momentum, you become irresistible to women.

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When the timing is right and you cool down the momentum of flirting, the woman feels the void. That feeling will motivate her to step up and fill the gap that you have created. And that when she starts investing in the process.

However, it’s important to be aware of the silent communication when a woman is flirting back. A woman might think you are not interested in her if you let her carry the load of flirting for long. That will trigger self-preservation mode and it will be hard to connect with her on that level again.

It’s easy to become skillful in flirting when you understand what women want and learn how to be comfortable around women. Make it a habit to compliment women in ways that are not sexually motivated.

Women will start being easy around you and that will build your confidence and later on help you master the art of flirting.

Start flirting with women you are not sexually attracted to because your stakes are low which gives you confidence in the process. As you grow confident in your flirting skills, you can try women you find sexually attractive.

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