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How To Flirt With A Girl You Like

Hey guys it’s Iain here and I’m back with yet another video for you today! So today I’m going to be talking to you about how to flirt with a girl you like, because it seems like a lot of guys struggle with the flirting aspects in their interactions. A lot of guys can do the initial approach and they can get the conversation going but they really struggle to build that attraction after that. So we’ll delve into this a bit more today. But look, I’m not just going to just talk about it without showing you how it’s done in real- life, that would be boring and unjust. So my team and I have put together a piece of footage of me in action, actually flirting with a girl I liked. She was a really classy chick. So let’s watch the footage and let’s see how got along together, so stay tuned!

Okay so what can we learn from this interaction in terms of flirting with a girl you like.

You see when guys are getting into this stuff for the first time, when guys are starting off in their journey into self- development with women, so many of them will put the girl onto a pedestal, which is a tremendous mistake, and it really makes me shiver when I see it. And I’m not even talking about the really attractive women, it’s even worse with them. And it’s funny because whenever I see it in real- life the guy’s whole demeanour changes and shifts so dramatically. You even see it with those macho lawyer- type guys, who were supposed to be all macho and “perfect” yet they just melt in the company of those women. Just goes to show – never judge a book by its cover.

These guys become so much more accommodating, so much nicer than they ever were with anybody else in their entire life, they soften the tone of their voice tone. It’s almost like someone’s kicked them in their nuts and they will agree with absolutely everything that she says. I mean look, I’m not going to go on a rant now about how you have to become a macho alpha male or about trying to appear more manly in front of women, no, that’s beside the point! But changing your whole demeanour when you’re communicating with a girl you like, and going to the other extreme, that is just wrong and it’s not going to get you anywhere. You see it’s wrong on so many levels because you’re basically changing who you are, you’re changing who you are and what you stand for because you’re presenting yourself as a completely different guy, in a completely different light, which is just the wrong type of behaviour to be displaying. And basically, by doing this it’s going to prevent you from being able to flirt with your girl because you’re setting the frame that you’re a friend rather than a lover. You’re friend-zoning yourself and taking yourself out of the picture.

Okay so what can we do to change this type of behaviour? Well I always tell the guys I coach at Kamalifestyles, and get ready for this; I always tell them to try to imagine her as a dude but with long hair, with boobs and just a far more attractive version of a guy. I know you might be thinking, what the heck am I talking about. But look I’m not just saying it to be funny, because it really is the case, so you need to start believing it. You need to realise that women really are just slightly different versions of men, we’re actually not so different, so get rid of those stereotypes that she has to be treated like a princess or treated like something special. And ultimately when you start dating her and when you start going out with her, you’ll realise that her poo smells just as bad as yours, she will have body odour just as bad as yours if she doesn’t wash, and she will not look nearly as good as when you first met if she doesn’t take care of herself and look after herself in the long- term. So yeah we’re not so different after all, and honestly guys, the more and more I do this stuff the more I realise how similar we really are. So get rid of that belief and get out of the mindset that women are really different to men, it’s not true and it’s just an excuse that will actually prevent you from taking action and that will prevent you from getting success with women. And it will also prevent you from being able to flirt with her because you’re going to be too anxious to perform.

Flirt With A Girl You Like

Okay so the next thing I wanted to touch on, and it’s something that guys always forget to do when they’re talking to a girl they really dig, is to actually listen to what she saying. And I know and I understand it can be difficult when the nerves are running high, when the adrenaline’s pumping through your veins, and when you set yourself high- expectations from the date and especially when you cold- approach her at a bar or during the daytime – you’re probably just thinking how you’re going to survive the next few minutes – you’re not really thinking about anything else. But I can’t stress how important it is to listen to her because you will ultimately figure out what she’s like as a person, what she values most in life and this will give you vital cues in order to be able to flirt with her. And I haven’t even begun to talk about how the simple act of listening will even help you take her home, because you will know how far she lives or if she’s free the next day, for instance, which is important in steering the interaction the correct way.

But let’s not get too side- tracked now because whilst listening is important, the ultimate goal is for the conversation to flow effortlessly. When the conversation’s flowing effortlessly and smoothly, that’s when the real flirting comes about. So you want to get yourself into a position where you have that conversational flow and when the topics are moving along a steady line and not changing too many directions. Okay so really try to focus on what she’s talking about or perhaps it’s a response to what you’ve said to her, and you’ll begin to get a gist of how to flirt with her. And look, you don’t need to squint or obsess about everything she’s saying either, just relax and really try to enjoy the interaction and try to find that flow and that rhythm.

I mean what I’m getting to here is that you need to be “in the moment”. The essence of great flirting comes from being in “the moment”, and it can’t be planned in advance. So definitely listen to her, watch what see says and pick- up on her cues. And really do have fun with it, pick- up on the small things she says or the way in which she acts and use this to continue the conversation. And it can be anything, there are so many things you can pick- up on, because remember that most communication is non- verbal anyway so it doesn’t necessarily have to be what she says, it can be something about her body language, the way in which she’s smiling and laughing or even where she’s looking. There are so many things you can spot when your eyes are wide open. So try to be as creative as you can. Like for example, if she’s mildly showing- off about her career or if she says she’s some sort of model then tease her about it, I don’t know say that you’re going to be a bigger model than she is. Or on the other hand, if she’s being modest about something you can tease her about that too and say how she’s really innocent and authentic. It makes the conversation so much more interesting and it makes it so much more rich you, and will both have a memorable time together.

Okay so what I’m really leading onto here and I suppose my next tip on how to flirt with a girl you really like is to take risks guys! You have to take risks if you want to progress the interaction and if you want to get flirtatious with her, and that’s what intimacy’s all about. And when I say risks, I’m not talking about just suddenly lunging forward to kiss her or something completely un- calibrated like that, no. What I’m talking about is getting out of your comfort zone and saying things which will stimulate her emotions, you know, such as making a statement on what she’s wearing, or pointing- out how she’s acting, and so on and so forth. So in essence you need to get into the habit of becoming a bit cheeky in your communication, and you always have to be pressing forward (but don’t forget to take a few steps back too, you don’t want to be too pushy now). But yeah you see when you’re cheeky, the conversation will be so much more interesting, your true wit will really shine and your intelligence will also show too, which is highly attractive to women. And that’s basically where the flirting comes from, you need to get out of the habit of remaining at the status quo when you’re interacting with her, get out of the habit of having those monotone and one- dimensional conversations because there’s just no flavour to that at all and she won’t be attracted to you. Okay, and get into the habit of taking those small risks.

One other thing I should mention at this point and something that I always talk about is – never be afraid to express yourself when you’re interacting with her. Like for instance, if you recently read a book that you really liked or if you saw a documentary that really resonated with you, then by all means try to insert that into the conversation. And you’re probably thinking, wouldn’t it be totally random to just start talking about a book I read? Well, when you go out a lot you realise that conversations are so random and there’s nothing wrong in changing the subject, where is it written that you have to keep talking about the same thing… it’s not written anywhere! You can spin the conversation 360 and in fact that will make it even more interesting. So definitely don’t be afraid to express yourself fully, express your beliefs and really try to talk about your passions and what makes you feel good. And once you get to this stage, you will find a happy medium where you can begin to flirt with her, as you’re feeling great talking to her. You can draw upon what you know to get flirtatious, like for example, you can tell her that she’s a splitting image of Princess Leia. I don’t know, whatever’s relevant to the conversational flow.

So definitely be creative when you’re engaging with girls you like and don’t just stick to what you’ve read from a book, don’t just rely on lines or pick- up lines because trust me the lines won’t get you laid. And they definitely won’t get her attracted to you in the long- term I can tell you that for sure. So get into the habit of being creative in your interactions, don’t be afraid to be creative and to draw upon those sudden ideas that get you excited. Obviously look, don’t offend her either, always use your common sense because the ladies are the pretty friends who make us happy and satisfied.

Okay guys we’ve sadly come to the end of yet another video today, but don’t you worry as I’m not going anywhere – I’m going to be posting many more amazing videos very soon so do stay tuned.

And I do hope you liked the insights on flirting today. And by all means, please do put your own experiences on flirting with women in the comments section right down below, eager to hear what you’ve been up to. Also don’t forget to sign- up to our regular newsletter at Kamalifestyles, as we’ll be sharing all the latest news, seduction tips and updates from us – so do click on the newsletter link in the video’s description right down below. It’s just your email address that’s all. In case you can’t find it, not to worry as I’ll post it in the comments section too, so don’t miss out!

Okay guys, so today you were joined by Iain Myles and I shall see you next time.

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