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How to flirt with a girl without using apps during covid

How to flirt with a girl without using apps during covid

The things we used to take for granted, right? You don’t see the beautiful faces anymore because most of them are covered by the mask.

Their smiles no longer make us smile down the street for no reason. Jeez!

You can’t even tell when a woman is flirting with you because you can’t read their facial expression.

Covid has changed the rules and now the weak are getting eaten up alive.

“The weak” does not mean that you are not good with women but you have not adjusted to the new normal.

Guys have unwillingly quarantined their love and social lives.

Flirt with a girl

They have flooded the X-rated sites now more than ever in the history of the internet.

Dating and hook-up sites are smiling as the sign-ups grow at a record speed.

But is there a way to enjoy meeting women like the old times?

There is bliss in personal interaction because you exchange more than words.

You connect mind and body. In this blog, we’ll explore how to flirt with a girl without using apps during this pandemic.

1.    Ditch your phones!

The beauty of life is you have a million possibilities to get what you desire, but you have to work for it.

It’s challenging to meet new women and flirt with them because of the limited social interaction.

How to flirt with a girl without using apps during covid

It’s a necessary precaution to take, but it doesn’t have to take the fun out of your life.

Using the apps is an easy way of meeting women.

But you can use the app and plan for a meeting with a woman you’ve met online.

Turning an online date into an actual one can be a challenge because of the trust aspect and the caution that everyone is taking.

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Here’s how you can build an online date to a one-on-one date:

●   Build a strong profile

Your profile creates your first impression. Most when you start talking to a woman online, they go and survey your profile.

Your profile helps women understand who you are and what they are getting into.

Although your profile should be genuine and display who you are, it has to have an element of mystery to build curiosity in the women that visit it.

●    Understand the woman

A woman’s dating profile can give you so little to go with but it’s a start.

When interacting with women online, start with the known to explore the unknown.

That means look for her interests and hobbies and find ways you can build a common ground from it.

For example:

You: “I am embarrassed by how fit you are and how many calories I have to lose. How long have you been into fitness?”

(You have warmed up the question by finding a common ground. It makes the question more social than interrogative.)

Her: “You are not that bad off. I was a gymnast growing up so fitness kind of stuck with me.” (A compliment from a woman you just met online shows that she’s interested to know you. Her answer also opened a door that you can explore her past.)

●    Show your intention

Most guys are stuck on their phones during covid because they have not stated what they want.

Women have signed up in the apps because they want to meet men.

Don’t spend three months chatting with her on the phone. Let her know your intentions.

But it should be enticing enough for her to want to put her health at risk and come meet you.

For example:

You: “You are fascinating. There’s so much I want to tell you but with each click on my phone’s keyboard, the intensity is not as intended.” (You are eliminating online interaction by building anticipation and curiosity in a one-on-one meet.)

Her: “What do you suggest we should do?” (Most women want you to take lead and that’s why the longer you wait online the longer you’ll stay there.

You: “I know this amazing restaurant. It’s following all the covid rules and everything. Can I take you out on a date?” (There’s no master plan. Meet a woman you like online and ask her out as soon as the necessary emotions have developed.)

Don’t make your life too hard sitting by the bar alone waiting for a special woman to pop up.

You can use the online platform to meet new women who interested you dating coaches for men.

But make your interaction progressive outside the online platform so that you can flirt with them one-on-one.

2.    Take advantage of outdoor activities

The new normal keeps us at home now more than ever.

You don’t have to get out of the house because you can zoom your meeting and do everything required of you professionally. But socially where does that put you?

Most people are taking advantage when traffic is low to take walks, jogs, or outdoor workouts.
It is a great time to meet a girl without using apps.

The truth is everyone is yearning for that one-on-one interaction. The attention is different and most women miss that.

However, when you go out to meet girls during covid, don’t go in their space and try to talk to them and start flirting.

People are scared of this virus more than they are of being lonely or having few months of dry spell. Your tactics need some social distancing.

Build your nonverbal flirting skills and use them to warm yourself into her space.

Communication makes people feel comfortable around each other because we feel familiar. And you can achieve this effect whether you use verbal or nonverbal communication.

Here’s how you can build persuasive body language:

●    Stand tall and confident

Confidence inspires trust in women which is crucial.

A woman is likely to let her social distancing guard down when your body language inspires trust and comfort in her.

The trick with creating persuasive body language is how you incorporate different nonverbal skills.

Standing tall and confident without other persuasive nonverbal cues, you can pass as a person with a huge ego.

●    Smile and loosen your facial expressions.

Have you ever entered a high-guarded zone and see how the guards are? Their body language tells you to just keep moving.

Most people read people’s emotions by subconsciously analyzing their facial expressions. A woman can read interest by looking at a guy’s facial expressions.

Smiling and a relaxed facial expression will make you more inviting and you might find the woman approaching you.

●    Maintain eye contact

Have you ever nonverbally flirted with a girl who is in a group of girls and she knew it was her? It’s easy because eye contact acts as the compass.

It tells the woman “Yes, I’m smiling at you!” Maintaining eye contact when you are using the nonverbal flirting technique will connect you to the woman and she’ll understand your intention.

It sounds like some telepathic sci-fi but that’s how it is.

Using nonverbal flirting techniques is the best way to approach and connect with women during covid.

It plays to your advantage when the woman you have just met knows that you are coming and she has consented to it.

It’s a level of trust that can only be achieved with mastery in nonverbal communication.

3.    Engage in activities that help others

Covid is making me sound like an old preacher but these are different times.

The hunter needs to find new ways or revisit the old ones to perfect his hunt.

Groups are coming together to start initiatives that help others during these trying times.

Now, there’s no need to feel guilty that you are taking advantage of the situation.

You didn’t bring covid but you miss talking and flirting with women. And what’s the best way to meet women than go where people are volunteering?

Volunteering puts you in a position that you have physical interactions like we used to.

You spend a considerable amount of time together which gives you a chance to spark an attraction that will allow you to flirt.

However, not all of us want to keep going to volunteer for a month to get a girl.

So, here’s how you can spark an attraction with a woman you just met and flirt with her:

●     Separate yourself from other guys.

Women generalize all men until they see a wow factor that makes you stand out.

That’s why some guys will tell you they were at a party and you won’t believe them because they blend with everyone.

Silently display something that will make you stand out from other guys.

It doesn’t have to be something major. For example:

You: “Hi, my name is Doe.”

Her: “Hi, I’m Jane.”

You: “Pleasure to meet you! I saw you are really good at this and I need your opinion on something. I was…” (You have complimented her and made yourself known.

You have also displayed interest by identifying her strength which the woman might mirror.)

●    Build an engaging conversation

Women like men that see things from their perspective and also allow them to see things from a guy’s perspective.

She wants to understand you, but she’ll feel more comfortable if you understand her.

Engaging conversations explore different kinds of emotions that define a person’s character and personality.

When you trigger the emotions that you are comfortable connecting with, it becomes easy for you to spark an attraction because of the emotional connection.

Structure the conversation to understand what the girl desires and place yourself at the center of it. You’ll create a dependency that will make her want you more in her space.

●    Display a supreme level of confidence

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a guy.

It displays emotional stability and strong leadership skills, which are qualities that interest women in men.

When you are out doing good for the people, display confidence and composure even in a stressful situation.

Covid has people on edge and having that guy who calms everything around him can attract a lot of desired company and attention.

Confidence also makes you noticeable which is a trick that you want in your black hat.

When a woman finds herself noticing you, she builds curiosity which can play to your advantage.

●    Make her laugh.

Let no one tell you otherwise. If you want a girl to be attracted to you, you have to make her smile or laugh.

Our methods to make women laugh or smile differ depending on what the woman desires.

Hilarious guys have one gift, which is knowing what their audience wants and giving it in a funny way.

You have to understand a girl to keep her laughing in a conversation.

So, as much as you are having a good time, also listen to her because that’s when you can know a lot about her.

Take advantage of the activities that keep people together for a while. That way you’ll have time to build something that can last even past the event.

4.    Meet women in casual places

The nightlife is no longer as vibrant as it used to be.

Clubs and restaurants are empty, and people are cautious about meeting people.

But life still has to move on, and there are essential things that have not changed as much.

We are still going shopping and using public utilities together.

It might seem like a place that people are overly cautious with who they meet but still, it enables physical interaction.

You can still see something that can trigger your interest in a woman that half her face is covered with a mask.

Casual places can be a good place to meet a girl and flirt. You can meet a girl you like at a grocery store and flirt.

For example, where there are demos in the store you can meet a woman and start a conversation.

You: “Hey.”

Her: “Hi.”

You: “I’m trying to get…and I know nothing about it.” (Using click baits at the beginning of the conversation will get her engaged faster and make the conversation progressive.)

Her: “The one they are showing is the best in the market, but they are expensive.”

You: “Seems like I need you in my life. You have already started saving me money.” (You have started flirting without making things weird between you.)

You have a small window to make an impression that will make the woman interested in you.

That’s what makes it essential to master both verbal and nonverbal flirting techniques.

Do you want to build your flirting techniques?

Flirting is a skill that can help you build trust, comfort, and confidence in the women you interact with.

However, flirting depends on a person’s personality, and that’s where Kamalifestyles comes in.

You don’t have to change your core to learn a new skill.

You can learn a new skill while simultaneously shading habits that compromise the skills growth.

We have a wide range of products and materials that can help you build your flirting skills and increase your success with women during covid.

Most of the techniques that you’ll learn from are easy to master because they are not tailored to change your personality but to build a skill that you desire.

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