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How to flirt with a girl at the grocery store

The grocery store is a very interesting place to pick up women and here’s why; people do not go to the grocery store thinking someone will hit on them that day. When people go to the grocery store, they want to get their items, purchase them and get out.

That is why when you go to the grocery store to pick up women, you have the element of surprise under your belt. When a woman goes to a bar, she already knows that several guys are going to try to hit on her, so her guard is always up. However, in the grocery store, she just wants to get her groceries and go home, so her guard is down.

The grocery store offers a lot of pick-up points and scenarios that you can use to your advantage. When approaching a woman at the grocery store, as long as you keep it short and casual, you won’t have to do much to get a lady’s attention dating coach for men.

Before we move on I’d highly recommend you watch the video, below, for some general tips on how to flirt with a girl.

Without further adieu, here are my top tips on how to flirt with a girl at the grocery store.

Be clean and smell nice

A lot of women like a man that is well-groomed, or at least a guy that seems like he is making an effort with himself. The reason women are drawn to a well-groomed man is that they believe the guy is good at taking care of himself. A well-groomed man seems like he is good at organizing things in his life and women are automatically drawn to stability.

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Looking your best should be a priority even when you are just going to the grocery store. When going to the supermarket, the temptation lies in showing up in your pajamas and crocs because you’re “just grabbing something”.
However, if you are interested in meeting a few ladies then that might not be the way to go.

You do not have to dress up as if you are going somewhere really serious. All you have to do is make sure you are wearing clean clothes and you smell nice. She does not expect you to be dressed up in a grocery store, she probably dressed down herself. However, if you are looking clean despite your choice of clothes, then she will immediately hold a good impression of you in her mind.

I do not know what it is with women and scents, but I know that women love to date a man that smells good. Putting on a little cologne or splashing some body spray on might make her take a second glance when you pass by her in an aisle. The scent has to be mild and exciting; you do not want to leave a trail of weeping women by the melon stand because of your strong cologne.

Ask her questions

If you have always struggled with what type of potatoes to use for your brisket, then now is your chance to get that information and probably the girl too. Remember, it is easier to ask her about something that you are both looking at, but if you are not looking at the same thing, you could still ask. Even if she doesn’t have your answer, it will be a great ice breaker.

When a woman spots a guy at a grocery store struggling with his decisions, then she is likely to let her guard down and offer some help. Asking her to help you sets her guard down because she does not perceive it as flirting immediately. Women are also very willing to help helpless singles because just like your mother, she will not let you go home with less than a standard item.

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After you capture her attention, you could continue to ask her other questions based on the conversation you just had. Remember, if she suspects that you only talked to her to get her number, her guard may go up again. Try to keep the conversation light and casual with light flirting in between. Depending on how she reacts to the flirting, you could then ask for her number.

Unfortunately, most guys are not very good at asking girls questions and their attempts come off too strong. Try your best to stay calm and talk to her as you would anybody else. If you are nervous, she will sense it as desperation and she will want to get away. If she feels interrogated, she will also do her best to push you off, so keep the questions light.

If you feel as if she is pulling away or the conversation has come to a natural stop, then you should just continue your shopping and hope to bump into her again. She will not feel suffocated when she is trying to do her shopping, and if the conversation was great, she may be looking forward to seeing you so some distance will give you points. Remember: Do not take too long coming back to talk to her because she might leave or have few things to check out, leaving you out.

Help her with stuff

The grocery store is a great way to get to know women by offering them help. Some of the things at the grocery store are not easily accessible to shorter women, or they might be too heavy to lift. When you notice a woman struggling with something, rush in and offer the assistance needed.

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That simple gesture will earn you points with her before you even start speaking to her. Helping her makes her feel like she can count on you, and it also displays your kindness. These are both great qualities that a lot of women look for in a man, so if you help her carry that large item, she automatically views you as strong and dependent.

You do not have to make a grand gesture to get her to notice you. If you are at the checkout, you could let her go ahead of you. Even if she says no, she will immediately see that you are a nice guy, and it is a great conversation starter. Use it to your advantage and get your petition heard.

Compliment her

Every woman loves to be complimented, and the last place she will be expecting a compliment will be from a handsome stranger in the canned goods aisle or the deli section. Unlike men, most women will put in a lot of effort in the way they look even if they are going to the grocery store. When you compliment her, she will feel nice about herself and she will believe it because she is a nice stranger at the store.

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When you compliment her about something, make sure you are specific and honest. If she looks really cute in that messy bun, tell her something like, “Not many people can pull off a messy bun, you are not one of those people.” With a compliment like that, even if she doesn’t engage in a conversation, she will smile and you will have made her day.

You can also compliment her on her decision-making skills when you see something in her trolley that stands out. If she has chosen a great wine for the chicken that she has bought, then point it out. She will feel good about the decision she has made and pays attention to the sexy stranger pointing out her competence.

The compliments that you make can cross over the line from being nice to being a supermarket creep in an instant. Make sure you do not hesitate with your compliment so that she does not feel like you are leering or coming up with a pick-up line.

Keep the interactions intentional

When you are approaching her at the supermarket, make sure you know exactly what you are going to say to her. If you are following her around like a puppy, then she will most likely put up her stalker guard and refuse to interact with you. If you are being vague and general about what you are saying to her, she will also feel as if you are wasting her time. That is why all of your interactions have to be intentional.

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When you are intentional about the interaction, you have less time to be nervous about what you are going to say to her. Plan out what you want to say, make your move, and wait for her response. If you spend your time worrying about what she will think or say, then you are likely to do badly during your interaction.

An intentional interaction also lets you have a good time when you are doing it. When you know what you are going to talk about, you will definitely exude more confidence. Confidence is a very attractive quality for a man to have in a woman, and if you seem like you are in your element, she will also let her guard down and talk to you.

Be kind and smile

You do not have to do a lot of things for a woman to think you are a great guy. If you focus on being kind and gentle when you are around women, they will be hooked to your kindness despite your rough exterior, and being a man. Kindness goes a long way with a lot of human beings, so if you are kind to someone at the store, then you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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There are several ways you can be kind to someone at the supermarket or grocery store. If her bag strap breaks, offer her some help because it is unlikely that anyone else will be willing to help with that. You can help her reach the top shelves for an item she wants, and stay with her until she has decided she will not need another item from that shelf.

Remember to smile, because a smile will show her that you have good intentions. If your demeanor does not show her that you are not an immediate threat, she might even reject your offers for help. A smile is a great way to warm up anyone who is feeling low, and it is also a great way to let people’s guards down if you do not know each other.

When you talk to her about anything, make sure you have a kind smile on your face so that she knows you do not mean her any harm. There are lots of creeps in the supermarket, and the way you interact with her immediately lets her know whether you are part of the creeps. Make sure you are smiling genuinely because any smile that is not genuine will register in her mind like a creepy smile.

Watch her body language

Body language is the unspoken language that speaks volumes. By observing somebody’s language and predicting what they think or need, you will definitely have a head start. When you pay attention to a woman’s body language in a grocery store, it is the single best way you can get to know whether she is open to an interaction with you.

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If she is fully facing you when you are talking to her, and she is making eye contact, then she is interested in what you have to say. This is a go-ahead to advance the conversation into other things. You also have to keep in mind that she is only at the grocery store to do her shopping so she does not have all day to make small talk.

Her body language will also tell you whether she wants you to talk to her before you even approach her. If you try to lock eyes with her and she gives a disapproving stare, or she looks away immediately, then she might not be interested in an advance. Advancing on her when she is in a guarded state will make her uncomfortable and cause altercations with strangers you barely know.

If you are speaking and she is fixing her hair or clothes, and she seems shy, it is a good sign. It means that she cares what you think and she wants to make a good impression on you. Even when she is doing it from another section, she will make it clear that she is focused on you, so pay attention!

Ask for her number

The purpose of walking up to her when she is in the grocery store is because you want to get to know her beyond the grocery store. If you do not ask for her number, then you will have had an interesting interaction with a friendly stranger who you might never see again.

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Asking for her number should be casual and it should be done before she loses interest, and it should be done when you are sure she is just as interested in you as you are in her. When you ask for her number, it is your way of telling her that you want to get to know her a little better.

Depending on how old you are or what you prefer, you could ask for her Instagram handle so that you can advance things away from the grocery store. When you start talking to her via text, you could start by touching on something you both discussed at the grocery store. This will help her remember how you met and put her in a great mood to text you.

So, gents…

When you go to the grocery store, remember that it could be the place you finally meet that quirky girl with the great personality that you have been searching for. The grocery store is a very relaxed setting, and that is the biggest advantage of picking up women from the grocery store. There isn’t a lot of pressure to act a certain way or be a certain person, because you only went there to pick up women.

Always make sure that you look decent when you are heading to the grocery store so that you can impress any single woman that might want to speak to you. Take your time before you approach her so that you do not look stupid standing in front of her. It will also boost your confidence; you know how women love a confident man.

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Your body language will speak volumes and determine whether she wants you to talk to her or not. Make sure your posture is confident but not in an alert and threatening way. This will also help her see that you are intentional with the way you approach her. Her body language is something that you also need to pay attention to because it will save you a lot of trouble. Through observing her, she will tell you whether she wants to talk to you, whether she likes you, and if you need to give her some space.

Always remember fellas, she is not obligated to talk to you when you approach her, so if she is not receptive, do not waste your time. Being pushy will only make her put her guard up and view you as aggressive.

I do hope this article has given you some valuable insight on how to flirt with a girl at the grocery store.

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