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How to flirt at work?

How to flirt at work?

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I think flirting at work is fun. I mean, the sneaky secret smiles, glances, the teasing and the general naughty feeling that comes with work flirting is all too exciting. It is all excitement and pleasure until it is not. Let us, therefore, take a more in-depth look at the gimmicks of teasing at work.

How to flirt at work?

Work flirting has changed dramatically over the years. To grasp this from a more practical view watch the James Bond -Moneypenny’s clip-on classical and modern-day flirting. If you are looking to engaging in office flirting you know that it is supposed to stay private and that it shouldn’t pass certain lines and boundaries. It makes the need to set ground rules apparent. The rules therefore include;

Don’t be too obvious.

As a beginner in this game, take your usual flirting moves and dial them down. You do not want to make it too visible as you will only be setting yourself up for competition with other male colleagues who share in your interest or other female colleagues who want to blow you off. The goal is to have others wondering whether you are flirting or not.

Don’t flirt in front of others.

Another temptation to watch out for is this one. Do not sabotage your chances with that cute intern in the Hr. department by doing it in front of others. Before you know it, people will be raining on you a myriad of reasons why you shouldn’t; some of them are competitors who are trying to frustrate your efforts while others are just diligent workers who believe the office is for work purposes only. In addition to this, you do not want to put yourself through social pressure that would come from people knowing. In any case, it is more fun when it is only between the two of you.

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