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How to deal with a breakup when you have no friends

How to deal with a breakup when you have no friends

Most people are not lucky to end up dating coach for men their first love and spending the rest of their life with them.To most people, breakup when you have no friends

When you find the woman you love, you get into the relationship with hopes of happily ever after.Nevertheless, it doesn’t always end with flowers, melodies, and a huge cake.And that’s a painful reality that no one in love ever wants to imagine.

One of the most challenging phases in dating is trying to get over a breakup.The depth of emotional connection and dependency that is created between couples make it harder for them to move on after a breakup.

Breaking up with the woman you love can take you through a rough mental and emotional space.It can leave you feeling lonely, unloved, and lacking faith in the opposite gender and the dating process.Also, without the right tools and skills of getting over a breakup, you might end up self-destructing, isolating, or becoming a bitter person.

You have no friends

Since breaking up with the person you love robs you of love and affection, most people seek solace and support from family and friends.But how to deal with a breakup when you have no friends?

A common mistake that most guys make when dealing with breakup alone is looking for distractions that will take their minds off what happening in their romantic realm.The distraction can include some things that are constructive like focusing on a career.

While that might be sleek to move to maintain your sanity after a breakup, it doesn’t help you heal.Silently the mistrust, pain, and loneliness from the breakup will be lingering around you and deter you from finding healthy and happy romantic relationships.

Contrary to what most people might believe, dealing with a breakup alone can be a blessing when you know what to do.It makes you become genuinely aware of your position which can give you superior control of your life and where you want to be.Let’s explore how to deal with a breakup when you have no friends:

Understand the feelings you are experiencing

It’s easy to become your own obstacle when dealing with a breakup alone.When I experienced my first breakup, I couldn’t fathom the feelings I was experiencing.But I knew that I was a guy and big boys don’t cry (that was my first mistake in handling the process).

I ignored my feelings and went on as nothing happened.It was difficult to get over my ex because I was consciously denying the feelings I was experiencing.

I was angry at my ex for walking out on me.I was frustrated that I’ll never get a good relationship.My ego was shuttered because I thought people would laugh at me for not being able to maintain a relationship with a beautiful girl.

You create an internal conflict when you consciously try to ignore the actual feelings that are triggered by a breakup.Accepting and understanding the feelings you are experiencing is the first step of how to deal with a breakup when you have no friends.

It’s easy to overcome a heartbreak when you know you are going through one.You’ll understand when your actions are inspired by the undesirable feelings you are experiencing.That can enhance the control you have over your emotions because you understand where they stem from.

Cut communications with your ex

Breakups are difficult because they demand a sudden change for things that have taken a period of time to build and grow.Your ex might have been the only friend you had or one that you’d confide everything to.It’s normal to desire to keep in touch with your ex even if she’s the one that instigated the breakup.

Nonetheless, keeping in touch with your ex can make your transition very challenging.Gentlemen, you cannot just be friends with your ex immediately after a breakup.It can happen after healing has taken place but not before.

Furthermore, maintaining communication with your ex can trigger jealousy, pain, and depression.She’ll be flexible around other guys because she’s not dating.And that can make you live a bitter life because you’ll always be suspicious of other guys that hang out with your ex.

Cutting communication with your ex can be instrumental if you are dealing with the breakup alone.It helps you figure out life without your ex’s influence or presence.You’ll also have a chance to deal with what you are going through without constant reminders of what your relationship used to be or what it could have been.

The point of cutting communication with your ex is to reduce her influence in your life not erase her existence or memories.When you cut communications with your ex as a desperate attempt to forget her, you’ll not be dealing with the deep cuts the breakup caused.She’ll still have influence over your life even if you are not talking.

Focus on creative ways to boost your mood.

Romantic relationships are very instrumental when it comes to boosting mood.When you are in love, you can be highly optimistic and enthusiastic about life.That keeps your mood on the highs most of the time even when other things in life don’t seem to work out.

Dealing with a breakup alone is never easy because you have to motivate and cheer yourself up even though your mood is down the sewers.Working on your mood is a sleek technique of getting over a breakup alone.

There are ways you can make your body produce the ‘feel-good hormones’ that can boost your mood and make you a happy guy again.Here are some scientifically proven ways to boost your mood:

  • Get enough quality sleep. You can use white noise if you have problems falling asleep.
  • Engage yourself in physical exercises like yoga, jogging, lifting weights, or any other that you enjoy doing. Exercise can also improve the quality of sleep you get.
  • Be intentional with what you eat. Your diet has a direct impact on your mood.
  • Have small attainable goals. Achieving your goals regardless of how small they might be can build your confidence and boost your mood.
  • Spend some time outdoors. It’s easy to see random things that could make you smile during nature walks

It can also be helpful to take some time off social media.Have you ever realized that you notice happier couples when you are dealing with a breakup?Most people post highlights of their lives on social media which can make it more depressing when things are not as you’d wish on your end.

Reconnect with who you were before the relationship

One common pattern in most romantic relationships is people tend to spend less time with themselves and friends.You don’t do the things you love anymore because there’s something more exciting.

Most people feel lost after a breakup because they invested most of their energy and time in the relationship.It’s partially part of the reason why getting over a breakup can be difficult.Maybe you had future plans together and now you don’t know what to do since you had not envisioned a future where you are alone.

Reconnecting with who you were before the relationship can be a surefire way of how to deal with a breakup when you have no friends.It takes you back to the things you used to enjoy.Find something that used to give you the thrill and willpower to be optimistic and love life.

However, don’t undo the good that you’ve mastered while in the relationship that potentially made you a better person.The idea of reconnecting with who you were before the relationship is designed to give you hope that you can start all over again and do it.

Get yourself a rebound relationship

Emotional recovery can take time after a painful breakup.That being said, it would be self-limiting sometimes to wait until you’ve fully emotionally recovered to get back into the dating scene.

Rebound relationships are a smooth way of how to deal with a breakup when you have no friends.You won’t be able to give the rebound relationship the full commitment needed to make a relationship work, but it can build your dating confidence again.

Rebound relationships can also boost your mood and help you get over your ex.You’ll be introduced to a new way of interacting in a relationship which can help you see that your ex was not all that you thought she was (she was not a death sentence to your dating life).

Rebound relationships can be helpful in rebuilding your emotional stability.You’ll feel loved again because you have someone, and you have a person to go to when you feel alone.That can give you hope that you’ll find someone again to love genuinely and be loved.

Parting Shot

It will be a challenging path to deal with a breakup alone.However, focusing on what you want in your future rather than what has happened can keep you motivated to see this journey through.

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