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How to compliment a girl

How to compliment a girl
Compliments play a versatile role in capturing the attention of women and creating a lasting impression. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes challenging to come up with the right compliment that will prevent emotional doors from shutting on your face.
Compliments trigger emotions and the emotions you inspire determine the type of response that you get. Friendly compliments inspire a friendly rapport.
But when you want to make things a bit freaky, you’ll need to come with the big guns. You’ll forge deeper and stable connections when your compliments hit her where she fancies most. However, this requires a blend of mastery and sneaky timing.
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In this blog, we’ll explore how to compliment a girl in sneaky ways that will leave her attracted to you and not be able to pinpoint why? We’ll explore the don’ts when complimenting a girl and how to build towards compliments that provoke sexual feelings.

How to compliment a girl

Compliments leave you vulnerable because you can only build on the girl’s response after giving a compliment. If her response is negative, it puts you in a defensive position because you can’t escalate. But not today!
Let’s look at how to compliment a girl to give you a chance to escalate with her:
Play the mentalist game.
Finding out what would impress a woman when you compliment her isn’t that hard. Fortune tellers and mentalists have perfected the art of cold reading that’s why people get impressed when they see them in action.
Mastering how to cold reading a girl before approaching her can give you hints on which areas to compliment. Everyone feels appreciated when they are noticed for their effort.
Best cold reading skills give you a chance for plausible deniability. For example, you can approach a girl with a great fashion sense.
So, instead of only complimenting her fashion sense, you embed it with a part of her personality that seems vague but she can relate to it. (best dating coach for men) For example:
“You have a great sense of fashion. It brings out your free-spirit and confident personality. It’s refreshing. Oh, sorry, I’m Iain.”
You’ll have the woman’s attention because she’ll feel connected to you from your compliment. If you can notice that in her, her curiosity ticks that you are also the same, and she’ll want to find out.
Inspire comfort and trust.
Approaching a drooling hot girl can make most guys feel uneasy. What is she going to say? Is she out of my league?
It’s challenging to convince a girl to believe in your compliment when you are still convincing yourself that you can pull it off in your head. You’ll seem dishonest because the girl will see the disconnect between what you are trying to say and nonverbal cues.
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Most women have their emotional guard up around new guys. When you approach them and start playing Casanova, the first emotion that hits home is doubt.
Your body language can play a huge role in inspiring confidence and trust. Imagine complimenting a girl and you’re facing a different direction, or with a frown. She’ll be confused if it’s a compliment or you are subtly threatening her.
Maintaining eye contact displays confidence which can prompt the woman to trust what you are saying. Give the compliment a smooth deep voice and moderate pace just to be sure that the woman hears everything you say.
Maintaining a reasonable distance between you can promote comfort.
Alight the compliment with your intention.
It’s important for a girl to be able to tell your intention when you are complimenting her. It’s easy for a woman to emotionally shut down when she feels you have an ulterior motive. The best way of how to compliment a woman is by blending your intention and compliment.
Most guys attract the wrong attention with their compliments which gets them stuck in the friend’s zone. When a woman feels that you are giving her a compliment from a friendly space, she’ll respond in a way to mirror the friendly gesture.
Ask yourself:
What has really impressed you about the girl?
What do you desire to get from her?
Another sneaky way to give away your intention when saying a compliment is using nonverbal cues and body language.

How to compliment a girl

For example, if you already have a rapport with the woman, you can slightly lean in when giving her the compliment. Touch on her achievements or efforts.
How to compliment a girl is not only challenging when you have met the girl. It can also be a challenge to compliment a girl you know and want to score.
When you have an existing relationship, it becomes easier to compliment the girl because you know her achievements and efforts. The best compliments to girls are once they acknowledge their intelligence or effort.
You can make yourself memorable to the girl with how creative you are with your compliment. For example, she has been taking art classes and she’s getting good at it. You can get her a canvas and some painting brushes to compliment her effort in art class.
Words can be sleek and poetic but it’s difficult to forget an action. When you have an existing relationship, expressing your compliment with action can give you the edge girls desire in men.
Work on your precision.
I don’t believe there are bad compliments. But the timing of the compliment is what makes the difference between a compliment, catcall, and a complete flop.
You can be sleek and use a compliment as a conversation opener. But giving compliments that stir deep emotions desires a delicate touch of timing.
Building a woman’s confidence in you can provide you with a perfect timing opportunity. You can use your compliment to trigger the emotions you desire to connect with.
For example, you walk to a woman you’ve met the first time and tell her she’s beautiful. The woman will appreciate the compliment but she’ll not value it. When you have an existing trust, your compliments will be valued.
Understand the possibility of rejection.
When you are giving a girl a compliment, chances are she might not acknowledge your compliment as you desired.
Women always have their guards up around new men. A girl might see a compliment as an intrusion into her space.
A sneaky way of handling rejection is reassuring the woman that the compliment was genuine, but apologize in case it has offended her. Taking rejection in a smooth way can give you a second fighting chance to make your score.
Women can smell desperation from miles away. And most if not all of the time desperate men are considered as dishonest men. You’ll likely seem desperate if you don’t take rejection well.
Build genuine interest
Your interest in a girl can make your compliment personal and compelling. A lot of guys don’t get the response they desire because they give compliments to get something from a woman.
Building a genuine interest make compliment come to you naturally because you are indicating what you are experiencing. For example, when you give a woman a genuine compliment about her intelligence during a conversation, you’ll have a compelling tone and body language.
One thing that’s common when you are overthinking how to compliment a girl is doubt. You doubt how the girl will take it, or if how you say it will get the girl hooked.
Building genuine interest in a woman eliminates the doubt. You’ll believe in what you are telling the girl. You’ll not experience a push-and-pull of doubt because you are saying what you believe you are seeing.
Now, there are common mistakes that guys make while complimenting a girl that reduces their chances. Let’s look at the don’ts when complimenting a girl so that you don’t find yourself trapped by your compliment:
Avoid complimenting a girl’s physical attributes.
Guys are attracted mostly by what they see. That’s why it can be very tempting for a guy to want to compliment a girl’s physical trait that they are attracted to.
However, sometimes what you think is a 10 on a woman’s body might be a trigger to her insecurity. In this case, you’ll not get the attention you desired even if your intentions were pure.
Another thing is that most women think that guys that start by complimenting their physical traits are guys that are after sex. You’ll be shocked by the number of women that feel sexualized by guys that complement their looks.
Cheesy common pick-up lines.
Compliments can be a great way to start an engaging conversation. However, it’s a slippery slope because if a woman thinks that’s what you tell all the women, you’ll lose her attention and interest.
Cookie-cutter compliments make a guy look an armature. You’ll trigger doubt and your intentions will be questioned.
Not a place you want to be when you start a conversation!
Avoid compliments with sexual innuendos
Actors in movies and mainstream media make compliments with sexual innuendos appear a cool way to get a girl’s attention. But that’s all it is, smoke screens.
Girls are sensitive about sexual topics, especially around strangers. Giving a sexual compliment can make you look like a creep or a weirdo.
Final Take
How to compliment a girl is dependent on many variables that cannot be predicted in one blog. Nevertheless, taking time to understand a girl and time your compliment can help you get the attention you desire.
Women love being around men that make them feel like they are the lone survivors of their species. Mastering the art of giving compliments will upgrade your game with women.
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