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How to Compliment a Girl without Being Creepy

How to Compliment a Girl without Being Creepy

I sometimes know guy’s complements can be innocent and genuine but the way they sound it is just weird and perverted even when they do not know it. This may not be your intention, but many girls just get that vibe of “creep” from you. I know so many times you meant it to sound innocent but you just turned off the girl. Here are some tips that will help you compliment a girl without being creepy.

Focus your compliment away on her appearance

I know this might be hard because one of the things that might have attracted you to her in the first place might have been her appearance I mean a physical body, so you are open to about other possibilities. Strive to be unique form all the guys who went to straight to her physic. You can compliment her on her dress or shoes or even lipstick color. Yes, women love compliments, but you have to be sure when and how you execute the compliment. Let it not sound corny if complex, just let it be simple and you unique. Let her feel appreciated for something other than her body.

Do not touch her

When complimenting a girl, most men think it is romantic but to some extent, if a guy who you didn’t know approaches you and your waist and told you how much he likes your small waist, then you will feel violated. Same thing happens if you want her to take your compliment as a genuine do not touch her when giving her any compliment, that way the girl will girl more appreciate if you do that.

Keep it short

Keep the compliment short and precise; you do not want to a stalker. Stick to the normal complements but find a way to make it personalized for your girl. Remember if you give her a long compliment it may be a mistake for flattery which the girl may take as a joke and that’s how you end up in “friend zone. “Now you start wondering why girl’s friend zone you, no girl wants to be flattered its unrealistic and childish. Just use a one-line compliment and watch her blush.

Do not act like it is a favor

Remember you are not doing her a favor when you compliment her, you are doing yourself a favor because you are the one who wants her.So be positive about it and believe the compliment so that she can find here the genuineness of the compliment. Do not nervous, just stay positive and watch her melt and blush.

Be confident

There is a difference between being cocky and being confident. There is a fragile line there between the two. A corky person will expect some compliment back, and the turn the situation about them whereas a confident person will smile and give the compliment and a girl doesn’t compliment back then he will let it slide. Do not show her that you are nervous, believe in yourself.

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