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How to chat up girls

How to chat up girls

How to chat up girls

Gavin was sitting in his local pub with his friends when he saw a beautiful girl across the bar. She was with a group of friends, both male and female.

This didn’t bother him in the least as he had recently completed a Kamalifestyles dating course and knew how to chat up girls in any situation. Even though he hadn’t come out to meet women, he decided to show off his skills and chat her up.

As he walked over to the group, he thought of the advice his coach had given him and the techniques he’d learned:

How to chat up girls depends on his approach.

Gavin’s Kamalifestyles coach explained how to chat up girls by approaching them with confidence, showing that he can bring more value to their lives than other men can. Women are attracted to strong, confident men who can add to their social status.

Using positive body language and dressing fashionably, paying attention to details and grooming, make an enormous difference to how women see him.

(I’d advise you to work on your confidence to be able to stand up to your partner: Confidence Pillars).

While men who are good-looking have a natural advantage, they often become lazy and only trust in their looks to chat up women. Even men who aren’t attractive can learn how to present themselves in a way that creates attraction.

How to chat up girls relies on a good opener.

During his training on how to chat up girls, Gavin learned that a good opener isn’t necessarily the same as a chat up line. His Kamalifestyles dating coach pointed out that beautiful women have probably heard every line in the book and setting himself apart involves using a different technique.

When the girl he’s interested in is surrounded by friends, he needs to engage the whole group in conversation. The opener can either be situational and spontaneous, but never clichéd, or it can be rehearsed.

The advantages of a rehearsed opener include knowing more or less how the group or girl will respond and giving him the opportunity to naturally move on to a different topic.

When learning how to chat up girls, Gavin saw that chat up lines do work in certain situations, but it depends completely on the delivery.

(Here’s another incredibly useful blog article I’d recommend you read: Relationship advice for men).

The most important part of any opener is creating an emotional response, through using humour or asking relationship advice.

In a group situation, an imagined problem a friend is having with a girlfriend can lead to an animated discussion, leaving him free to chat up the girl he’s interested in.

How to chat up girls and create attraction and intimacy

Gavin’s Kamalifestyles coach emphasised the importance of creating attraction and intimacy during his training on how to chat up girls. Getting their attention is no use if there’s no follow-through.

Gavin learned how to use touch and body language to keep a girl’s attention. Holding her hand a little longer when shaking hands upon meeting or stroking her arm or hand while talking shows his interest in her in clear terms. This is also a good way to gauge her interest and stay out of the friend zone.

Gavin approached the group and asked them if they think it’s wrong to go through a guy’s e-mails if a woman thinks he’s cheating, since his friend was in this situation and they wanted a few opinions about it.

How to chat up girls

The group started chatting and, before long, he had Debbie’s full attention and the opportunity to start building attraction. By the end of the evening he’d demonstrated his value and she was hooked.

Gavin and Debbie have been on a couple of dates and seem to be a good match.

Gavin’s use of his Kamalifestyles training in how to chat up girls made meeting someone special easy for him.

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