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How to become an alpha male

How to become an alpha male

How to become an alpha male

I get asked this question a lot in how to become an alpha male and honestly most guys miss the point completely and when they imagine themselves becoming this alpha male or super guy at the end of their journey of self-improvement they literally imagine themselves being a completely different person.

They think that will they become a dating master or a pick up artist that can pull women left right and centre wherever they go.

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This is actually very far from the truth and it may compromise your progress and success with women. So what I am going to go through next is what the reality of what defines an alpha male and what simple steps that you can start applying now.

Being in the present

This is the biggest mistake that most guys make in that they always project their best super selves into the future which sets an unrealistic goal for them to achieve.

The thing is that guy you see in your head as the guy that can meet and date lots of women in the future will still be you as you sit here and read this article now and you will still have all your strong and weak traits.

The only difference is that your good traits will be stronger as well as your weak traits being worked on and improved.

The kicker is your best self is within you right now and every time that you work on yourself in a positive way you are bringing that powerful self of yours out more into the open.

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It is here and now and what you to do to better yourself in the present that counts and that will determine the ideal person that you want to be five or ten years from now. Which brings me to my next point.

Get out of your comfort zone

This is a very important aspect of your self-growth as the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone to learn and achieve goals the stronger and faster you will grow as a person.

Yes when you see that group of hot women sitting together in a park or in a bar you will feel that you will not want to approach them because you are afraid of them rejecting you or being rude to you.

But the difference between an alpha guy and any other average guy is that he will feel these feelings but he will approach anyway. Essentially the alpha guy is aware of these negative feelings but he refuses to buy into them.

Because that is all they are, feelings and thoughts. The reality is that the girls will neither be responsive or unresponsive and if they are unresponsive he will learn to deal with rejections better.

And no matter how good that you develop as a person, you will always feel this feeling when you are trying or learning something new and this is a good sign because it means that you are always growing.

Be comfortable in being yourself

The more that you push yourself the more comfortable that you will feel in yourself and you will actually get to know yourself much better than you thought was possible.

Knowing and being comfortable in yourself will make it harder for you to care what other people might think of you and you will have less social limitations that will allow you to pursue what you want in life because you will not care what people think.

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How to become an alpha male

When a guy meets a girl that he is very attracted to he tends to put her on the pedestal and he does everything he can do to please her in the hopes that she will like him. This is why we have all heard of stories of pretty women using and manipulating guys. These guys are not being themselves.

Instead be selfish, this word always gets mistaken for being a negative word but in many ways it is a positive word. Only by helping yourself first can you help others.

Do not be afraid to be yourself in what you want and expect from people. People and women especially will respect you more for it.

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