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How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games?

How to Beat a Woman's Mind Games?

Hi whats up KamaTV… this is the dating coach Emre from Today I am here with another exciting video and I will be showing you a clip of a girl that I approached on the street and how I overcame her mind games… By the end of this video, you will have a clear strategy to deal with her mind games and how you can be more emotionally strong. In this video you will also learn;

  • Encountering her manipulations
  • Standing firm
  • The techniques

Gentlemen as I said it before we are not one of the marketing gurus here and actually we teach the real stuff and show you how to do it. The insights and the skills that are taught by us are based on years of experience in the real world.

How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games?

When put into practice, they have worked for countless of our clients and other guys, and I know it will work for you to. So before we start let’s click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many more videos will be coming to your way. So let’s watch the footage.

The best of us sometimes don’t even realize when it’s coming. Women have become so good at playing mind games with us.

A woman will create false hope that we cling on with dear life thinking we have a chance then boom! We are back in the cold. The difference between them and us is that we are aroused by what we see, and they are aroused with what they feel.

And women know this fact and use it to their advantage. Well, in this case, she used the boyfriend card but I knew straight away that it was her pop up response from her tonality and facial expressions. I met her later on and she never mentioned the boyfriend and her friend was even joking about her single life.

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Listen guys; most women get out of the house prepared that she might meet a creep, crush, a nice guy or a douche bag. They are ready for all these types of men don’t worry. So, when you approach her, she’s already prepared for you, and that’s why most men get played.

There are so many reasons why women play mind games with us that we won’t finish today if we started stating them. To be able to beat a woman’s mind games, you need to understand why they play mind games in the first place. I am not going to go into details but here are the primary short reasons why women play mind games:

  • They want to test your confidence.
  • They want to test what they are worth to you.
  • She wants to test you to find out if you can make her feel safe.
  • It is a cry for attention.
  • They want to prove to themselves that they have power over you.
  • She’s not interested but wants to let you down easy.
  • She wants you to prove yourself.

Knowing the cause of the problem is half solving the problem. Gentlemen, let’s keep everything we discuss between us. We are going to look at some tactical techniques on how to beat women’s mind games.

Some of these techniques may not fall within your moral scope but women playing mind games with men use similar techniques. It’s vice versa but you always have good intentions and be a man of integrity!

It takes two to tango.

This is one of the techniques that will give you the upper hand in games women play. Women will always start small on mind games and progress.

So don’t feel bad if you fall for the little tricks they throw your way at the beginning. Like the one “I have boyfriend”. However, the key is for you to realize that you are getting played and play along (it’s like a heist, but nothing gets stolen). It seems like a long shot but trust me, it works.

How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games?

Once you know, you are getting played. It’s easy to categorize her play. Is it a pop-up response? Does she want to feel safe? Is it her cry for attention? Does she want to prove she has the power in the relationship, or is she taking you on a wild goose chase?

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You can now beat her mind games depending on what she’s after. For example, if it’s a cry for attention and you don’t give it to her, then the mind games will grow gradually until she gets the attention. The best way to beat it is to provide her with the attention immediately you realize that’s what she’s after.

Especially the boyfriend manipulation card will make you believe that she has a boyfriend. If she is giving you her number, telling you where she is going, inviting you to meet her shows that actually she is single and you have been just tested.

Girls who have a boyfriend would not give you her number or invite you to meet her… it is that simple; she would leave the conversation unless she is in an open relationship! Well in this lifestyle you see everything! I advise go out more and have your experiences and see the real life.

Make a firm stand.

Now, we know that women won’t always agree with us, and they may manipulate their way into getting what they want. Their manipulation may include mind games to make you compromise on what you stand for.

Gentlemen, you do not want to open this door because you are not ready for what awaits you on the other side. Once a woman tries her mind game voodoo on you, and you give in that’s the genesis of you losing control.

She will lose the attraction and you will lose your value. Women are very good at identifying our weakness. She will always play mind games and manipulate you to do what she wants. The only way to beat that is to stand firm on what you believe in.

I am not saying that you don’t have to make compromises when you are with your woman. All I am putting out there is that if she plays mind games and you fall for it, then it will be a hard road to gain back control. Always look at facts and analyze her body language as it will help you to map the territory.

Encounter her manipulation card.

Okay, I know some of you are thinking that it’s not fair to manipulate someone.

Well, you have to understand that manipulation is everywhere… Radio, TV and newspapers, teachers, corporate and political system manipulates us day to day basis. Who told you that dating and relationships are fair and not manipulative?

There will always be one alpha in a relationship, no matter how fair the relationship seems. So, you decide who it’s going to be. Once you realize that she’s playing mind games with you, don’t get agitated.

Use reverse psychology and beat her in her games.

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Let’s say you approach this lovely lady and you are nice to her, but she pretends like she’s not interested. If she’s really not interested just walk away. If she’s playing mind games, she won’t want you to go, but she won’t give you the attention you want.

So, you are the alpha and what you do is go all Casanova on her until she starts enjoying it then pull back. That will create doubts in her and anxiety of losing this great guy. And that gentlemen, is how a lady serves herself on a silver platter.

Be the confident alpha.

Women like men who are confident and know their worth. Thus makes them feel safe and secure. Most of the time, she will play some mind games to see the kind of man you are.

She will try to intimidate you and mess with your self-esteem a little bit. It sounds evil, right? She will keep you around but also introduce other men to make you feel insecure.

I encountered these types of girls who like to create competition between males which is a very dangerous game. When you see this just know, she’s playing the jealousy card.

She is trying to make you work harder than other men to get her. If you fall for it, you will cross rivers, valley, and moral lines to prove your worth to her.

But the sad truth is that it does not work you will end up losing your integrity and sacrificing your identity and you may do things do not serve you well.

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A confident guy will not be intimidated by other men. You know the worth and value you bring and if she wants more than you can give then let her look for it somewhere else. You can decide to play that game with her and introduce other women.

But the best way is to call it out. I always be direct and say “I feel like I am here, but you’re still searching. Let me go and give you a chance.” Kinda cold shower effect and I leave never look back.

Willingness to walk away from girls and guys will make you a strong and confident person. That might make her come to her senses and stop the mind games. Women feel safe and attracted to men who can openly speak their minds.

Darker shades of intimacy and seduction.

Before you jump into your sexual fantasies, know that this is not about you.

It is about beating a woman in her mind games and getting control. Women know how to seduce us, and that’s why most of the time, we play to their tunes without knowing. Women have the dark sexual fantasies that they may be too shy to tell or even explore.

I will tell you from experience that if you can explore your woman’s dark sexual fantasies, she becomes more attracted to you and your word becomes law to her. If you have been following us, then you know we have always discussed approach, seduction and creating successful relationships.

You will be awarded if you try to understand your woman and her fantasies as this will help you to meet her on a very intimate level.. Engage all her senses and let them blow up with intimacy and sexual desire.

Once you get her to play in your tunes and she will forget the mind games that she was playing and take her part.

The power of storytelling.

Gentlemen, once you realize the potential of your tongue, you will have the courage to approach any woman. Most of you have a friend who is not very good looking, but he’s the one who bags the hottest ladies.

The reason is simple. The guy has mastered the art of storytelling. Women might notice that you are well dressed and cute, but so is the guy next to you. What makes her give you her undivided attention? It’s your ability to make her feel sexually attracted to you through your interaction.

You can portray anything the woman is looking for if you’ve mastered the art of storytelling. You can make yourself look vulnerable, charming, a victim, or the hero. Storytelling helps you capture her attention and mind, and that removes any room for the games women play.

It can make her feel comfortable and secure around you, which could make her open up to you. No woman will play mind games while opening up to you.

The withdrawal technique.

The bitter truth is that the mind games that women play sometimes have a devastating effect on us. It may leave some men with insecurities and low self-esteem, which will affect their future interactions and success with women. The withdrawal technique is used as a last resort.

It is meant to protect your masculinity and confidence. It may not appear like a fight back technique, but it helps you as a man in the long run. When you feel that a woman’s mind games are too much, then there is no shame in letting her go.

Some women use you to make the guy she wants jealous, and that can leave you in a horrible place. Once you realize that the intentions of her mind games will destroy you, then that’s when you should put this technique in play. The best thing to do is walk away while you still have your confidence intact.

Instead of focusing on how hard it is to understand women, focus on how to make yourself more confident and emotionally and sexually attractive to women. Women will always play mind games on us, but if you are confident about yourself, you will always have control.

The best way to beat a woman’s mind games is to know why she’s doing it and protect yourself then apply the techniques we have discussed.

(Another great technique is to seduce her properly: How to seduce a girl).

Well that’s all from me today and thank you for watching my video. Guys never forget all of these are learnable skill. Gents, please check out our residential training.

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