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How to be successful in bars and clubs

How to be successful in bars and clubs

How to be successful in bars and clubs

I have covered before about the difference between approaching women during the day and during the night and there are differences. One fact that they both have in common is that you have to be aware of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

This is important as ultimately it makes the difference between whether you are successful on a night out or not.

Some guys prefer to approach women during the day as women tend to be far more receptive and easy going as most women rarely get approached during the day, approaching during the night can be more high energy but if you can master it your confidence with women will drastically improve.

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So what I am going to cover below are some tips of how to make life easier for yourself when you are out at night.


It is important to be prepared before you go out and the best way to do this is positive visualisation where you imagine in your head you being successful approaching women and you going through all the motions successfully. The best way to do this is sit down and relax and concentrate on your breathing in and out.

Then see yourself approaching a girl that you like and it going very well. The more you make a habit of doing this every time before you go out your general outlook will become more positive.

It also helps to have a basic structure in your head of what happens when you approach a girl from approaching a girl to successfully getting her number or kissing her.

Dress and look well

This goes without saying that whether you are approaching women during the day or at night that you should always look your best but you should definitely be aware of this when you approach women in bars and clubs.

Women expect to be approached in bars and clubs and they are far more likely to dismiss you based on the way you look because they are being approached by guys all the time.

I advise that you read up on the latest fashion trends and consult someone that you know that is well up on fashion to recommend the best clothes that would suit your body shape.

The basic structure that you should always remember is to have your shoes polished and the colour of your belt and shoes should always match. Women may not be as fussy as guys when it comes to physical looks but they are sticklers for detail and you should always look the best that you possibly can.

Approach every girl from the start

The minute you walk into a bar or club you need to approach immediately, the reason behind this is to get out of your head. Otherwise you will find yourself among those guys that find themselves standing at the edge of the dancefloor drinking nervously and over analysing everything that is going on in the bar or club.

It does not matter if you make a mess of an approach just move onto the next group. Your main aim should be to approach every group in the venue throughout the night, women notice and they will see you as a very social guy which is a very attractive trait to have.

How to be successful in bars and clubs

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And it will make it far more easy to approach them whether you have already approached them or not.

Have fun

Most importantly of all, you should enjoy the whole process, think about it, you are approaching and talking to beautiful women.

It is very important that you enjoy the process and have fun and it does not matter what happens as long as you learn and push yourself.

Your success with generating and attracting women and having success is not based on 1 or 2 interactions with women it is about constantly approaching and pushing what you think you can do that is possible.

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