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How to Be Her Main Guy

How to Be Her Main Guy

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about How to Be Her Main Guy
So you are tired of being her side guy or friend who was friend-zoned ages ago and want to be the guy waking up with a face on your side and the face in her social media status with the hashtag Monday crush Monday? You are in for luck because I will tell you, as a woman, what you can do to get the main piece of the cake. Here are five proven ways of slipping your way from a friend or side guy to her leading man.

Step up

Let’s put it this way, if she gives you her time and you are currently her friend or side guy then know you are one step closer to the reward all you need to do is up to your game. The reason you are not the main guy is that she doesn’t think you are ready to take full responsibility of a committed relationship and once you show that then you are in for a surprise my friend. Get a good job, have your life all planned out and even get a pet. You’ll be surprised at how this will work magic. Just ensure you don’t get a dog to impress her and fail to take care of it.

Take her out on an official date

Stop asking her to go hang out with you but ask her out on an official date. Chose a nice restaurant with a romantic ambience that will immediately set her mind crazy with questions as to what’s gotten into you. Make it casual and flirty. This kind of move shows you are ready for something more than the indoors Netflix and chilling action.

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