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How to be confident with women

How to be confident with women

How to be confident with women

Brendan had been single for most of his adult life. It seemed like the only women who were interested in him didn’t interest him at all.

Those he did find interesting he also found intimidating and he became incredibly nervous if he could scrape the courage together to approach them.

By the time he reached his late thirties, Brendan was lonely and he became increasingly desperate.

One evening he decided to change his behavior and face his fear. He spent about an hour sitting in a bar by himself, drinking to give himself some liquid courage, before going over to a beautiful woman and using a stale pickup line.

(I’d advise you to work on your confidence to be able to stand up to your partner: Confidence Pillars).

Needless to say, Brendan got rejected because he didn’t know how to be confident with women. While he had the right idea in changing his behaviour, his execution was completely wrong. He contacted Kamalifestyles for dating advice.

His coach worked with him to identify problem behaviours and weak points. Women are attracted to confident men and Brendan had no self-confidence.

Brendan’s Kamalifestyles training focused on how to be confident with women.

Control your body language. The way you walk, sit and stand and present yourself convey your state of mind and inner thoughts. Your clothing should be stylish, neat and clean, and your grooming impeccable.

When you walk into a room, keep your body relaxed with good posture, your head up and your shoulders squared. When you speak to her, look her in the eyes.

Looking around or at your feet makes you look inattentive, disinterested and insecure. When you sit down, place yourself at a 90-degree angle to her, giving her the opportunity to turn towards you. Never lean in or hover as this makes you look needy.

How to be confident with women relies on your ability to stay positive. Brendan’s Kamalifestyles coach explained that rejection is part of life, but every rejection should teach you something and improve your skill in approaching beautiful women.

Take compliments with good grace; deflecting a compliment is a sign of insecurity. If you talk about yourself, focus on the positives – show her your best attributes and tell her about the things in your life that you’re most passionate about.

How to be confident with women

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Your enthusiasm will give her the opportunity to connect with you on an emotional level.

Use your voice to show your confidence. When learning how to be confident with women, the Kamalifestyles coach advised Brendan to speak quite loudly with a deep, clear voice. Confident men aren’t shy about what they say or who hears them and they do not mumble or whisper.

Don’t be intimidated and know your worth. Brendan and his coach worked together to identify the things about him that he truly liked. He has a great sense of humor, but his lack of confidence meant that few people ever got to see this part of him.

He also had to learn that his worth isn’t dependant on looks, his income or his social status. Everyone has unique personality traits that make them interesting to others, and learning to like yourself involves being honest about what these are.

A part of Brendan’s Kamalifestyles training on how to be confident with women involved going to a bar with his coach to see the techniques he’d learned and to use them while his coach was there to point out the mistakes he was making.

Over the course of the evening, Brendan approached women without hesitating or becoming tongue-tied. It wasn’t long before he met Susan. They’ve been dating for a while and things are getting serious. Learning how to be confident with women gave Brendan the skills he needed to change his life.

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