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How To Be Attractive To Women?

How To Be Attractive To Women?

Hello guys and girls, it’s me Iain Myles here from KamaTV and from, and I’m very pleased and excited to bring you yet another infield video today so I hope you’re ready! So in today’s infield clip, me and the living and breathing Mr. Kamalifestyles himself, we cold- approach to really gorgeous blonde girls right off the beach- front and we get into a nice conversation with them so we can meet them later on. Guys I will share with you my thoughts on the interaction, but please do put your own thoughts and comments in the comments section, as I’d be interested to get your insights too!

Be Attractive To Women

But before we get going though, I just want to remind you that we offer an intensive 70 hour plus programme with us, so that you too can meet girls just like this. We will teach you and coach you to meet really gorgeous girls, whether you like them blonde or brunette, through what’s called our Residential Training Programme. The programme is a intensive immersion where we cover any and every sort of aspect of dating and cold- approach you can imagine, you will learn everything there is to know, which you can simply replicate yourself in your own free time after the course finishes. So to find out more about the programme, then click on the link in the video’s description right down below. You can also click on the card above and it will take you to the page. Okay so let’s get back to it, and let’s see how the interaction went with the girls, so stay tuned!

Okay, so what can we gather from the footage? Well as you can see, the blonde girl that I had cold- approached was really quiet, she was actually really shy, but she was really smart and incredibly incredibly attractive. I presume she was more introverted than usual, which could be why she had studied Maths at university or perhaps she became introverted as a result of her interest in this, who knows. Anyway that’s beside the point, her being smarter than usual was fantastic because I was able to relate with her on an intellectual level, and not simply ONLY on an emotional level, which was really nice and refreshing for me.

So we really connected well because she liked geeky stuff, she liked science and she liked Interstellar as I absolutely love that movie… I know, I’m a bit of a geek myself, but I DON’T CARE! Funnily enough, and if you’ve been following my footages for some time now, I tend to bring up Interstellar when I’m on dates with girls and even sometimes when I’m midway through a conversation. I bring it up because I simply love talking about it, and so it gets me excited and it gets me into a passionate state of mind. And this my friends is powerful because when you’re excited and when you enter into passionate state- of- mind about something, that will then make you feel relaxed and far more talkative. When you’re relaxed, you can then have free reign and you then have the ability to access the social- side of your brain, and you will know what to say and when to say it. So a really good tip for the guys out there who stumble when they’re talking to a girl or if you feel like you sometimes run out of things to say – as a backup, always revert back to what you’re passionate about or what gets you excited, when you communicate with your girl. So really try to think long and hard of what you really like – it could be a movie you’re really into, it might be a book that you’ve recently read or even somewhere you’ve travelled. But look, don’t worry, if you haven’t done any of these just really think to yourself what else you’re passionate about – and don’t worry at all if it’s really nerdy like a comic book you read or a football match you’ve watched, girls don’t mind, honestly! Because it’s not so much about the content of what you’re saying – you see when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about, she will be look at the way in which you communicate and the way in which you express yourself, not so much on the content of what you’re saying. And the beauty is, you will find that your communication will be so much better and more natural when you’re delving into passionate topics. And that is what builds the real attraction, it’s your passion and your energy. We all love listening to people who are passionate and especially when we’re dating, it’s so interesting and attractive, and this applies to women too as well as to men. The problem nowadays is, so few men actually express themselves fully and completely, when they’re communicating, and when they’re going on dates with women because of the fear of being judged for saying something silly. But this is ridiculous! Don’t feel like you need to be oppressed and don’t feel like you need to someone that you’re not, and really do express yourself. Even if you did a great presentation at work on accounting and you felt like it moved you, and you felt like you did a really good job, then definitely talk about it. So yeah for me, I would always centre around a movie that I liked watching or perhaps a place that I had travelled to which I can vividly remember. I suppose it’s not simply the memories we draw upon from these experiences but the feelings that we had at the time. The positive feelings that you felt, as you’re basically going about transferring them to the girl you’re talking to. And you see – that transfer of the positive energy is so potent and so attractive. Guys need to understand and to realise that the intimate communication between a man and a woman is so different to that between an non- intimate conversation between two men who are friends or colleagues, because if I were to bring up something random to a friend of mine mid- way through a conversation, he would probably ask me why on earth I’m talking about that, or he would berate me and grill me on the matter. However when intimacy’s concerned, these topics are so much more forgivable in the line of sight of the woman you’re trying to attract. So definitely get into the habit of expressing yourself fully and truly, enjoy expressing yourself and your interests and you’ll see a huge difference in your interactions with girls. You’ll even begin to see that spark in their eyes as they realise they’re hanging out with a cool operator, that spark is actually their attraction switches turning on.

And this leads me onto my next point, which relates to the actual content of my conversation with this very girl. You see Guys often come to me and they say that wit and one’s flirting ability is something that you’re either born with or not, something that you acquire at a really young age and there’s no way they can develop it… You see I strongly disagree with this statement. But, hey, I have even better news for you! – You have to understand that you don’t always need to be that super flirtatious guy to be able to connect with a girl or to even hook up with a girl, you can use your intellect too. I mean, look, we are all different and women are different too. And so there are always going to be a sub- set of women out there who appreciate smart topics and who can really relate to it. There is no such thing as a one- size fits- all method in dating! And I know this sounds really geeky but it is what it is because dating is much more of an art than it is a science. The guys that I train, they always come knocking on my door and they think that they need to be running their A- Game in terms of wit and in terms of using impressive lines or routines but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can also attract women through your general knowledge as intelligence is also an attractive quality in a man. However don’t misunderstand me here and don’t fall into the trap of getting into a really logical discussion or even a heated debate about what came first, the chicken or the egg. Be careful, because we’re not here to have a debate, we want to develop a decent connection with her. And we simply just want to access some of our intellect in order to spice- up the conversation that you’re having. And look, you don’t necessarily need to be super smart and have a PhD in Physics to be able to do this – you could simply have recently read something, you could’ve read an article online or even read an interesting book, which could’ve resonated with you. So it’s something you can bring up in the conversation. So let go of that stereotype and let go of that limiting belief that you have to be the wittiest guy in the room in order to stand a chance with her, it’s just not true. Think of other ways in which you can add a dressing to your conversation. And you can’t tell me that you have no intellect or that you don’t know anything, that’s not true, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Even if you’re a plumber, you would have some knowledge about how pressure systems work in a building, so never limit yourself and say that you have nothing to offer! But hey I understand that everyone is different here too and some of you may already be witty and some of you like keeping the conversation really light in terms of content, which is absolutely fine too. So definitely embrace that and express that part of yourself, however it would never hurt to mix things up either.

Going slightly off- topic now, I do realise that not everyone is into intelligent girls. I think for me though, personally I really like it when a girl’s smart and switched- on because I feel like I can learn something from the conversation and I feel more mentally challenged when I’m communicating with her, which is so much more interesting than a dull conversation. But hey, everyone’s different and it’s not super important on the grand scale of things, it’s just a bonus for me. You’d be surprised to know that I wasn’t always like this, I didn’t always think like this. Because when I was much younger, I used to be more intimidated by a smarter girl in the sense that my ego would feel at threat for not knowing as much as her, which was a negative way of thinking. And then many years later, I began to see the light, as I realised that there’s so much more to gain from someone, from a girl, who’s high up in her field and it would in fact be wise to hang out with them if I’m embarking on a journey of self- development, and I suppose just to see what they’re about. Look, I love all girls, regardless of their IQ and what they have on paper. And you can still connect with people, you can connect with other girls equally well, despite of an apparent difference in your intelligence levels. But needless to say, never limit yourself to one type of women, as your pool of choice will be smaller. Be open to different types of women and don’t be so quick to remove yourself from the equation if she’s giving you a lecture on micro- biology for example.

Ladies and Gents, we have sadly come to the end- of- the- road, I want to thank you for watching and I do hope you liked my video today. I hope you like my insights. But most importantly, I hope it has given you some ideas in terms of what you need to do when you’re meeting women for the first time, such as being passionate and also to spice- up your conversations with something intellectual too. Please do keep me posted on how you get on, put your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to give the video a big thumbs up too! It may be all I have for today, but this is just the beginning – it’s the beginning of a new era in dating and I almost certainly will be back, as I have many more action packed videos in the pipeline in various different types of settings and locations so do stay tuned!

Today you were joined by Iain Myles and I shall see you next time!

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