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How to be a wingman?

How to be a wingman?

Hi Ladies and Gents it’s none other than me, Iain Myles here, from KamaTV and from And you’ll be pleased to know that I am back with yet another action packed infield video for you today. So today I’m going to be showing you a piece of infield footage that was actually filmed at the night time, a bit different to the beach- front clip that I showed you last week.

Be a wingman

In the footage, Emre and I approach two really gorgeous and bubbly blonde girls, and we persuade them to go on a date with us – literally on the spot and not having met them before. But before we get going though I just want to remind you that we offer an exclusive one- on- one Residential Training Programme at Kamalifestyles. In this very programme, either myself, Annabella Rose or Emre, we will literally motivate you and we will physically take you out to the bars, to the clubs as well as to the shopping malls during the daytime. We will take you out and we will motivate you to approach really attractive ladies, and we will show you that it’s actually really easy when you know what to say and how to structure your interactions. And remember that this isn’t a bootcamp as you’re not going to be part of a larger group of men, No. This is a bespoke one- on- one training service, tailored towards your level of confidence and social ability. It is also a fully confidential course, and we will teach you everything we know about dating and attracting beautiful women in the 70+ hours of the programme. So if you feel like embarking on this incredible journey with us, then click on the Residential Training Programme link in the video’s description. You can also click on the card in the video and it will take you to the Residential page.

Okay so today I’m going to talk to you about the dynamics of approaching and of interacting with women when you’re accompanied with a friend or a “wingman”, as it’s sometimes known as. The discussion that will follow might seem obvious and might seem like common sense to you, however what we find is when we actually put ourselves out- there – when we put ourselves in these types of interactions with women, all of the common sense breaks down as our anxieties take over and have the best of us! And it’s always easier said than done, so it’s sometimes helpful to know what to do beforehand, as you’ll be far better equipped and much more mentally prepared when you’re out, socialising with the opposite sex. Okay so enough of my rant. Let’s watch the footage and let’s see how Emre and I got along with the two girls – so stay tuned!

Okay, now I hope you liked the infield footage and I hope it’s given you some ideas as to how you can escalate an interaction with a group of girls you’ve just met from the street. So what are the key takeaways from this interaction and what can we learn?

Well one of the first points to take note of is – When you approach a girl for the first time, make sure that your wingman occupies her friend, pretty much straight away, as soon as you approach your girl. This is really important. You have to make sure he’s not just standing behind you like a lamppost or a lost soul, and he’s actually contributing to the conversation. It basically gives off a far better first impression when your friend’s synced with you and when he’s as sociable as you are. Just look back at the footage and see how Emre occupies the other girl whilst I’m engaging with my girl. That’s how you’re supposed to do it! If you find that your wingman’s not doing it properly, then be assertive about it and tell him what he’s doing wrong. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to get good advice from you as you’re both on the same journey of self- development.

And likewise, if the roles are reversed, make sure you jump in in order to occupy the other girl when your friend initiates an interaction. Be really selfless about it because the more you help your friend and the more you set the rhetoric that you’ll always be there to help him, the more he will reciprocate and he will do the same for you! Okay, also another point here is, remember if the girl that you’re occupying or the girl you’re supposed to be occupying, if she gets bored, then she will pull her friend away. So it’s up to you to help out!

However you also want to be careful as you both don’t want to approach the girls at the exact same time either, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. If you do this, the girl’s might get pressured and they might leave. So wait until your friend has approached the girl and wait until he’s got their attention – this generally takes a few seconds only. Once he’s established his footing in the interaction, then it’s up to you to provide the helping hand. So be observant and be aware of what’s going on.

Guys, the beginning part of any new interaction is very important and it can be the make or break. So really try to put your focus on this, always take action and keep practicing and learning from your mistakes until you’ve mastered the initial part.

Okay so another important point to take on board when socialising with your friend is – set yourselves certain rules, certain standards, to abide by at all times. For instance, a rule that we teach our clients at Kamalifestyles is simply: whoever starts the interaction, whoever approaches first, they “own” the interaction too. So what I mean here is – whoever approaches first, they will have dibs on the girl they fancy. So it’s really up to them to decide and to communicate to you who they’re going for, or which girl they fancy. This avoids a tremendous amount of frustration later on in the interaction. Let me give you an example here, I remember many many years ago I had a friend who I used to go out with who seemed to think that you could battle your way to winning over the more attractive girl in the group. This was such a bad strategy and it failed us so many times when we were out as you will both ending up losing in this situation. So like I said before, you really need to establish some common grounds and you need to set some rules in terms of the girl’s each of you are going for, in order to get the best result when you’re out. And even if you don’t like the girl you’re occupying for your friend, you need to stick with her, regardless. Because the next time, it will be your turn and your friend will ‘wing’ you with a less attractive girl, when your girl might be far more attractive. So always think of the long- term benefits here!

How to be a wingman?

So Right off- the- bat focus on your target. And never ever switch targets either! I mean don’t get me wrong here because it’s okay to talk to your friend’s girl on occasion. It’s okay. However don’t get carried away and don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing as it will come across very disingenuous. Don’t completely switch over to your friend’s girl because you will lose a lot of credibility, your girl will get confused and frustrated and it’s all going to blow up in your face.

I actually had a really interesting experience once when I was at a club. I had just approached a girl that I had really liked. It was going really well and we went to the bar to talk as it was quieter there. As we walked towards the bar, and all of a sudden, her friend just popped out of nowhere. She was incredibly attractive, she came out- of- the- blue and she launched herself into my face as if she wanted to kiss me. I didn’t know what was going on at the time, it didn’t make any sense as it was obviously some sort of test and I felt that it wasn’t a good idea to kiss her back. So I told her friend, this really gorgeous girl, to back away as I didn’t want to kiss her and I wasn’t interested, purely because I liked the girl that I was talking to. And then she IMMEDIATELY told me that I was such a nice guy and that I could take her friend home with me, just like that! It was so hilarious. Her friend and I then became really good friends and we all did leave the club together! However I’ll tell you the full story some other time, as there’s so much more to it. Okay so the moral of the story here is, don’t switch over to your friends girl or to a different girl in the group as it will ruin your chances, so just don’t do it.

Okay so another important point to bear in mind is to know where you’re going to sit when you take the girls on the instant date. If, for instance, the two girls sit down first then think about how you’re going to position yourself closer to your girl. Don’t sit next to your friend’s girl because that will create a barrier and it will force you both to switch your “targets”, so tread carefully and think about it. It’s therefore really useful to know your logistics beforehand and know where you going to go on the date beforehand. Then you don’t leave things to chance as you’ll already have a good idea where you’re going to sit and it makes things so much easier.

Okay and when it comes to kissing and taking the interaction further with your girl, be careful here as you don’t want to make your girl appear sleazy in front of her friend. So leave the kissing when you’re alone together. Look, this is obviously a generalisation as every group of girls is different as some girls won’t have a problem with you kissing them in front of their friends. However, to be on the safe side, I would do it away from her friends as kissing her in front of her friends will go against you more often than not. So think of a way to isolate your girl away from her friend for a few minutes at least. A good tip here is to show her something at the bar, like the display of drinks for instance. This gives you a great excuse to walk her away from her friend where you both have some privacy together. It’s also good for your friend because he, too, can then try to kiss the girl he’s engaging with. So you can go about this by simply asking her friend if you can borrow your girl for a few minutes – this is quite a cheeky way of doing it because if her friend says: “yes, of course”, then the girl you’re with will seldom disagree with her friends decision. You could also just ask the girl you’re with, whisper to her, that you want to show her something at the bar – do this when the conversation’s on a high as you’re far more likely to have her accept than not.

Guys what you’ve witnessed in the infield footage I showed you earlier on is teamwork at its best. When Emre and I are out and about we sync really well together and we know exactly what the other’s thinking when we’re interacting with two other girls. You see I could give you a whole host of tips to implement with your wingman, however the most important tip of them all is teamwork! I cannot stress how important this is and it really is the make or break between you taking the girl home with you or going home alone.

You see guys the beauty about our Residential Training Programmes is that when either myself, Annabella Rose or Emre take you out, one- on- one. We will basically be your wingman or wingwoman, which will accelerate your success when you’re at the bars or at the clubs. Even when we take you out during the daytime, we will also approach larger groups of girls and the same applies there too. So, not only will it look like we’ve been besties for a long time, you will also learn from us how to be a wingman – basically you will learn everything that I’ve already mentioned but in practical terms. Just imagine yourself being in Emre’s shoes with the two girls from the footage. That’s basically what you can expect from the Residential Training Programme. And it’s great because when we’re at it together, you will feel so much more relaxed as we will be interacting together, you will never find yourself alone. In addition to that, you will see first- hand what I say in each and every interaction, as well as how I communicate. When you see it for yourself, with your own eyes, you will begin to believe it. It will become your new reality and then you will be able to simply replicate it or mimic it for yourself and get the success you’ve always wanted. It really is that simple, and that is how we have so many successful clients who sign- up to our training programmes.

Guys and girls this is sadly all I have for you today, we have come to the end of yet another video; sad times. However I hope you found the insights in this video useful and I hope it gives you a better idea of the key things to implement when you’re out with your mate or your wing- man. Remember that the essence of a good wingman is someone who’s a team- player, someone who’s selfless and someone who’s always on the look- out to help his buddy – as a mate you are always willing to help your friend get a nice girl, despite of what’s in front of you and even if your friend’s girl gives you a keen look – never let that sway you from helping your friend! And you will see – purely by having this sort of selfless mentality, you will see how it will pay you back in dividends at some point in the future. So be wise and make the right moves!

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