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How to attract beautiful women

How to attract beautiful women

Quinton was sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by when a beautiful woman sat down at the table next to his. He wanted to lean over and say hello, but he felt too nervous because he was intimidated by her looks. He sat at his table, drinking his coffee, sneaking glances at her every few seconds.

If she caught him looking, he quickly looked away. When he saw she was getting ready to leave, he realised that his opportunity to talk to her was slipping away. He jumped up and hurried over, grabbed her elbow and introduced himself.

Quinton had no idea how to attract beautiful women: She shook him off and, instead of returning his greeting, gave him a dirty look and hurried off. He approached Kamalifestyles for help and advice. When he explained what had happened to his dating coach, the coach pointed out his mistakes and how to correct them.

Appearance and how to attract beautiful women: Quinton’s style was outdated and he looked scruffy. His hair was unkempt and he needed a good haircut. His clothes were rumpled and not particularly fashionable. Women judge men on how they look and how they present themselves. He needed to update his look and work on the way he carried himself.

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The importance of confidence: Quinton clearly suffered from low self-esteem, a definite put-off when it comes to how to attract beautiful women. While sitting at his table, his body language told the woman that he knows he’s not good enough for her. Sitting with hunched shoulders and not making or keeping eye contact gives the impression that he’s insecure and unsure of himself. Women are attracted to confident men who add value to their lives.

Quinton’s Kamalifestyles: coach taught him how to be more confident by controlling his body language and tone of voice to show women that he’s not intimidated and that he’s someone worth knowing.

How to attract beautiful women: depends on approaching them within the first three seconds of seeing them. Because Quinton hesitated for such a long time, the woman had had enough time to judge him as unworthy and ignore him. His interest became creepy and the longer he waited, the more nervous he became. His fear of rejection became stronger than his desire to meet the woman he was interested in.

The approach: Instead of a cool, confident approach, Quinton pounced on her. His actions seemed confrontational rather than friendly. How to attract beautiful women rests on how they are approached.

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Grabbing her elbow was an equally bad idea as her personal space was invaded in a threatening manner. The Kamalifestyles coach explained that he should’ve approached her from an angle, using fluid motions that showed strength and confidence, without leaning in or touching her in what can be seen as an aggressive way.

The opener: The first thing Quinton blurted out when he went up to the woman was “Hi, I’m Quinton.” He didn’t engage her in conversation or give her any reason to keep talking to him.

He didn’t make her laugh or ask her opinion or interest her in any way. His Kamalifestyles coach explained how to attract beautiful women by getting their attention and building attraction, teaching him techniques and routines he could use in the future.

Quinton worked hard at changing his behavior and appearance. He set goals for himself and continues developing his skills.

At the moment, he approaches at least twenty women a week and his skills have improved so dramatically that he goes on several dates each week.

Since learning how to attract beautiful women through his Kamalifestyles training course, his dating life has improved dramatically.

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