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How to ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out

There’s a secret to how to ask a girl out. It’s not a special chat up line, and has nothing to do with looks, income or social status. Most men are intimidated by beautiful women because there’s something missing from their lives: confidence.

Their fear of rejection is so crippling that they start to stutter and stammer, becoming the opposite of what women find attractive. Women love strong, confident men. More often than not, fear of rejection becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dating coaching with Kama Lifestyles teaches men how to be confident enough to ask a girl out.

Most men make the same mistakes before learning how to ask a girl out

    • They ask a girl to go out some time. By being vague they avoid being rejected immediately. Additionally, it gives the girl the opportunity to find excuses and dodge both them and the date. Besides, it just makes how to ask a girl out extra stressful. Instead of asking her out once, they’ll have to do it again when they call to make the date. At some point they’ll have to face the chances of being rejected. Rather get it over with immediately.
    • They seem needy and overeager. Showing an interest is one thing, but being too emotionally involved may make her lose interest. Men tend to forget that women like a challenge too. Showing women that they’re in love with them too soon leads to rejection.
    • They choose clichéd places for the first date. When Kama Lifestyles coaches give advice on how to ask a girl out many men admit that they ask girls to dinner or a movie (or both) on a first date. This immediately puts pressure on the woman. Neither environment is good for conversation – the table creates a barrier between the man and woman at dinner, and conversation is irritating and near impossible in the cinema.

How to ask a girl out relies on a couple of things you should do too:

    • Have more than one option available. Focusing on one woman may make you seem needy and clingy because you’re too anxious about the possibility of being rejected. Knowing that you have a few other people to phone will leave you relaxed and confident.
    • Expect her not to be the perfect match for you. You never know, she may not be the best choice for you. By keeping your expectations low when learning how to ask a girl out you can remove emotion from equation. This is another trick you can use to make sure you don’t sound needy and desperate, and you’re extra confident.
    • Be confident enough not to ask her out. Tell her you’re going out for a coffee or drinks and she’s welcome to come. Be casual if she doesn’t want to come. This takes the pressure off her and makes it seem less like you’re trying to bribe her into spending time with you.
    • Show her your fun side. Learning will involve learning how to be confident enough to show her your personality. Everyone has a fun side, and inviting her to an amusement park, a museum, or your favourite cafe gives you the chance to show her yours in a comfortable setting. Being in a place you’re comfortable with will leave you more confident.

Kama Lifestyles coaches have taught a number of clients how to ask a girl out be being strong and confident. You cannot allow yourself to be ruled by the fear of rejection, or to be too shy or insecure to be yourself. Learn how to ask a girl out by changing your attitude and behaviour.

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