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How to Approach a Group of Girls? (Infield Footage)

How to Approach a Group of Girls? (Infield Footage),Hi guys it’s Iain Myles here and so today I’m going to be talking to you about the various dynamics involved when approaching larger groups of women and I’m also going to be showing you some real life infield footage where I cold- approach a group of gorgeous girls. In case you haven’t done so already don’t forget to follow me on my various social media pages.Guys, approaching girls in larger groups is so beneficial for you, in order for you to succeed in your dating life because beautiful women are seldom alone! Of course you can, on occasion, find hot girls walking on their own however you really can’t rely on these diamonds to appear out- of- the- blue and so you need a fool- proof strategy in order to get them, which is the purpose of this video today! So anyway before we get bogged down with the nitty gritty why don’t I show you a piece of infield footage where I attract a girl from a larger group – let’s check it out!

Guys the best best advice that I can give to you in order to succeed in this avenue of dating is to work on your mindset. You need to work on your mindset but specifically you need to cultivate and build the sort of mindset where you challenge yourself. You basically need to develop a competitive- type mindset as this will help you to detach yourself from the fear of the approach and from the fear of approaching a group of girls. So when you go about doing this stuff, really try to embrace the competitiveness of this, and really try to find the competitive- side to this as this will help you to succeed.

Okay but don’t misunderstand me here as I’m not saying that you have to compete with others, I’m not saying that you have to compete with your friends or even with the guys you’re going out with, no! What I mean is, you have to compete with yourself. In fact, think of it as you competing with the inner part or the inner demon of you which is scared. Think of it as if you’re trying to prove that fearful part of you that it’s got it totally wrong – you stubbornly try to prove to it that you’re right and it should listen to you. We kind of need to emotionally elevate ourselves and affirm to ourselves that we want to compete against it – this really is the mindset you want to cultivate. I mean without this competitive attitude you’re going to doubt yourself when you’re out, you’re going to procrastinate as negative thoughts and beliefs are going to pop- up in your head and this is going to prevent you from taking action. So my advice to you is, really try to find and discover that competitiveness inside of you when you’re out and about.

Guys it’s like a muscle and it doesn’t come out of thin air, you need to develop it and you need to work on it over time but you will eventually learn how to embrace it so don’t worry. I mean you sometimes need to look at yourself from the third person – you sometimes need to take a step outside of your body and just look at yourself from that perspective. That observer or watcher has the power to make those changes and has the ability to get that competition started with yourself. So when you go out and about really try to detach yourself and get that competition fired up. In fact sometimes it’s useful to go through these mental exercises before you go out – it’s good to do this as it focuses the mind on what you’re going to do, on the action that you’re going to take. It’s kind of like an affirmation I suppose except it’s more of a visual exercise if you know what I mean. I always recommend my clients take at least 30 minutes of their time, prior to going out, to focus on this. Really try to visual yourself winning in those situations and competing with your inner demon. Really try to visualise yourself proving that fearful part of you wrong and go about it in a stubborn way as this will elevate you emotionally and will allow you to take loads of action.

Approach a Group of Girls

And this nicely leads me onto my next point, which will naturally come about when you do this exercise. You really need to try to get into the habit of approaching everyone in order to overcome your fear of approaching those girls in groups. Just get into the habit of not assessing each situation as you see them. Who cares if they’re huddled around in a circle and talking…who cares if they’re really loud, ambling down the road and laughing…who cares if they’re on their phones and looking really serious. It really doesn’t matter! Because ultimately there will be an infinite number of situations that can arise and we can’t have a separate strategy for each individual situation, that would be impossible as we can’t predict the future, so just accept that you will have to tackle it there and then. Going back to the footage of the three girls I showed you, I actually initially approached them when they were walking in a really packed crowd – when I came near to them, in fact I actually initially had my eyes set on the blondie – when I came to her there were so many people around her, there were guys around her, there were other women around her, it was quite an open position but I didn’t let that bother me at all. Actually when I approached her I was squashed into a small space, which brought me quite close to her personal space, which is not always a good idea when you do a cold- approach, I was confined to this space but I didn’t let it bother me either and I continued with the interaction. So try not to over- think the situation too much beforehand and really try to get into the habit of approaching groups of girls in any sort of situation.

Guys just relax and let go of what you think will happen if you approach them, for bad or even for good. Learn to let go and get into the habit of taking that initial leap. As I mentioned before, think of it as a competition or a challenge and see it as a challenge rather than something that is difficult or hard to do. It’s all about your mindset. Of course there will be times when it might feel impossible to approach a group of girls – you might think that there’s a higher degree of humiliation involved if something goes wrong but that’s nonsense. It will be fine, just give it a go and take the plunge.

At this stage you’re probably thinking this is all easier said than done. Well guys, another way in which you can overcome the fear of approaching larger groups of women is simply by going out more often. Interestingly, the other day one of my clients’ asked me, “how often I go out?”. When I told him how often I really go out he was quite shocked and stunned. Guys I only go out either when I’m being filmed or when I’m coaching clients, I don’t really go out leisurely as I feel that I’ve overcome the fear of approaching girls in groups and in any sort of situation. However don’t get me wrong, when you’re starting off you need to go out much more often! You need to be going out and you need to be practicing and developing this competency as unfortunately there’s no magic pill or magic formula out there. I mean I wish, I really do wish that I could give you and teach you everything that I know and just implant you with my competency in this but unfortunately I can’t, I’m not “Sky Net”.

But don’t worry as you will eventually get into the rhythm of it, you’ll eventually get into the rhythm of going out and interacting with groups of women. When you go out more often you get so much more “calibrated” and you’ll become very indifferent to approaching larger groups of girls. You will really get into the rhythm of going out and conversation’s will feel much more natural.

Guys they say that approaching larger groups of girls is more difficult but that’s utter rubbish, it’s actually much more fun and it feels great when you can win over a group of girls. You need to try it to believe it. I mean come on! what’s the worst that could happen? A group of pretty girls won’t attack you and even if they do decide to kidnap you and make you a sex slave it’s alright there are worse things in this world. There are so many benefits to it too, you will become so much sharper when you go out, wittier too.

So what else could possibly be the benefit of all of this, of all this anguish and hard work that I’m telling you to go through…Well think about it for a second, the major benefit of winning her over when her friends are there, when her friends are present, is that she won’t need to thinking about introducing you to her friends later on, which plays upon a lot of women’s minds when they meet someone new. So basically the girl will feel far more relaxed as a result, and she won’t need to worry about you being accepted by her social circle of friends or not as you’ve pretty much approached her when her social circle are around!

And how else can we benefit from doing this? Well guys, come on now… there’s nothing to say that you can’t take each and every one of them, all of the girls for drinks and bring them back to your place. Don’t listen to what these so- called self- proclaimed dating experts say when they say you should only approach girls on their own or you will have more success when girls are on their own, it’s absolute rubbish. I approach girls in all sorts of situations – whether they’re on their own or in larger groups, it doesn’t really matter. And I’ve taken countless numbers of girls home when they’re in groups of 2 or 3, it’s really not as impossible as you might think. And look I’m not saying that you will hook up with all of them (which could happen too!) but it’s great fun to bring them back and have a party with them all. And you can focus on the girl that you fancy when the party’s going on so it’s really not an issue at all.

Anyway that’s all I have for you today unfortunately but I hope you find the video helpful. Guys if you’d like to become a master of the ladies I would highly recommend you have a look at our Residential Training Programme. It’s a 70+ hour programme where we will teach you everything we know about dating…and we will take you out everywhere – to the bars, to the nightclubs and we will even take you out during the daytime – this is not another one of those cliche bootcamps where you’re treated as just another number of a larger group of guys, No. This is an exclusive one- on- one training course so you will benefit from us being by your side all the time. So if you’re interested then please do click on the link in the video description and also click on the card in the video and it will take you to the Kamalifestyles residential page.

Guys I will be back with much much more action packed footage for you so stay tuned. I’m Iain Myles and I’ll see you next time!

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