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How to Approach a Girl at Work

How to Approach a Girl at Work

It is normal to develop a crush with a woman you work with because you spend a lot of time together. Actually statistics show that couples who hook up at work are likes to get married. The problem is how guys we work with make it weird for us once they figure out that they like us. Guys who are into a woman they like but afraid of rejection start being weird around them. It creeps out the woman without you knowing. Here are ways on how to approach a girl at work:

Break the ice

Your relationship with the girl is built around your work. When you want to approach a woman and make her think of you outside the office, you have a task to create a relationship that’s casual. Start a small talk that will make you know her as a person and not a colleague at work. Sincere compliments are also a great way to break the ice because it fall as official and casual. Don’t assume that just because we work together that we know you. So when you are breaking the ice you want to make a lasting impression that will put you in our radar.

Flip up the moment

You have so many opportunities at work to approach the girl you like and make her like you. No matter how good we are at work there is always need for help. You can be polite and offer to help her and tease her as you are helping. We feel indebted to people who are nice to us and that’s a feeling you want her to have towards you. You can tease her that because you helped she can have lunch with you at the cafeteria. Look at the moment that she needs helps at work and work it to your advantage but also don’t push her too hard or she will report you for harassment haha joking

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