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How to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings

How to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings

Sometimes when you are about to do something, it sounds really good in your head until you do it. Then BOOM she’s not talking to you or picking up your calls.


Most guys don’t intend on hurting the feelings of the woman they care about but it happens. Don’t worry, it happens even to the best of us.


We all have that time when we mess up and know it will cost us a lot. If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably because you are looking for creative ways to apologize to your girlfriend. Creative apologies can sometimes allow you to get away with a huge mistake scot-free.


In this blog, we’ll look at creative ways of how to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings. We’ll look at aspects to consider when you want to apologize because women are different.

Your girlfriend for hurting

While for some women a simple sorry might do, there are others who’ll consider your apology with a Maserati wrapped with a sorry ribbon on their front yard. No matter how difficult or hurt your woman is, there’s always a middle ground that you can work things out.


Fights and disagreements are a crucial part of forming a relationship’s character. You’re likely to hurt your woman’s feelings more than once because of your differences in personality, values, and principles.


The fights help you understand your girlfriend’s boundaries. They trigger neutral ground to forge compromises that will help build your relationship. Progressive fights help you become better partners to each other.


Let’s look at things you need to consider when you want to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings:


1.     The medium of apology.


How you deliver an apology in person and over the phone is completely different. When you are apologizing over the phone, you are susceptible to misunderstanding which can lead to bigger fights between you.


On the other hand, a one-on-one apology might trigger anxiety which can prevent you from fully expressing yourself. That can interfere with how you deliver your apology.



The best medium to use when apologizing to your girlfriend is one that you use most in communicating. If you like texting, it can be a perfect medium for an apology because it’s a space that you both feel comfortable talking.


2.     Your intention for apologizing.


Are you apologizing because your girlfriend wants you to or because you feel that she’s hurt and it’s the right thing to do? Most guys swallow their pride and apologize not because they are sorry but because they hurt their chances of being with the girl.


Your intention for apologizing can be a strong motivation to propel you through the process. When an apology comes from the mind, you don’t put much effort if what you are losing doesn’t have higher importance in your life.


However, an apology that comes from the heart comes with emotions that can put everything into perspective. Most women are easy to access when you connect with them emotionally. She’ll see things from your perspective and maybe forgive you.


3.     The intensity of emotional hurt.


You can hurt your woman’s feelings by forgetting to pick laundry but you can also hurt her more by forgetting her birthday. All these are ways your girlfriend can be hurt but one is more painful than the other.


It will be unnecessary to take your woman for a vacation across the world as an apology for forgetting to pick laundry.


Or buying her a bracelet as an apology for infidelity. The intensity of the mistake you made can help you the intensity of your apology.


You can determine the intensity of emotional hurt by looking at what is damaged. Aspects like trust, confidence, and self-esteem have a strong emotional attachment. When a woman is strongly emotionally connected to something it can take a lot from you to make her accept your apology.


It becomes less challenging for a woman to accept your apology when the intensity of your apology matches the mistake you made.


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4.     The time frame.


How to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings can sometimes be a slow process depending on what is broken. You can structure your apology depending on the time frame that the woman might take to overcome it.



You can hurt your woman’s feelings and after 5 minutes it’s like it never happened. But there are mistakes that you do that will get you pursuing the woman with your apology for weeks. The time frame that forgiveness might require can give a clear blueprint of how to apologize.


5.     Your emotional state.


You’ll be on the climbing lane when you try to apologize for a mistake that you feel you are being treated unfairly for. When you can’t clearly see the wrong in your actions that would prompt an apology script, then it becomes a challenge on how you approach the apology.


Most guys say sorry so many times that they don’t know when they mean it and when they don’t. Considering your emotional state in the scenario is also crucial. An apology requires a person to strip their ego and pride which is not a walk in the park for most guys dating coaches for men.

How to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings

Talking to your girlfriend about it can shed light on a new perspective, and help you understand where your woman is coming from. That will put you in a good position to issue an apology.


You cannot retract your action or take back your words after your vocal cords have vibrated them out. But an apology can soften your woman’s heart and make her see it was unintentional. Let’s look at creative ways of how to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings.


6.     Write an apology letter.


There are little things that show much thought was put into it. It’s easy to text an apology, but it’s masterful to write an apology letter. Women have not changed much even if they like guys with fast luxury cars.


A lot of thought and work is put in when you are writing a letter. It is not a unique method but most people prefer to text rather than go through all the work of writing and that’s what makes it creative.



Most women will not expect a guy to write an apology letter in this decade. But it’s charming and an elegant way to show you are sorry. You can attach the letter to a gift such as flowers and chocolate, or a stuffed teddy.


7.     Make her feel special.


Your woman might feel less love or important to you when you hurt her feelings. The best way to apologize in this scene is to make your girl feel loved, special, and important.


Taking your girlfriend for a romantic date can be a good way to make her feel special. However, your apology will have more meaning if you cook for her. I always tell guys that women are still humans and they can understand what you are trying to do.


Good food has a way to brighten people’s moods. When she’s feeling relaxed and her mood is right, you can bring up the apology talk. Alternatively, when you are using food to apologize, you can work on the presentation of the food to speak for you.


A nice baked cake with an appreciation and apology message can go a long way in making a woman forgive you.


8.    The grand gesture master.


One thing that women love is when their man goes all out for them in the name of love. Getting out of your comfort zone can trigger creative ways to make an apology to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings.


Grand gestures don’t need to be expensive like buying her a Bentley or taking her for a voyage. You can look for things that your girlfriend loves and then take it to the next level. For instance, if your girlfriend is into music, you can write an apology song for her and get it produced professionally.


If you are a poetic person, you can start writing poems for her then publish only one copy for her. Grand gestures can be instrumental when the mistake you’ve made has taken a big toll on your woman emotionally.


9.    A blunt “I am sorry”


How to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings can be as simple as “I know it was wrong. I am sorry.”
You can know when a person is sorry and when they are trying to save their skin. It’s common for guys to sometimes not know what to do after a mistake has happened and feelings are hurt. A simple “I am sorry.” can do the magic.



Your girlfriend also feels tension and remorse especially when she sees your sincerity. She wants the fight to end and her mood to get better. Saying you’re sorry is an indication that you acknowledge what happened wasn’t right and you are taking responsibility.


A verbal apology can be accompanied by what prompted you to do what you did. Don’t get me wrong. That’s no excuse to exempt yourself and put the blame on the situation. It’s a way to try and show your girlfriend your perspective and thought process at the time.


One common mistake that guys make when apologizing for hurting a woman’s feelings is trying to justify what they did after the apology. That will put the woman on the defensive and you’ll not get the outcome you desire.




How to apologize to your girlfriend for hurting her feelings will depend on how well you understand your girlfriend. One mistake can be hurtful to one woman but detrimental emotionally to another.


Understanding your woman will help you know which approach to take when making an apology. However, issuing an apology is not a guarantee that you’ll be forgiven. When things don’t align the way you anticipated, take the rejection and give it some time before trying again.


Giving your girlfriend enough time to overcome the emotional hurt can inspire a better relationship when all the issues have been solved.