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How to act when she pulls away!

How to act when she pulls away?

Hi, guys. It’s your expert dating coach Annabella Rose yet again. So today to make a video on how to act when she pulls away. So in this video, I will not only show you how to respond when your girl pulls away but will also tell you about some of the reasons why a woman will blow you off. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!
What prompted me to make a video on this topic is remember I recently told you about my reunion with my college boyfriend, Pete. Well in the course of our catching up, he shared the frustration and uncertainty he experienced. He did not know what to do or even say, and that was why he also went utterly silent.

I felt guilty for pulling away without an explanation, but I understand why most women do it. More often than not, we still have feelings for our lovers at that point, and it is, therefore, more manageable to walk away with saying anything instead of looking your man in the eye and saying that you are leaving because you feel like he is rushing things yet situation allows him to.

With that said, why do women pull away? The reasons are somewhat self-explanatory:

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