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How the small things matter when succeeding with women

How the small things matter when succeeding with women

When it comes to attraction most guys have the wrong angle when it comes to knowing what attracts women. What attracts us guys primarily is looks so before a guy even speaks to a girl he has already decided that he is attracted to her.

The biggest mistake most guys is that they assume that looks are as important to us as it is to women. And as a matter of fact looks are only a small percent of what women look for in a man.

Succeeding with women

This is good news for many of you guys that are not exactly models. When it comes to attraction it’s the small things that matter. And below I have listed three important factors to remember.

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When guys hear the word confidence they usually don’t know to apply it. Confidence is not about appearing macho or manly it’s about being comfortable in who you are when you are with a girl whether you are meeting her for the first time or dating her.

When guys think of confidence they usually think of someone like a movie star or singer where the reality is everyone is confident at some stage when we are around family and friends we are confident in being who we are because we know we are liked by our close friends but when a guy approaches a girl he does the opposite.

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He usually acts like someone that he is not to impress her because he is afraid she won’t like him for the person he really is. A girl will far more likely be attracted to a guy that is confident and comfortable being himself and showing his humour and personality rather than hiding it from her.

Emotional Impact

As I mentioned before when it comes to attraction; girls are attracted to more than just looks, a big factor that affects how a girl feels about a guy is how the guy makes her feel and it’s a fact that within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone a person usually makes their mind up about what they think of a person when they first meet them.

So it is important that you make a good first impression when you approach a girl. Women are very intuitive and will pick up how a guy is feeling when he first meets her and obviously negative emotions are a big turn off and it’s usually why most girls reject guys when they first meet.

Because guys are usually nervous and on edge when they approach and so making that first impression is a major factor that decides how well a guy will succeed with a girl.

For example I have a friend whose girlfriend still talks to her friends about how he first approached her in a shopping centre. In nutshell women want to feel positive emotions like excitement and not negative feelings like boredom.

Attention to detail

As I said earlier women do not place looks as importantly as we do when it comes to attraction but that does not mean you can neglect your physical appearance either.

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A guy who is successful with women will always make the best of what he has and dressing and keeping yourself groomed is something that women really appreciate in a man.

If you are not update when it comes to fashion, it you would do well to read up on the most up to date fashion and visit clothes stores and find out what works and doesn’t work for you. At Kama Lifestyles we actually have a well know fashion expert on our team that helps our client look their best.

The bottom line is although you can’t help the way you look you can certainly make the best of what you have by dressing well, getting the best haircut that suits you and looking after yourself physically by eating healthy and going to the gym and these small things really add up and make the difference.

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