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How Not To Be Needy With Women?

How Not To Be Needy With Women

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about How Not to Be Needy with Women

It’s attractive to see a guy who has his life in order. A man who stands for himself and needs no one to add flavor to his life. He understands the need for social interactions; friendships and family but knows that he is independent and realizes he is the sole driver of his life. A needy man, on the other hand, is someone women never get attracted to and is looked down by other guys. Here are the secrets to be a man who is strong and independent and never appears needy with women.

Have your own life

You are needy when you immediately implant yourself in a woman’s life. Her hobbies become your hobbies, and her friends become your friends. This make you look desperate and clear a person who lacks a life of his own. It makes you needy for her time, affection and even her plans. You should ensure you engage in your hobbies, hang out with your friends and make her fit into your schedule and not the other way round.

Don’t buy her attention and affection

Most men think that you are loved depending on the amount of money you shower her with but if you do that then know you are just being played. Women want a man who earns his affection not by thinking his money can buy it but knowing that his charms can make a woman melt. You will look needy if all you do is buy a woman gifts and when you are together you don’t hold an interesting conversation or evoke romantic air around you. Be the man who gets a woman attention affection because of who you are and not what you have.

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